Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In short:
I'm in a mess.
Need to find a house to rent by today..And move in tomorrow.
A new tenant will be coming in our current apartment by 1st January 2010. Two days!!! bloody two days.. And we have tonnes to pack up. And of course another 1001 things to do!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cash Under


~its sickening~


We decided to replan our relocation to a nearer location to the city.
Should be within convenience to travel to work.
In between Setiawangsa and Damansara.
Kota Kemuning, not in the list anymore. We are selling the house.
But we were confused.
We fought over a condo or a linked landed house.
Which one is the wiser option?
Still deciding.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas+No Money+Super Calories Weekend

Hey ya peeps..Sure u have a great weekend. Long 3-days weekend. Yeah..Nice aaa.. Wonder what everyone was doing?

How about mine?

Lets start with Christmas eve, Thursday,24.12.09
Darling Superman hates crowd. And I dragged him to Pavilion, cruising through the traffic jam. His face was distorted. But perhaps, out of love, he tagged along, fulfilling his wife's dream of seeing 'white' Christmas in KL. Damn, the parking bay was full and everybody was parking at any space they could find. I did not park. He did. Coz I was crazy excited to shop. Yes, again! I went out of the car. It took him 45 minutes to find an empty space! I was told by my office mates that they've already got their salaries. Yeay! So i hurriedly went to the ATM to draw out some cash. Dreaming of buying a bag or bangles or shoes, and surprise Superman with a special supper. But then...tut tut..tit..tit.tit...The balance in my account didn't change. Same as three days before.Ahhh??? down bebeh...Texted my friends..and the Finance HOD....The HOD didn't replied....Shits..Well..I can't let this dampened my festive spirit. Here we go..plastic!! Zrasss zrass....Got myself two bags from Topshop and no special supper. Frustrated.. A bit happy.. and also worried. Wondering what exactly happened with my salary. Went back home before the clock striked 12 a.m, watched Christmast movies...and feel asleep.

Friday, 25.12.09-CHRISTMAS DAY

Not excited anymore due to the no-salary thingy. Made breakfast for Superman. Tuna in Mayonaise sandwich. He he. Around 11am, planned to go to TESCO to buy some groceries and chicken so that I can cook for lunch or dinner. Went to the ATM again. Fuck! The balance was the same.Grrrr!! Directly called the HOD on her hp. It took her forever to pick it up.
Me: Kak, y my money is still not in? Others said they receive it on Thursday.
HOD: Oh yours will be handled differently? We will give you a cheque on your last day. On the 31st Dec.
Me: Huh ?? How so?? I didn't know about it at all. I wish you have told me earlier. I need to use the money.
HOD: This is a normal procedure. Before this, we did the same(to other staffs who resigned previously)
WTF?? I called and check with other staffs, they were not aware of the 'procedure' at all. Nobody had that treatment previously. Totally unfair. I guess she was concerned that I might not come to work after I receive my salary. You see, I still have 4 days balance to fulfill. I hate my Friday!

Saturday, 26.12.2009

It was a cheery day. Despite my empty purse. My schoolmate, En Idzwan Adli got hitched. It was a calorie laden wedding affair. The food was superb! We had kambing golek, satay, and other food. It was held at't remember the restaurant name. The one where you can have garden wedding. Met with other schoolmates and their wives AND little tots. Seems like everyone already have a baby or going to have one very very soon. And yes, everyone was asking whether I'm already pregnant. Oh god! Please!
Afterwards, we went to see my MIL at Superman's eldest bro home in Keramat. My hubby's family is very2 close knit. Its a must to visit almost every weekend. At least.
At 10.15, we watched Sherlock Holmes movie at Pavilion GSC. You must be wondering what's with me and Pavilion? Well, its 10 minutes away from my apartment, I love love love the vibe, the best!! Okay, back to the movie. Superman hated it. I love it. Ha ha. Another thing he hates so much are movies with too much narrative or talks. But, you can watch with him action, horror, and comedy movie anytime. He hated the movie so bad that he fell asleep every now and then and I kept on nudging him in mad attempt to avoid him snoring. Ha ha ha!!

Sunday, 27.12.09
Spent most part of the day at my parents crib in Kajang. I yearned for the day to be longer. The prospect of working on the next day, pisses me off. Much more pissed thinking about my salary. Hopefully the management will change the decision to give me sooner.
My second nephew, Mr Ali, is so much chubbier when I see him yesterday. Two weeks ago, he seemed so tiny and fragile. I was so scared to hold him back then. But now we bonded better. His brother, Mr Uwais was very protective over him. And he threw mad tantrum when I said I wanted to bring back home his baby brother for a while. Ha ha. Lovely.

And today..I want to go back with smile on my face. Something is 'cooking' tonight. I'm in the mood to party. Yeah!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I had that Before!

I just finished my Nasi Lemak for breakfast. It took me 45 minutes to gobble everything down. Something came up. Had to take a break for 2 times.

And then I went to Liana's blog. Darn. Today she has a pic of her running in Malakoff run recently. 7.48 km she said. And shits..her body is so kurus. Not stick thin. Nice thin. Toned you know. And I got jealous. I had that kind of body before. With round butts though. But a bit flat chested. I am almost 20 kgs heavier since when I left school. And now, I'm feeling jealous of her and guilty for eating that bloody Nasik Lemak which consists of fried chicken, boiled eggs, squid sambal and sambal kerang besides the deliciously fattening rice. Ohhhhh!! Damage done. Can I run now???

Loves Me Too Much?


1.My Hubby Superman.
He treated me to watch Avatar at Pavilion GSC yesterday.
And we bumped with my ex-boss's son & wife and Cik Mas & Mr Min, watching the same movie!! Sounds alot like a romantic night. Ha ha ha! But I love the movie. Super cool. The graphics was really really fine. We felt so real. I wonder how it feels like watching the 3D version. The tickets was almost sold out by the time Superman went to the counter.

2.My Money
I was pretty excited to go to Pavilion. Besides the movie, I wanted to check out the bag(refer to previous entry) at COACH. I really really really wanted it. Turns out...its not yet in Malaysia. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But well, means I can still save some more RM! money loves me too damn much! ;p

And I bumped into my old school friend, Julia. She's the sales girl there. I couldn't recall her. But this morning, cross check with my x schoolmate, Liana, made me realize she was actually my classmate!!Phew!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can I Get These

I vowed not to spend my working time with nothing although
there's actually nothing for me to do. Really.
So I've been bloghopping. Websites browsing.
And made myself felt less adequate in all sorts of things.
From knowledge to fashion staples.

Its quite disturbing that I kept on wanting for more.
Well, it is normal human desire to want more
than what they have already got.

But then, when what we want is something out of reach or we simply have no idea that we should be wanting to have them until we stumble upon on it, it is quite disturbing ain't it?

Or rather, annoyed.

Why are we being blatantly fed with advertisements and articles all around. The list keeps growing. And when we couldn't cope with the acquisitions, frustrations sets in.Inadequacy continues. While new things keeps popping up. Vicious cycle.

But I'm not all negative about it. In another perspective, it pushes me to work for more. Being more observant and more creative is all it takes to be better after all. At least, I have a purpose in doing things. Like I try to get more RM so that I can afford that COACH Signature Spotlight and that ZARA brown shoes that I can't stop thinking about since last Friday. Selfish? Perhaps. I could be more angelic by spending the hard earned money for my parents or helping my hubby in household expenses. But then, will I be calm? No? Yerp. I will keep thinking about it. Restless day and night. Yes. I'm torn. But, I never claim myself an angel. Did I?LOL!

Mental Note: Love love sacrifices.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Lazy Weekend

I love last weekend so so much. Why?

1) It was a 3-days weekend.
Shitty as it is..I have no more Annual Leave balance. Spent them for my wedding preps. And I have to wait until 2011 before I get paid leaves as I am starting a new job soon. So of course when granted a long weekend like this, I will appreciate it so so much. Spending more time together with Superman is all I want. I'm not sure if I can get this kind of relaxation next year. Alot is going to happen next year. I bet its gonna be a happening AND a stressful year.

2) I finally packed up my overflowing clothes into the boxes..
Yeah..I dread packing up. For anything. But, I have promised my dear Superman, to start packing(although we havn't got our new house key yet) after I broke my promise not to shop on certain stuffs(yes, my heart melt when I saw the electric blue shoes and dark blue bag!). I better fulfill them!Hehehe! It took me 3/4 of the Saturday to completely doing it as I tried each of them, just to know whether it still fits me or not. Proudly, there's only 1 small box which I TOTALLY CANNOT FIT BUT SO 'SAYANG' TO THROW IT AWAY.Lol! And, I wonder why the hell I still shop for more stuffs. I think I have enough to cover 3 months attires without having to reuse them again. But well there's always this colour and that shape that I still don't have. ehhehe...Shopaholic lingo.

3) I have a thing with Christmas movies
No, I know that I can't be celebrating Christmas like Christians does. Just that, I just love the atmosphere. And the movies. I just love how they depict the magic and everyone goes nice and get their wishes during Christmas times. So I've spent my time while packing up the clothes, watching those movies. Superman had to surrender the remote control to me and he played his PSP all day. Sorry sayang....")

4) I didn't cook at all.
Yeay! Ooppsss!

5) I found a yummy shoes but I managed NOT to grab it.
Yes. I believe I still have a strong heart. Willpower! But I kept on thinking about them. This is tragic. But which one is yummier than the other? They are at Zara. They are so practical. Especially for work and parties. Very2 comfortable. And they are my size!!Oh god.I think I'll just wait their sale period at the end of this month. Shits..I couldn't take the pics on that day to show u. And Zara's website is not doing justice to me. Let it just be in my memory. So strong though...Arghh!!

I hate looking at my apartment now. It's in a big big mess.. Boxes all over the place. I wish to settle the moving in works before the year ends. But I'm not sure whether it will matter as the developer havn't given us the green light yet. Check up few weeks back found some defects so they had to ask their contractor to mend it before we move in. And they promised us that it should be ready before Christmas, which means within this week. We'll see.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


SIX BAGS full of shopping spree.
Some souls said I will be digging for another SIXTEEN more bags.


Now I believe, I have committed sinful, suicidal deeds.

I need salvation.

Cooking for my dear Superman will do?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There's a lot of countings going on.

I count the days that I'm leaving my current office.
31st December 2009.

Although I'm feeling excited and happy, there's some sadness looming in my head. Yeah, I found great people there. We've shared alot. In fact I spent more time with them than anyone else in the course of almost two years. There's few people that I would like to personally thank you for taking care of my wellbeing. No matter what, my experience there has got its own unique impact in my future. I'm gonna miss them alot.

Mental note: Personal Thank You card.

I count the days that I will hand over my bachelor pad to my landlord.
Yes. 31st December 2009 too.

The apartment I'm leaving now was my first bachelor pad. No i've shared previously with my friends at other apartments. But this one, was my first experience signing up the lease contract myself. I lived there alone for the most part since 2008. Superman who was my fiance at the time I was moving in, helped me out alot. I love you to bits Superman. This week the house is full with boxes all over the place. We are packing up. My heart felt heavy. I reluctantly organized the stuffs. And kept on taking a break. Hoping to slow down the process. Too much histories to be boxed up. But I guess its time to move on. Making a life with my dear Superman at our brand new terrace house at Kota Kemuning Shah Alam.

I count the days before I start working in my new office.
4th January 2010.

1st January 2010, is just a mark of another year. I'm done with new year resolutions. Coz I barely look at it after 1st January. Really. But if I still have to make a resolution...its gonna be..
Work my ass out in everything. Life and career.
I hope, life's will be easier on me on 2010 so that I can really focus on my job. Well, I hope its more of a career. I'm gonna be 27 years old then. I don't need a job anymore. Its time to start having a career. My aim is to be in Management-Decision Making Committee by 35 years old.

Note to Superman: Please be understanding and trust me..I love you darling.

I count the days where I can taste a financial freedom.
Milestone: 3 years

I don't know when but I know how. I'm taking baby steps. As Mrs Yashma told me recently, you need to know your good and bad debts. It seems like I have a balance of both. But its not a good balance. I need to imbalance it to where bad debts could not outweight the good debts. Perhaps to ZERO BAD DEBTS. . And that is when I dream that my cash is overflowing. And finally the journey of a lifestyle I want will happen. Insya allah. These past few days, I'm restructuring our financial. Gearing up for better protection for our health and future. It takes alot of guts, willpower and discipline.

Note to Superman: Lets do it together!:)

All this counting has suddenly reinvent my focus in life.
And it sent my adrenaline rushing all over my body.
I'm loving every second of it. Can't wait for the next things to happen in my life.

And to you,
Yes you, my dear readers,
Look at the brighter side of things.
Keep smiling.
Have a nice day:)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sparkling Shiny Day

No no not the weather:)

The day. My day today. A nice happy ending of the week.
I got my Letter of Offer from my future workplace. Starting January 4th.
And finally, I tendered my resignation at my current office.

Hello New Life.
Hope It Won't Bore Me to Death Again.
Suddenly the air smells sweet:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Holiday For Me

I just realized my new job require me to take unpaid holidays
within less than one year of service.
Its a labor law. Its cruel aite? boss so baik so generous and grant me the well-deserved
PAID leave?
Will it be?

So.. to soon to be married, engaged, party makers,
Heartfelt sorry if I couldn't make it to your events next year(2010)
if it falls on Friday.
Saturday events, probably going. 80% chances.
Sunday events, we'll see:)


Someone once told me...if one can cook with coconut milk a.k.a Santan in Malay deliciously,
he or she can cook almost anything else. Really??

All my life i had never used in my cooking. I just don't really like it or scared
that I did it badly. But since I have another mouth to feed
and he loves such cooking, guess I need to learn the trick aite??

my mission for this weekend:
Gulai telur masak kuning
eh no..
Gulai kuning telur
eh no no no
Telur masak gulai kuning.

aihhhhh ape2 je laaaa..

I'm really a novice in terms of cooking!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Just Don't Know Why

I still dig into Weddings blogs and websites.
Envying over this dress and that dress.
Crafting in my mind on another gorgeous cake.
Updating myself with new door gifts in the market.
And still thinking of replanning my wedding.

I just love weddings.
I just love planning.
I just love wedding gowns and wearing one.

Can I have another wedding?

Stupid Internet+Heart flutters

Tuesday morning in office:

Sucks coz Internet sucks.
Suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of working in a new office.
You know the drill:
New boss, new colleagus, new environment, new makan place,
new stationaries, new jobscope, new road to workplace..yada yada..
Getting accustomed to it. And performing my responsibilities at the same time.
Overwhelming isn't it?

Been almost 2 years since I had that experience.
Starting again soon.
Can I cope? With my marriage at stake? Will it?

trembling a bit.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bedridden+One Month Anniversary

I am already one month married to Superman.:)

But we can't do anything much to celebrate it.
Superman's bedridden.
And we are saving for our new house.
So what can we do?

p.s: i yearn for a new bag. selfish, no??

No Free Ads Please

I appreciate if you, yes, you!
The business owners...
Please do not leave random comments a.k.a advertisements
of your precious business in my blog especially
if it doesn't have anything to do with my entries..
If you insist in letting me know.. please by all means,
email me at:


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not Much Words

Pictures day. Ain't saying much!

LAST SUNDAY-29th November 2009

Finally Mr Ali arrived home! Cik Yam and Uncle Yazid paid a visit.

Bonding session with Mr Uwais over Ultraman
game in Uncle Yazid's PSP.

And our-ever-there guest of honour- Mr Oren

to celebrate my big brother's belated birthday on the 23rd Nov

and to welcome Mr Ali into the family

But big brother Uwais gets to cut the cake with Wak Aie

and eat it too!Mouthful!

And some more from Mama's plate.
p/s that wall behind them was white,
newly painted for my wedding until
Mr Uwais decided to produce his masterpiece! Uwais!!!!

Uncle Yazid played father to lil Ali while Mama doing something.
Err. He's more motherly than I do? eh??


Chaos! Everybody ran downstairs!
Err...Was it??

Scared faces??

Daniah the mascott

And we were really really 'panic'. We need to snap a pic!

And more!

heheheh... It was a Fire Drill for the whole building.
We had to wait until clearance under the burning sun!
Sauna anyone??

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lifeless Wednesday

Another slow day to go through in the office.
What should I do now while waiting for my job interview at 3pm?

Looking for more ideas for my house?

Okay..let's see what I have so far. You know i have this mad love with WHITE stuffs? But when I see this picture of a kitchen, my heart skipped a beat.

Its a combination of white and black. It also has the steel and glass treatment which I think brought up the masculinity. Sexy Kitchen! I wonder whether this house belongs to a guy?
But the shiny treatment of its surface is something that I like too.
Can it be incorporated into white coloured kitchen?
I forgot where I got this pic from.

This is more my thing:


very not Malaysian eh?

I like the colour combination. The woody element
makes it look homey...Something my mom would love:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feverish+Happiness+New Home

Since yesterday, I was feeling a bit off. And as usual since little, my fever peaks at night. I could be completely talkative, energetic being daytime and bedridden, hardly speaking or eating at night.

However, I had extra strength. Howcome?
1. I watched Twilight New Moon
at Pavilion, had cupcakes and ate Hot plate mee.
2. Darling Superman accompanied me to watch Twilight!!
In fact, surprisingly, that morning he wanted to buy the tickets
himself through online. But after the web could not access
his online banking, he had to call me.
Awwwwwww schweeetttttttt! Muah muah muah!
Love you my teddy bear...XOXO!!!!

At this moment,1.54pm, I'm stuck in office. My boss is on leave since yesterday.I was left with nothing much to do. Its a blessing coz my head's throbbing while my eyes are burning and the throat's super dry.I think the fever's creeping back.But, I'm wondering whether it would be okay if I can leave early today. Superman's on MC too. He's having a bad case of flu.I think we both needs antibiotics or something. Lately my body was having a mad tantrum. Somedays, I got backpain. And out of a sudden, my blood pressure went down for no reason. And then fever comes in. Head's spinning. But luckily it doesn't come all at one time although I was never free of any pain for few months already. Worried but I don't think the MC-stingy-doc-at-panel clinic-named-Mediviron Ampang Point will give justice except for more antibiotics, painkillers and JUST time sheet. Seriously. Kedekut MC!

Currently, we are still waiting for our new house key. A 2 storey, 4 bedroom terrace house at Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam.Bought by Superman, last year.

I'm procrastinating big time. I hate packing up stuffs. There's so much to pack after living there for more than a year. Especially the heavy books and magazines. That's what happens when you
love reading so much. More of a habit than hobby.har har!

I'm imagining alot of things for the new house. From the colour of the walls, types of furnitures and decorations, and storage designs.I dreamt of a big walkin wardrobe.One of the room is going to be MY WARDROBE ROOM.But he doesn't like the idea of storing shoes near clothes due to hygienic reasons. But then I like it to be that way so that I can easily match my clothes AND shoes AND bags together in front of a big mirror when dressing up.

I love this one the most. I just love the white panel cupboards.
Divine! but, I think I'm gonna ditch the shoes display and put up a big
mirror instead. And I think the room is bigger. Yeay!

And use up boxes with polaroid pics as a more hygienic and practical
solution for shoes storage. Hey, love the ghost chair too!!

pics courtesy: this is glamourous

Do you have better ideas? I don't know about the price tag for 'my dream'
walkin wardrobe yet. But I welcome suggestions.
Or something easy DIY?
caution: I am no Paris Hilton or Kimora Lee Simmons.
But my taste is parallel but I don't have their bank accounts.
So help me please!LOL!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When You Scream For It To End

When You Scream For It To End
that is when you know its not good for you anymore

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hari Yang Malas

I found out my husband is jealous of Robert Pattinson,
my movie star crush!

Awwww!He he he...
And he developed a sensitivity to anything Robert Pattinson and Twilight.
So who wants to accompany me to watch Twilight New Moon?
Please email me!

I finally renewed my license at JPJ.
Actually, changed to full license after 2 years of
driving with P stamped on my screens.It was overdue by almost 3 months!

I think I miss someone so much.


Guess guess guess lah!

I got a second nephew this morning.
The baby of my sister, Munira and his husband Anuar.
We nicknamed him Ultraman.
But my sis said his real name gonna be Ali.
Welcome to the world Mr ALI:)
(At this point is still not registered. Will update soon!)

Isn't he a cutie??

Have a nice day everyone!:)

Friday, November 20, 2009

iT is Shopping Season!

Why do shopping season always happens when I'm broke?

Yeah, with our wedding just passed by, our financial is still in red alert until maybe 3 months more. What's with photographers and videographers to pay and us moving out to our new lovepad gonna happen within couple of months, it won't be a good time to get ANY new bags, shoes or clothes without reasons aite? I hope my current 'Financial Minister' will agree on the budget allocations to buy job interview outfits or new makeup or this or that or that one also or everything?! hehehehe.....

I kept on reminded of the shopping fun fare when there's always new messages popping up in my inbox announcing the big bargains and special set for Christmas gifts. Being an avid shopper, of course I'm always armed with store cards and credit card. And now they are being ruthless to my fragile soul. Oh god!!! Should I just turn off the handphone and sign off my emails??You know, its not just stores at shopping malls are doing it, even internet shopping webs are joining in the craze!Warghhh!

And some of my friends are going to Singapore for the big shopping season.Drool!

Yes people, sadly I'm announcing that
I CANNOT JOIN THE FUN! Not just yet!
~Wiping off the tears~

But its okay, I am gonna enjoy the sweet moments of my new life with my dear hubby.
And last but not least.......
I can't wait to DECORATE MY NEW HOUSE soon!
My ultimate creative avenue.
Darling, lets shop for paints and home deco!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hehehe...its not exactly new. But it is newly launched. Officially.

Check this out!Click on the pic to get linked to my world of fantasy!

And i'm being generous to
celebrate my first 10 customers
who's getting engage or married on 2010

by awarding them
RM100 worth of voucher each
if they order their Hantarans from me.
Want to know how??Click here or click on the image below:

Big saving rite???Lets join the craze now!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Question?

Okay, I believe most of you readers has been to numerous interviews.

Have you ever stumbled with these questions?

"Tell me about yourself"

"Is there anything about you I need to know other than what is in your resume?"

"Is there any question you want to ask to me?"

I hate those questions.
Its a real trick!
Coz your answers will reflect about alot of things.
And scarily enough, if wrongly answered, it can make you sound;
2)Unsure of yourself
5)Lack confidence
and worst..if you can't actually answer any of them.
Because then, they will know you are simply too nervous to think of anything.
Then, you are not proactive or creative enough for the post.
Then you can't really sell your true potential.
Then they will have doubts to hire you.
And you'll just pass the opportunity.

Pray hard my lucky stars will shine through.

Something Happened

Yesterday..was a bad day for me n Superman.
No we didn't fight.
Its something about his career.It saddened me.
But he took it with stride.
I'm proud of him.

Sorry guys, I can't elaborate what its all about.

But on a bright side,
He will be less pressured. He can focus more on his own business.
Perhaps he has more time for me.
And perhaps he's will find a greener pasture for his future.
OUR future.
I wish you all the best Darling.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Recap of My Wedding

As promised, I will talk about my wedding celebration at my hubby's side.
But I won't talk much as I don't have alot of pics of the day.

Ye ke I won't talk much?We'll see..ehhehehe..

Actually I spent my first night alone. It was a blessing in disguise, really:) My body was really2 tired. I was badly needing the rest. Frankly I didn't think I can perform my wifey duty in that condition.Lol! Anyways, Superman had to go back to his mom's house to help preparing for his side's reception.

So I woke up super fresh! I had no dream! Wow!

7:30 am-I realized my old handphone which I use for Celcom line had been stolen! Shits, now, how am I gonna contact my makeup artist?? Her number was in that hp!What if she didn't have my number?How??

8:45 am- I'm ready to go back to my Ampang house for the makeover. Cik Mas my bridesmaid for the day said she will wait for me at Ampang. Ermhh..I frantically switched my lappie to go to Kak Ian Sham's(the makeup artist) webpage to get her number!And when I called, she sounded relieved.huh??Why?

10 am-I was already in Ampang house. Kak Ian had just arrived too. And she started the makeup routine when Cik Mas arrived. Her assistant helped out to beautify Cik Mas. And finally she told me that she came over on Saturday morning and knocked the door as well as shouting Salam. Of course nobody was there!I was busy at Kajang getting married! Ha ha ha...she lost my mobile number. But she remembered that it should be on that weekend but she was confused of which day, Saturday or Sunday. Luckily, she called her friend at Bora Ombak to check. Ha ha ha!!!!

I was wearing a dress made by Nisa Mazbar. It was really pretty, but it was also revealing too much of my cleavage. I felt really embarrased. Nisa was suppose to come to sew some cloth on it when I'm wearing it. You know something like designers do backstage of their runway to fix something? But she was not available coz she had to attend a function about MiFa.You know, the Malaysian Fashion Industry Award?Hrmhh...I really wished she was there to save my day. With all the Hajjahs and Hajis of my parents's and Superman brother's friends was there, I felt like I could at least wear a bit more decently. Mixed feeling about this. I was really looking forward to feel like a gorgeous bride in it. I really do. But with all eyes on my cleavage rather than my face. or dress.. its not that kind of attention I was seeking. I mean, I am usually 'selambe'. But being a Malay bride in a quite traditional Malay family, its not really okay. But me being brave, I wore it with confidence. Have to lorh!

1230pm- My entourage waited at Petronas Tesco Ampang before we proceed together. I was feeling a bit scared you know..with the cleavage popping..I really hope I won't see some contortions on my mom's face. me.. Let it be a nice happy ending day. Please. I was praying all the way..

1pm- we almost arrived at the gate of Bora Ombak, which is next to the Sportsplanet at Ampang point when I realized the chain that secure my dress sleeves was broken. Superman's bro who was driving the bridal car had to make a one big tour of the compound so that Superman could mend it in time. I could see the photographers and videographers faces. I laughed hard. They were all ready to click. But we passed by them like nothing was happening. Ha ha ha! And when we finally made the re-entrance, they still have a bit of confusion stamped on their faces!

The Arrival

Walking into the hall in a bright sunny afternoon:)

The fusion of Bali+Contemporary style..
we have a disco ball above our right after?haks!

The Bora Ombak hall

photo courtesy of Imah

3:30pm-The reception ended. It was a small, simple, yet elegant wedding. Attended by 150 people, it was nice. The food was nice. Especially at the main table. Me n Superman had fun with photoshooting at the nooks around Bora Ombak. We had something like in those fashion magazines. You know, the haute couture vibe?Owh...glam gittew. I really can't wait for the outcome. We took about 2 hours break before we were proceed to Lookout Point for outdoor photoshoot. Cik Mas and Min the BF as well as Superman, was dead sleeping at my house during the break. It was a hot, windy afternoon. I was on the other hand just reading a magazine. Too much adrenaline pumping!

5 pm- We head to Lookout Point, Bukit Ampang. You see, that was where I had my first 'romantic' dinner with Supeman, about 3 years before. It was my friend, Cik Baizura who introduced us. At that time, I didn't even have any feelings towards him. But as the saying said, you'll never know what lies in the future. Indeed. It took him one year to pin me down. haha. Now, I am proudly calling myself the WIFE to Superman. A twist of fate ha! :) LOVE YOU DARLING!

me n cik mas while waiting for our cars

Our ever creative photographers and videographer, head by Mr Fairuz Ismail from Avicennastudio really knew how to evoke the emotions out of us. Everybody who was eating at the restaurant was watching. Our main spot was at the Bread & Olives restaurant .They have the nicest view of KL. And the management was really nice to allow us to carry the photoshoot as long as we dine there. Actually it was part of the props we used. And big thanks to our dedicated photo+video graphers. They even skipped their family dinner so that they can capture the illuminated view of KL at night for us!!

The activities of the day ended at 9pm.

We were really happy when we realized that there will be no more pressure and heart ache pertaining to this wonderful events. Its all done. It now the time to look for a brighter future together as a husband and wife. So when people kept asking me how it feels like being married? All that I can say is,

"It is pretty much the same, but there's
unspeakable sense of calmness surrounding me."

With this as my final recap of my beautiful wedding, I want to thank to all that was involve on behalf of me n Superman, for giving the much needed moral support, lending your shoulders to cry on, unbiased advises, money, stuffs, energy and time for the preparation, as well as gifts to further remember the day as long as we live.

And this special thanks I would like to extend especially to: Each of my immediate family members, My relatives especially the family of Wak Man, Paman Din & Cik Jijah, Long & Mak Pin, Superman's family, My Dear bridesmaids, Cik Hana and Cik Mas, BV Clan, Ayang, QAS Event Sdn Bhd, Avicennastudio Sdn Bhd, Kak Hana, Ninie & Winnie, coz your contributions tops above the rest!

XOXO Love,
Wonderwoman & Superman

Enjoy more pictures below:

These were taken for my pre-wedding photoshoot.
Official Photographer: Ofilia
Attended by BV clan n bridesmaids.
We had so much fun!

want a piece of me?I know I'm nyummylicious..ahahah!

The IT girls!

dia memang gagah perkasa!

we were rapping yo!


Kojack-datang lambat...menteri..biasa la..hahaa:)

it was during Ramadhan. We were all flustered
and headed down to Bangsar's Madam Kwan for
a hearty Buka Puasa meal:)

ofey the photographer buat perangai kanak2 riangnye:)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life Now

He loves Supersport.
I love Star World.
But there's only one TV.
One remote control. It's in his hand.
So now I'm here..writing for my blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Recap Wedding Lagi-2 lets talk what happened after that eventful morning.

I was really tired and sleepy. But I just couldn't doze off. The guests were still there until late afternoon. And as usual they would want to check out the bridal room. So there I was, entertaining them, semi-conciously. Kak Hana said she will come for the reception makeup at 5pm. At 4.30pm I finally managed to rest on my comfy bed, trying my very best not to ruin the deco on it. At 4.55pm, I was up and running to the kitchen for ice to prep my face before putting on the moisturizer.

3pm-ish- My SIL,called me up. Ermh..Why?? She told me that they met with an accident on the way back to their home. Superman was driving. I was speechless. Was he okay? She said yes. But the car was heavily wrecked. OMG! I quickly text my cousin, Kak Nanie, who was the MC about it as well as my brother, Abg Aie. But I don't want everybody to know and caused chaos. I chose to just sit in the room and try to relax.

5pm-Cik Hana, my dear bridesmaid arrived. She started off the makeup session first since I was busy stuffing my empty tummy a lil bit. Or else I have to wait until 9pm before my next meal. My heart was fluttering. Whatever gonna happen. Can they find a substitute car? Can they be here on time. Who's gonna drive now? Will his family still be happy celebrating us after the accident?

5.30pm- The photographers came in. My brother, Abg Aie, briefed them about the reception itinerary. But the videographer was not there yet. I was worried.Erk.

6pm-The videographer finally arrived.Phew!!!

6:30pm-Papa came knocking asking where Abg Aie was. And I was would I know??

6:45pm-"Where the hell is my kain??????!"- i asked? Shocked. There was only my top part of my Kebaya in the garment bag! Shitty! My face contorted. Kak Hana locked the door so that nobody else comes in n asking more questions to me. Or else..Hell!
"Its ok. I'll go to Dzull Classique.I'll get the kain for you" said Hana. She snapped a pic of me wearing only the top part of the kebaya for her reference later at the tailor.
Wut duh??????How come the assistant left it???! Careless! I was trying hard to calm my face and maintain the 'seri'.Owh!!!

7pm- Superman called to tell they will arrive on time. Alhamdulillah!!!!

7:30pm-"Wait, they are ironing your kain!We'll be there on time. Don't worry!" And I was smiling again, although I was cursing under my breath. Darn!

8:00pm-Superman called saying they are nearing. Kak Hana was still doing my hair.

8:15pm-Kak Hana rushed to a nearby school where his entourage was waiting so that she can mend his sampin and tanjak. I prayed that all was fine. And he was indeed my King.

8:40pm-He arrived! My King has arrived. Went downstairs and walked towards the door to greet him at the end of the canopy. Jeez! Alot..i mean alot of people! I was all smiling! My friends was waving to me and clicking their cameras away. Like a celebtiry I was!hehehh!I could see him waiting for me. Yeay! He made it! Love him! And he's I was confused. A lil bit of everything??

After that, it went quite smoothly. It was not really how I imagined it. But way better. At that point I just didn't want to think of anything else. Enjoy the moment.

I saw my dream cake. My 4-figure cake, sponsored by my dear friend, Ayang, who could not make it that night. I wish she was there.

And we had a bouquet toss with Beyonce's Single Ladies-Put A Ring On It song playing on the background. My cousin, Aina, was the winner!:) But where's the man, girl?;p

When all ended, I was terribly tired and couldn't wait to go to bed. But someone was waiting for me:) The day was sealed beautifully. There's another day to go. His side reception on the next day. Its gonna be a tux n gown day. Yeay!!

Till then, enjoy the pix:----------------->

i love my makeup!!

ini bridesmaid saya. nama dia cik Hana.Cantik kan dia??:)

comeynyeeeee my flower girls:)

saya mempunyai lemak dagu yg sungguh ketara spt hubby saya!:)hahhah!

dia suka sengih begini..saya terima je la..cute:)

sempat lagi teleng kat kamera ye?

muka perut dah lapar...

with our guest of honour
-YBhg Dato' Seri Abdul Azim b Mohd Zabidi-


Bouquet Toss! - Jump girls...jump!!!!
that girl in orange kurung won the bouquet. She's my cousin, Aina.

Prot pret prot pret...thank you lah uolls!!

photo courtesy of:
Kak Hana, Nurin, Feroz Khan and Diana.
tq ppl.