Monday, May 31, 2010

Suddenly Monday..Owh!!

My weekend flew by without me noticing. We were very busy, day and night, helping out Superman's BIL's wedding. The most anticipated event of the year AND it was filled with lots of interesting stories. A mix of emotions super packed! It made me remember my own November wedding. It brought me cry happy and sad tears all the way. I guess, it might be so wrong if all that you experience is just easiness and happiness prior your big day. All this ups and downs are what make you remember it forever. All that we should do is to try manage it as proper as possible. To all my future bride friends and readers, perfection is not everything as what seems perfect to you might not be perfect to others. But, traditions and protocols must always be your top priority. I don't know about you, but to me, a wedding without a proper guidance in these areas are best done within just your immediate family and friends. Although a marriage starts with you and your partner, its everyone involved in the process are what makes a wedding, a wedding. Just my two cents. And last but not least...SMILE!:)

At this moment, my mind is picturing myself swimming in the pool. My body needs a rest badly. I miss my FB. Owh..the momentary brain shut from work matters, or rather the whole day! is super nice at this moment. Once upon a time, I was on FB the whole day at work. By the time the clock hits 2pm, I wished I could go shopping! These days, I don't need shopping in the middle of the day anymore. Just FB will be enough. Ha ha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Month Milestone

No no no definitely not about pregnancy!

Today marks my first month in this lovely huge office.

I am terribly happy. I got my first salary yesterday. And now, after quite sometime, I could really enjoy what I was paid for as now I only pay quarter of the toll and petrol from what it was since January. Parking allowance is a very welcome joy! I bought two pairs of work shoes at Vincci last night. Nothing fancy. Just to reward myself. Most of this month budget is to buy stuffs for my condo. Turns out we have alot of things but not so much of important and decorative ones.Ikea can you please give awesome discounts just for us??
If only..:D

Monday, May 24, 2010

What Is It With Baby Crying??!

Okay, I know I am married for 6 month plus already.
What I am going to say is very much sensitive to all who has been asking(TQVM..i appreciate that..really!). But it also a bit depressing and annoying at the same time when I was asked, repeatedly, especially from the very same persons;

"Any good news?"
"When am I going to hear your baby crying?"
"Is everything okay?"
"Is that a baby bump on you?"
AND the worst;
"How's your love life?"

Ladies and gentleman, here I am, not so proud but quite adamantly, announcing that me and Superman is planning our first offspring. However, it might not happen so quickly. Reason being is that we are still enjoying our "married couple without babies or even pregnancy" life and strategesing our economy as well as parenting livelihood before we enter the phase. However, without hesitation, we will welcome the bundle of joy shall the almighty Allah put the trust on us if he/she comes before our honeymoon phase ends.

Truth be told, Superman would want one anytime soon. But I am not ready. I have so much on my plate to focus now. And I belief, my future son/daughter should have all my of energy and heart devoted for them even before day one. Currently, I barely able to be a completely devoted wife. Let alone a mother. I am terribly lucky that my husband is really understanding. You wouldn't want me to be an ignorant mother OR wife would you, Superman?

So please my dear lovelies, though I appreciate your kind concern, those questions, really makes me want to bang my head on the wall. Enough okay. And with due respect, if it really happens, I would tell all the world. Nobody will be spared. Till then, chill yo!

Ps. I am a proud owner of a flabby tummy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As Expected

Tuesday, the works are piling up. I hardly can breathe, let alone YM-ing. Luckily there's no access to FB here in the office.. or else, I'll get much more frustrated. Feeling disconnected to the rest of the world already.

But well, this is something expected right from the beginning. And it is way better to come to work with a clear cut purpose than waiting for work to land on your desk unexpectedly. More so yearning for some tasks to be given to you. -reminiscing the old working chapter-

Finally, I had to make an unbecoming decision late afternoon yesterday. After discussing with Azea, who was kind enough to accept Kontawt back into her cosy home so that he can grow healthily with his mom by his side, I sent him at night. With heavy heart, I spent the last moments with him while darling Superman drove. He was screaming again and again the whole journey. But, by the time he stepped inside Azea's house, he went quiete, inspecting the familiar surrounding and running happily to his siblings. Superman was in awe. I on the other hand, stoned up my heart, not letting the emotion came through. I left the newly bought cage with Ofey, Azea's sister, so that I won't be reminded of him so much. Goodbye Kontawt! May the lovely beings around you gives all the warmth and care you need.Sob sob...

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Wish I Can Eat Cupcake Underwater

Since I had my first cupcake, it became a public love affair. No day I would say no to cupcake.
And last Friday I finally had my first taste of Wiz's cupcake.
Terribly delicious!I'm officially an addict!

On Saturday, I had early morning call. Its the day! Dressed in shorts and shirts, we sweat ourselves out, rearranging stuffs and all sorts of other things. The movers was kind enough to tolerate our orders from morning till late afternoon. We made two trips from Wangsa Maju-Sg Long-Setiawangsa-Sg Long since we had so many things to pick up! I slept like a baby and hate to wake up the next morning.

But, we still have tonnes of  tasks to be completed. We had to do it ASAP since we have to get our place live in ready by Thursday.We are receiving our first sleepover guests! After mopping and cleaning all the kitchenwares my legs and back felt really strained. I went to the living room only to see there's a MOUNTAIN of boxes to be unpacked. Oh hell! Monday is a work day already, how can we finish them perfectly on time?? The next thing I know, the sun was already making its way to shine in the other part of the world.

I promised my dear friend Azea, to pick up her kitten for adoption by 8pm. I was pretty excited. Spent a good RM100 to buy his cage, milk, cat biscuit and sand(thinking that I only managed to buy an RM80 shoe this month:( ). To cut the story short, I arrived home, with the lil kitten(just 1 month old). I named him Kontawt(acronym of Shorty) due to his very short tail. He's all black, I could only see his eyes piercing from inside the dark cage. My heart fluttered with excitement and wary. He's so scared sitting alone without his mom and siblings, meowing at the top of his lungs! My sister who could see me and hear the deafening voice from inside the house was already contorting her face. The moment I opened the sliding door, she said "You better leave it outside!." I could sense a rejection. That follows with, "This house kan with baby...bla bla..flu, allergy, noisy,..bla bla bla...cannot eat on his small...bla bla bla...who's going to feed him when you are at office?Who's going to clean his poop and urine?Send him back until he's bigger and stronger and not screaming!". My heart broke to trillion pieces.

I have to say, what she said makes sense. I thought after all the years with cats in the house, a new cat would be great after Oren left. I could feel the emptiness, a void without this fury pet animal. But the fact that he's too young and easily agitated didn't jive pleasantly. Mommy said, to adopt, it must be at least 3 or 4 months old. He still needs his mom's milk. Or else, he'll get sick easily like getting diarrhea caused by the powdered milk. I am at wits end. I want the cat so much! However, I hate to trouble my family, as well as Azea who's been taking care of him for the last month. And how can everyone sleep peacefully with him meowing non-stop? Kontawt didn't even want to drink from the container. I had to syringe fed him this morning. That makes me more convinced that he can't take care of himself yet. Oh Kontawt!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

4kg Cake!!

I finally made my cake reservations with Ellie for my
housewarming+big birthday bash at the end of June!
I ordered a big cake for the birthdays of my Eldest Sis and Little SIL
and myself.erk! But I still need a cake from my BV-ians! Tak kira!
Its a rectangular cake. She told me its going to be a whopping 4kg cake!
And another special cake for lil nephew, Uwais. He's turning 4.
But his mother mistakenly told him he's 5.
So he couldn't accept that he's 4 y/o. So he's going to have '5th' birthday, twice!

My invites MUST attend to finish the cake. Seriously!
Sorry for not being able to invite each and every one of you:(

Some cupcakes are going to be delivered by Wiz on the day.
I'm supposed to pickup some of her cuppies yesterday.
But my erratic schedule(I came back home at 1am) 
caused my saliva to thickened and had to postpone
my cupcakes indulgence tonight.
Wiz had to send it to my mom home herself.
Luckily her home is just 10 minutes away.
Thanks Wiz!!!

Tomorrow is THE DAY

Finally , tomorrow will be the day we are transferring all the big things from the store at Superman's office, into my new condo.I miss our TV, our washing machine, our stove, our cabinets. I just miss all of them. And we are getting a few more extras from Superman's mom. Few closets, a king bed and a queen mattress. Lucky us.

Although I can't wait for the stuffs to arrive,  I just hate the thought of unpacking and rearranging. I wish I am Carrie Bradshaw, rich enough to hire helpers to arrange everything from the furnitures to the napkins. Yeah, I wish. One more thing that I wish is a walk-in wardrobe with cleverly chic design. But then, to spend so much for a rented condo, seems petty. But who knows, if Superman will be lovely enough to create my "castle"? Will he? I will drop on my knees and kiss him 100 times daily for the whole week if he ever do that! Ha ha ha!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss You!!

Hey you readers/paps/friends...(pergh perasan ade paparazi nak tau sangat pasal hidup aku!lol!)
I miss you.

Today, it felt quite overwhelming.
With works piling up. And now, my boss is back from his vacation, I definitely must amp up my serious-secretary mode:you know, pretending to be seriously engrossed with something while looking on your computer screen, hands on keyboard!;p hehehhe...

Pity Superman. His most anticipated interview this morning was cancelled. He was already there. Stupid. The hiring manager made last minute decision to postphone without acknowledging him before he reached the office. On positive note, it gives him more time to get more infos.

This morning, no, I mean everytime I was listening on radio which is on, I was always forced to listen to one annoyingly stupid commercial-GUOCERA TILES. Its hard to explain here. But in case you really want to hear it, turn on the station, or stream online the show here. They sound ridiculous. Very scripted and lacks personal touch from the voice talents. I think, I will have to post its record here, just so you will understand what the hell I am talking about. Anybody noticed?

I'm turned on by lemon yellow shades lately. Maybe because it is spring season. That's the idea for my housewarming party theme. I can't wait. It will happen in June, which coincides with my nephew's birthday. Actually, me, my eldest sister and my SIL as well as few friends, was born in June! Perhaps it will be a good month for celebration. Yeay!

I brought my gym pack to office today. Planned to workout after office hour. Its just in Level 1, in my office building. Available FOC for all staffs of the Company. What excuse can I give for not working out eyh?? But really, I'm kindof tired for no apparent reason. Can that be the excuse for today?:D

How are you today? Are you happy or sad? Why dear?? Talk to me:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Absolutely Happier

Today is a good day. Less work. Bosses not around.

I'm spending my time looking at beautiful things for my house deco. Trying to figure out how to spend lesser for the same look I am going for. This is the challenge when you love to live in style with small pocket. Well at least it makes me more crafty. Unfortunately, Superman's not in the same page. He prefers to keep it simple and practical.

I imagine a colourful house. With happy+edgy wall arts. I hate those sickening abstracts that you don't exactly understand but it cost you a bomb. I prefer fresh flowers. Maybe orchids. But I'm scared that it won't last long. I have the knack to forget important things like watering the plants. My cactus died. A big laughing stock for Superman. I tried to coax him to buy me fishes/rabbits/cats after that. You name it. But my cactus history became a quick decision factor. In the end, I don't have a pet now. And I really really really miss having a pet since Oren left(In my mind, he's still alive).Okay I'm gonna weep now. Friday is the day he left. I am still mourning on my own. Jeez, I don't want to feel sad. This entry is supposed to be a happy entry!

Mariam, brace yourself!

Yesterday, I picked up the curtain for the living room we ordered. Set me back about RM 400. Damn. But I know its going to worth every cent. Right? Sometimes, its nice when we found ourselves agreeing on the same thing on the spot like when we decide  the colour and type of curtain to use. I love you Superman. Please agree in everything next time ya. You pay. Ha ha!

Next mission
One king mattress(which one's better?Getha?Dunlopillow?what else?)
Lots of pillows
Lots of cushions
Few beddings-Queen and King
Wall Art
bla bla bla

Today, I am taking inspirations from:

Can't wait can't wait:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pizza Filled Tummy

My imaginary flat tummy is now bloated with 3 types of pizzas consumed over lunch,
after eating a plate of chicken rice. 
And there's another box. Got it FREE.
Its a bliss+hazard=bliszard?? of my work.
 Leftovers from meeting. We, staffs are well fed. Totally.
I just wish we have gym allowance.
(wah..sudah bagi betis nak peha pulak!)

Wierd, I just can't stop eating.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exhausted of..


Need extra, 
with no priority in order.
All need 

Monday, May 3, 2010


My office is super cold. I should have worn snow jacket with fur trimmings on the hood! Even the mat sallehs are wearing jackets. Lol!

Just want to blab about my eventful weekend.

I missed two of my friends weddings :( ,but I got myself a place to call home. Hehe. Yes, the agreement was sealed. Only then I realized, there's only two units, including mine, which is occupied. 8 units on each floor. We checked that the units above, in front, side and below of ours(corner unit) are not occupied. This place is really quite new. Bloody hell. Spooky! Superman, was smiling when we learnt about it. He knew that I'm scared know, arghh...don't want to say it out loud. I have a very high level of imagination. Sure as hell I don't want to sleep there all on my own over night. I'll drive to mum's place, which is 10 minutes away. You bet!

Shopping with no money was really stressful. My salary was still not banked in during the weekend. But we had to buy few stuffs before we move in such as the curtains. Armed with the meagre leftover and credit card, we went shopping for them. Damn, the pretty ones are really expensive. And my heart was pumping with wants and frustrations. Luckily I got Superman to set me straight to shop with practicality comes as number one. Besides, this is just for the purpose of renting. Therefore, expect something lesser in quality but rich in style:) oh ya ya ya...(trying to soften my heart).

Big congrats to Mrs Daniah & Mr Badrul for finally made it to the altar. May Allah bless both of you with health, happiness, wealth and lots lof babies together:)

I LOST 10KG in A WEEK!!!!!!


I can  wear my last year's jeans already.

Can shop size L shirts for work.

My face is more sculptured.

Can see my hip bone.

I look sexier in my underwear.

Flabby arms no more.

My short shorts screaming for my name.

This was just in MY DREAMS last night.