Monday, April 12, 2010

Knowledge At Its Best

Truth is, sitting in front of computer all day long is an ideal job for me. However, my body is not designed for that as I'll feel restless, like something is not properly done looming in my head. I need to get out, see the world, and have fun with life. That is why I quit graphic designing as my day job. I turned into secretarial instead. Hoping to be able to meet numerous types of people and also hoping to stumble upon a boss who requires me to travel, giving a chance for me to see the world, all expense paid. However, that has yet to become a reality. 

Today, I'm watching Sex and the City reruns to kill off my time in the office.Immersing myself in Carrie Bradshaw's life as a writer, I'm feeling in love with the lifestyle. So free and yet so grounded. I always believe your career is your lifestyle. We can't really separate our 9 to 5 life and outside the office. Somewhere somehow, especially when your are a workaholic, it will continually intertwined. But being a writer like her, you write your life observations. It is really real. I wonder if something like that is meant for me. Writing in this blog, is already halfway from what it is. Just that, I am not getting paid. Have I wasted my time greatly? Is it time to have a career switch, again? Maybe the biggest question is, do I really have what it takes??

On a completely different story, I went to this blog, and found few interesting new words to my liking. I now knew that I am an ailurophile. And I have an effervescent persona. And I am a never a lissome girl. I need an elixir to lift up my spirit! he he...word is power!

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