Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss All Them

p.s they are not my kids.
But I love them with all my heart. Especially the BIG kid.:)


Today, I mean..since yesterday, my blogger friends and those blogs I love to read so much, didn't update their entries. And even if they do, many lacks enthusiasm. At least that's how I feel. Is everybody feeling the same as me? 

Is it out of laziness OR nothing to write 
OR their life has became somewhat somber? 

My own life ain't colourful enough these days. Besides happy news on my new job,  I had to accept my cat's not coming back. My husband is outstation for a week. Miss poking him here and there especially when he's watching TV. Yes, I am very touchy2 girl. I hate the traffic on the way to work.  I also found that from Monday to Friday, given any week, sure as hell will be repetitive. And I can't wait for the weekends. 

Well, it's not a big deal. Its very grown up. Almost everyone is going through the phase. Just that, I don't feel content.

Monday, March 29, 2010

SLOW Monday

For the first time, I managed to doze off about an hour after lunchtime at office today.
Pure bliss!

My boss ain't stomping into the office today. She's having bronchitis. Maybe that's the reason I'm feeling this relax. Not purposely. It just crept in without my knowing.;p

Listening to Kris Allen's- Live Like We Are Dying on hitz.fm, I felt a sense of urgency to fill my life with good intentions in everything I do and makes people around me feels proud of my doings instead otherwise. How can a person be so perfect? Can we actually live without negative emotions? And always be so forgiving even if he/she was subjected to terrible wrongdoings by others? I always hear and tried to instill in my life this saying,"To live is to forgive and forget." But somehow it sounds so idealistic. Right? Forgive, maybe. Forget, no way! I know how my brain works. Bad things always get replayed even when I didn't ask for it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm getting married again!!!!

Yes...u heard me...



Well actually, I'm quite excited to go to diahlicious's event tomorrow. I'm suppose to prepare namecards or rent a booth to garner the attention of the participant for my Hantaran business. I'm all for it. But since I'm joining the Company soon, I hesitated. I have yet to determine how I can spend so much time for that once I start working with them. No point I'm taking so much order, but I can't perform, and my future customers might become frustrated and spread out bad stories about my business and name, right? So, for the time being, I'll just take only one order per month for at least until June this year. I have 2 orders already for May & June. Yeay!

Mommy, he's really GONE..

Breakfast in the morning, I had a conversation with mummy;

Me: Mommy, today means exactly two weeks Oren didn't turn up...

M: Yelah, he's really not coming back. He died.

Me: Mommy, he's really gone. (Felt like crying already). I miss him. But I told my friend, I want one of her new kitten. Her cat is giving birth soon. I'll take the cat a month after that.

M: Okay. Make sure you get a male cat.(kesian females!bias betul mommy ni)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My boss and I finally sat down and talk about my resignation.

I can understand why she's upset. Because its all very sudden to her. I pity her for having to find a new replacement so soon.

Somehow, we managed to have a calm discussion. Isn't it better if she's always like this. Well, maybe partly because she lost her voice due to sore throat. Still, she haven't confirmed my last working date. But definitely it will interfere my honeymoon planning. Damn!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rough Day...Let the Days Go Faster

I had a rough tele-conversation with my boss just now pertaining my resignation.

Its really sickening when your boss questions you...and makes it sounds like you are stupid, unprofessional and irresponsible. Very harsh accusations indeed.

But she deserves every single word I replied. Don't you ever think that you are a boss, you are surely cleverer than your staff and you can undermine her with your words and money. And yes, if you can't respect people, don't expect to be respected!

Officially, AKU MELUAT!

Mini Honeymoon...FINALLY!!

I'm so.. so... happy!! Yeay!

Me and Superman haven't got the chance to go for honeymoon since our wedding last November due to our work commitments and sudden dip in our economy. So sad woh! :(

But Allah loves us. Since I have decided to quit from my current office, there will be few days of gap before I start at my new office. And Superman has to go to Penang for work.. Suddenly, we realize, hey, it should be a good opportunity for our cozy getaway!

We both really need it. To recharge and to actually enjoy only with each other. Oh I can't wait! He even rescheduled his work itinerary so that it doesn't interfere with our honeymoon. Therefore, he has to go there earlier one day. And I will fly there the next morning.

Bookings made:
Flight tix- AirAsia...RM59 one way only!! woot2!
Honeymoon Package- @Hard Rock Hotel, Penang..Total : RM1853 nett. Click here to know more!

Cool kan!!
* We opt for the Lagoon Deluxe package so that I can jump into the pool straight from our room! Yeay!! Superb pool. Did you know that I'm a water babe? hehe!

Today, I'm going to shop for swimsuit and bikini and other beachware.  About 3 weeks to go!Yeay!!!

*Listening to "Island In The Sun-Weezer"

Still Haven't Decided!

Yesterday, my boss read my resignation letter. But she haven't given the feedback yet. I hope to hear from her today. I appealed for one week early departure and for her to waive the one month salary repayment for that matter. Yes, my company requires staff under probation to give one month notice OR to pay up one month salary for 24 hrs notice.. Well, I'm quite confused with the situation. I've given the office one month notice. They can't ask me to pay up right? But, how about if I leave one week earlier than the suppose actual last date? Will I be subjected with the penalty? Is it fair if they ask to pay for the prorated 5 days? I just hope that I don't have to pay anything. Anybody who knows how to handle this matter, please advise.

I'm quite excited to leave and start this new job. Although its not as challenging and unique working environment like in my current one, I think its time that I think of stability and flexibility. What I mean by flexibility is to be able to enjoy life besides work. My mantra is, I work to live not the other way round. Currently, 90% of my life is about work. I hope to reduce it and to be able to pursue other interests as well, like business or study or leisure activities. Balanced life, people.

What about you? Do you crave for balanced life or you prefer to be workaholic? And why?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Boss Must Be Mad!

Well, I've got  a list of stories. Let me start on last weekend.

1. 2nd Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010
My company opened up two booths at the event. Well, I don't want to talk anything about my company and its products. I just want to talk what I felt. And yeah, share some lovely pics with you.
It's the first time I saw real hot air balloons right in front of my eyes.  didn't go for a ride although the tickets was undoubtedly cheap. RM10 for adult! Well I'm scared of heights.Ha ha.. It was a bloody hot days. I was really pissed that I had to go there and my boss expected me be there, just in case anything happened. WTF? My colleague and I cleverly took turns without actually being there. You must be wondering what the hell I am talking about. Go figure.
 The highlight of the event was on Saturday night. I brought along my brother and Papa so that I won't feel bored. I'm supposed to wait until the event finishes. Yeah I did. But this time, I didn't cursed. I was actually enjoying it. Like a kid with a brand new toy! We were busy taking pictures of the lighting show and fireworks display. After that, we went to the food stalls to burgers and drinks. Damn, they sold hot dogs at RM4.50!

Happy Kid with New Found Toy

2. New Job, New Happiness?
Perhaps...Well, we wouldn't know if something is for you or not until you are into it right?

So I went for 2nd interview with and O&G company in the Mines. At this point I was quite excited, but didn't want to hope too much as there's another candidate they are interviewing. I was quite apprehensive to join the company as I was told the pay is somewhat lower than my current earning. But since is so much nearer to my home, I would like to consider. It so happened, my resume was pushed to the Project Director instead. One rank higher. Last time I was interviewed to serve the Finance Director. Yeay! And the boss is a nice guy!! An Indian Indian. First time to get an expat boss. Yeay yeay yeayyyy!!!

And on Monday morning, after a tense conversation with my boss on the phone, I got a call from the Company! They offered me the job! And later in the afternoon, the HR officer called again, telling me that they are retaining my current salary plus an allowance for parking. Alhamdulillah!!! Straight away, I wrote my resignation letter and submit to my office. What a relieve. But I think my boss will freak out! Just wait until she comes to the office. Oh oh...Brrrrrrrrrr......

Until then...cheers!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No OREN...Hate the freakin' hot sun!

Last night marked the 7th day of OREN missing from my family home.
I am forced to accept the harsh fact that he died.
I don't think anybody would kidnap him, based on his frail, skeletal body.

However,  I haven't cried yet. I think subconciously, I am prepared for this. Or rather, Oren prepared me for his departure. I can't think of having a new cat just yet. His presence is still very strong. Silently, I kept on thinking about him. Every single nook in my house has a story about him. Where he slept. Where he hide himself. Where he prefered to drink. Where he was chilling out. I can see him everywhere.

Oren has a girlfriend. She's our neighbor's cat. Her name is Mickey. I think she misses him too. We found her calling him with her own kind of meowing especially in the morning. Surprisingly, Mickey is not that loud mouth. Normally, its hard for us to hear her voice. So this was the first time it happened. When Oren was around, she was always inside our house. My mom was really pissed coz we had to feed her as well using Oren's food. Technically she has her owner. But since she's always here, it so kesian pulak.Lately, she is rarely around. And the cat food is hardly touched. Hrmhh...blessing in disguise?


Since Thursday, I was at Putrajaya for the Hot Air Baloon Festival. It was burning hot in the morning till about 4pm. Imagine sitting there the whole day just to monitor things without actually doing anything.Ergh...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy and Sad

Sadly, yesterday midnight marked 3 days of Oren missing from home. I'm still praying that he will find his way back home very very soon. Maybe today???

But on happy note, Superman promised me that he will register himself with local gym. Nothing fancy like the gym I always went to. I thought of registering there myself. As a supportive wife. And lose weight together. Looking forward for a brighter, healthier and happier future. I hate the misconception that fat or plump people are lazy and unproductive. Although some are, but not my Superman.hehehe(puji husband sendiri). But I agree when they said  trimmer body projects better personality. P/S ..trim doesn't mean sickly skinny.

Note to Superman : Don't get skinny like David of The Biggest Loser Asia! A body like Legacy of So You Think You Can Dance...cantekkkkkk...nyummmmmmmmm! LOL. But the most important thing is, I just want you to be healthy...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oren Didn't Come Back Home

2 days in a row..since Saturday.

Words can't describe how sad I am right now.

I slept with my mobile showing his pic. Fell asleep while thinking of our happy times and the last moments I saw him on Friday. But I didn't cry. Coz I choose to be strong. Hopefully he was just taking a long walk and forgot to come back. Maybe today he will wait for me, and demand me to drive him round the block. Yes, he always wait for that moment. The last time I did that was on Friday morning. He jumped into the car. I said, "Oren, please...I'm late already. Tomorrow okay?". But he didn't want to go out. So I drove him. He meowed a lot during the ride. Was he telling me something? Instead of sitting at the passenger seat like usual, he sat on my lap most of the time. Was it his last goodbye?? Oh please not!!

Oren...come back please...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would You Settle For Less???

I attended two interviews yesterday's afternoon.

Both have not confirm anything yet. Of course. One more stage to go each. However, there's one question that keeps bugging me.

Would you settle for less? I mean so much lesser, up to RM500.00 than what you earn now,
but you get to enjoy all your wish list benefits in an MNC Oil & Gas company?

Skinny is Sexy???

The only skinny but sexy person I knew is Yashma.

I just watched the finale of The Biggest Loser Asia. The winner is 'The King', David, an Indonesian. Although I'm happy that he lost 83kgs which served the program title "The Biggest Loser".. but I think he took it too much. I mean, he looked frail. His body was not healthy slim. His face seemed too chiseled. 
Hey, he's not sexy at all!

Hrmhh...sad facts. Agree?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hang Tuah and Superman?

Recently, we tried to find a memorable and cost effective way to spend our weekends together. And being a planner as part of my job, I hate to be the planner again on the weekends. Well, I always love men who can take charge. Somewhat sexy. Ha ha.

So, my dear Superman cracked his head of where to go. Most of the time we usually spent time at the malls. Now that money is scarce, it ain't so much fun anymore. Guess where we went ;


Darling...I've got to announce, you surprise me again!! At first I thought it was a very kiddie or touristy idea. But then when he told me he never went to any museums as part of growing up, my nurturing side had to agree. OMG, so so kesian woh!!! So off we went to a very educational visit, not once, but twice already in less than 2 weeks!!. Its so funny looking at him so eager and absorbed with what he saw. He is really a patriotic guy. I guess being a police son contributed to his high level of patriotism. Tabikkkk hormat!

First Museum : National Museum of Malaysia, KL
Date of visit: Saturday, 20th February 2010
Please please please.....
I think I want this as my dais for my wedding anniversary...errrk!!
3D display of Malacca Sultanate
My precious key chain from the museum merchandise store.
Cute meow!!

Second Museum : National Military Museum, Port Dickson
Date of visit: Saturday, 27th February 2010
Japanese bike lahh!!
Choosing our new car-which one's better?
Or should we buy the motorbike instead??Eh?
Vintage clothing ladies!!
And primitive sanitary pads on the right side!
Our plane's waiting!
p/s : Wah ! I was so 'baik' visiting the museum in baju kurung under the freaking hot sun!!

But, sadly, when I asked whether he would visit arts museum, the answer was NO!
Typical guys.always wants action eh?! Don't you know arts is not boring? I think art galleries are somewhat boring especially when you don't even understand what's the painting or the installations are all about. What do you think people??


I'm really sleepy rite now. Its almost 12a.m. I'm suppose to be in bed.

But I need to share with you this weird dream I had last night. Its a mix of things. I don't know about you but I always get those dreams where you are in too many scenarios and when u woke up, you kind of lost and don't even remember most part of it.

But I remember this very part. Suddenly I was in a vet office. In case you had never been in one, rest assured, its almost the same as human clinic or hospital. Except that the patients are animals. So there was me, Oren and a doc. I don't remember how the doc look like. But I saw Oren was looking at me forlornly. And then the doc told me, exactly this : " Your cat is suffering from Anorexia disease. That is why he's avoiding food." And I didn't even question him. Accepting it like its a normal disease. Well, human maybe. But cats??? Ahh?? Is there such thing as anorexia among animals?? 

Ha ha. All day long I was laughing inside thinking about this.

Note: Oren is having better appetite today. He ate the normal cat food biscuits already! Yeay!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on Oren da Cat

My bro took him to vet yesterday. Sadly, I could not be by his side as I needed to be at work. The vet said he's having high fever. He gave him water drips 3 times as he was really dehydrated. And syringe-fed with cat foods, you know those tin types but it was blended to tiny particles so that it can be sucked in and out of syringe. When I came back I saw him sleeping on the a sofa in living room. That's a good starting sign. Whenever he's sick, he won't sleep somewhere open. We usually had to search for him at his usual hideouts. When I'm about to get my dinner, he came to me, meowing for his dinner too. Hrmh...Me being very hopeful that he can start eating as usual, poured milk and cat food on his special container. But I think he's not ready. He just look at it, and went away. I scooped him up. Said sorry. Took out his syringe and feed him. Sorry Oren. I was being too ambitious. And I shredded few pieces of chicken. At first he didn't want too. But I coax him, put them on my palms. He ate albeit slowly. Yeay!! I was very happy already. But yes, his body felt very hot. I'm praying he will be fine today. I miss seeing him disturbing me having my meal. Yeah especially if the there's chicken and fish on my plate. Oren, please be naughty again:)