Saturday, August 28, 2010

Car Type=Driver Attitude?

Do u like to be labeled?
But sometimes you've got to accept the fact that you are being labeled, like it or not.

Well this thing was in my mind for quite sometime but I just couldn't write it out since I was considering very hard whether it is appropriate.

Girls, some of us ladies were known to be attracted by certain things a guy is passionate about. One of it is their passion in cars. Or rather what they are driving. Some like sporty cars, some like luxury cars, and some won't really care. But I do care. I like luxury cars. But that was not what attracted me to Superman. His car at the time was not really luxe. Just decent:) 

I have a thing with modified cars. Especially those with the brand names of Proton Wira/Saga/Neo, Perodua Kancil, and old Civic. Its not a positive vibe. Time and time again they prove to be a brat on the streets. I tried hard to think that there must be some pure, calm and considerate souls driving these kind of cars. But I guess, with the modification that brings a greater vroom to the car, comes the attitude. You know, those idiotic/selfish/impatient drivers who can't wait to cross the street or speed up ahead of you although it was clear the road was not safe for such acts?? Besides not using their signals, some of them would even honk you if you are not driving fast enough! Hey you idiots, I was driving 110km/h already on coastal road lah! The cars in front of me was not cleared and the left lane was full of cars, and you kept on 'cucuk2' me! Wtf!Are you having a diarrhea or sth??!

If you, or your bf/hubby/daddy/bros/friends are in this category, I'm sorry if you don't like this entry. But really,these culprits MUST stop annoying other drivers! Be calm. Jiwa selamat! And turn your audio volume down while driving in residential area, especially at night. Drive in the right lane. Use your signal. And be considerate will ya?! 

Girls, if guys carrying this big ego while driving, do you think he will lower himself to accommodate your feelings? I wonder. Wow, that is quite a different issue. But really, if he's that bad on the road, can he really be a calm-no-attitude person off the wheels?

Its  almost Raya. Keep yourself safe on the roads lovelies. Think of your love ones. Think for your well-being too! XOXO!

Less Is Truly More!

Hey ya peeps!

Hey hey hey...ramadhan is going to end pretty soon. So on Thursday and Friday I went shopping some stuffs alone! Yup..alone! It's a bliss really. Despite the fact that I had to carry everything on my own, pay on my own, and no second opinions except for the very pleasing sales girls, I think I scored a lot. Found some gems which will last very2 long. I listened to what I really wanted AND not:D

But although I was alone, I felt like Superman was right beside me, preaching  me not to waste on unnecessary stuffs. But then, what is unnecessary?My vision was blurred seeing all those discount signs. Classic shopaholic syndrome. Ha ha!

So here was the deal I striked between me and Superman on the  Wednesday night when he gave me some money for Raya prep;
1)biscuit jars
2)biscuits to fill in the jars
3)1 pc baju kurung
4)dining and glass sets

But what was brought up to my condo(5 trips from my car!);
1)biscuit jars
2)NO biscuits!
3)2 pc baju kurung
4)dining and glass sets
5)3 shoes
6)3 bags
7)1 bangle and 1 pair of earings
8)raya undies:)(must find matching bras)

It made me think.."what the hell just happened???!!!" Okay, okay, chilex Mariam! Just to justify my purchases, this year, I spend less on the item value. Like half..So, that's how I get more quantity..

Hey...that's what they meant by less is more...aite???!

Okay, this will last long. After all they are gorgeous too..especially the bags! Love love love!

TODAY Mission: Raya biscuits+'kerongsang'. Just that. Full stop!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tried but Failed Miserably!

It's 6:30 am. My tummy's full with water+anlene+koay teaw kung fu of sahur. My eyes became dopey.

But I thought to spend more time with my hubby. But he's playing Xbox. What the heck. Tried to be supportive of his hobby. But my eyes wouldn't hold it anymore. Sorry man...I tried to get into the game but I just couldn't. My hands was not trained to push the controller buttons, hence, my Audi car just won't go at the right direction!Dush!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Does It Mean??

Yesterday whilst at office and listening to Era station on my KM900 cell, an ustaz was giving this short talk. The content made me ponder my own motive. "Some people only feels hungry and thirsty after fasting the whole day." What else did I get from my own fasting? 90% hunger and thirst.10% yawning in the middle of the day + wishful thinking on Raya shoes+bag+baju kurung.That's it. 

I felt totally ashamed. Did I just realized that I blatantly doing this for the sake of fasting? Oh my my! My mom would have cried knowing her well-schooled daughter was not really absorbing the true hikmah of fasting. Its been awhile since I really follow the true path of Islam. I missed out alot on solat. I rarely read Quran. I don't wear hijab anymore. Oh god. What have I became? Not pointing fingers to who caused me this way. Just pointing it back to myself. I know. I'm an adult.  My parent did great sending to me to religious classes and teaching me good stuffs. I chose not to follow. But again, I believe, to do something good and holy shall start from the bottom of your heart. Forcing will only make me feel not sincere, thus, hypocrite. 

I always wonder why some of my friends who went to the same school, could sustain their religious appearance. Whereas I could not? Never wish to do this. But at one point in my life, I questioned myself. Did I do it because I fully embraced the teachings or because, I just afraid not to Allah, but to my parents or to other people like friends and family would say??Afraid to be different?Maybe I should start small ain't it? One step at a time. Again.Like a small child. Shameful. But for betterment?

Pondering  a bit deeper, maybe this is the reason my life isn't so great lately. Maybe I forgot to say thank you to Allah. Maybe I did not donate more than I should. So Allah took some things away. Some things that I thought I didn't have to worry until suddenly its not there anymore.Luckily, he didn't take all away.

I don't know why I felt so melancholic this Wednesday morning. Usually I could sleep well after my sahur. But today, the eyes just wouldn't shut. So I made peace and wrote these instead. Maybe that white coffee I had is doing its caffeine thingy?!

Sorry guys for posting this ridiculously sombre mode writings. I just need to let out. I'm not really good expressing myself verbally, but I know I am damn good in writing. 

Yesterday also, I felt the pang of missing something I love to do and always will, being crafty, designing something. You know, every time I felt the office works was overwhelming, I kept going back to my fav design blogs, for five minutes breaks. It gave me 'zing'!

Its 7:20am. Gotta get ready for work! Lucky me the office isn't so far away.:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Stories to Tell.As if I'm a Staar!

Hold your stinky breath!

Yeah..I know you have stinky breathe if you are fasting during this holy month of Ramadhan :) Most people do. But its okay, you will be rewarded with blessing by Allah. Something that I think I need alot these days. Forgive me Allah for I have sinned. For choosing to sleep than pray to you in the morning. For choosing to succumb myself to all things shopping without realizing I am wasting my precious money for my need to feel beautiful(and the kick from buying stuffs!). For not thinking that I should have donate more of my money to the needy than buying more and more of earings, shoes and bags. I couldn't help it. Help me Allah. Help me to control my weakness! But don't take away my love of cupcakes and chocolates! :)

Hi guys! Right now I am abusing the WiFi connection at my BIL house to reach all of you. Last five days was terribly busy. My boss was not around on Friday, but I couldn't even have time to glance through my Yahoomail. Sob sob....

Lately I'm starting to feel a lil bit of burnout. Just a little bit! I think I need a long holiday. I'm starting to think to take long holiday after each 3 month. Waaa...if only its that easy. For the 3 months, I only managed to take 1 day off twice. And one MC!

I wonder what it feels like to work abroad? I am really curious. Anybody care to share? I wish I am really brainy like engineers, docs and all those professionals where opportunities working abroad are abundant! For a secretary? Any chance?? I was told by a colleague that those mat salehs working in Malaysia, are mostly paid at least three times salary paid for locals. And they also get superb benefits. It made me think, are our professionals skills and knowledge are not competitve? Why don't we get the same amount of salary if not benefits? Unfair don't you think? Maybe that is why many Malaysians choose to work abroad?

Right now, I want a cupcake. Ciao!

Trying to figure out...

Cukupkah sepasang baju raya bersama 3 kasut baru?

Haven't bought the shoes yet.

But, due tovery limited budget and wayward nafsu, I've got to decide whether to buy shoes that I 'desperately' needed or buy more baju kurung to add up to my fast depleting fit-to-my-balooning-body baju kurung and also to add up to the 'feel' of Hari Raya?



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovely Love

As I am writing this,I am sitting next to Superman's mom his eldest brother n wife in Tun Abdul Razak Hall @ UKM to witness him receiving his MBA scroll. I am a proud wife today.:) I still remember his struggles in monetary,time n effort to finish his study,to work n to marry me,all at the same time.Indeed he is my SUPERman! Thank you my love!

On a funny note; seeing the academicians all wearing the robes reminds me of Hogwarts.I think I spot Prof Dumbledore.I pinky swear!