Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pretty Saturday


1. 2 friends got engaged at the same day, almost at the same time in the same state of Malacca. Luckily we managed to arrive just at the right time; before the engagements discussion starts and stayed until photography time. Phew!!! It was a bloody hot day!

Congrats to Cik Daniah & En Bad!


Congrats to Cik Diana & En Fendi!

Let me call u CIK as much as possible before your eligibility expired ya!!ehhe..

And we da posers as always :D

2. So I was determined to have a fulfilling day afterwards. But the hot day fried our brains. We could not think where to go next except going back home. But then, on the way back, I saw the exit signage to Port Dickson. Superman was sleeping+snoring. I made the turn. The sound of  Touch n Go beeps woke him up. Ha ha...he thought we've already at Kajang exit. It was totally unplanned. I only brought one undies and a t-shirt each. He was totally clueless and surprised. See where we went.

 more pictures to be uploaded very very soon!

Oren da Cat...please be healthy

Last night, I slept with tears running on my cheeks. Superman comforted me till I doze off.

I miss my old healthy, chubby, playful cat. Oren, has always been with my family for 10 years already. Longest surviving cat living in my house. He's closest to me.

Lately, he can't swallow and eat properly. It was a slow process since last month.We thought he was just having a bad taste in his mouth. Or just being picky. At first we just force him to eat the normal cat food and occasionally mixing a little bit of rice with fried fish or sardines. He lost some weight. But this week, he's avoiding food almost completely. And drastically he lost more of his weight. Last night, he was meowing and meowing at 12 a.m looking for food in the kitchen. Nothing makes him wanna eat. I gave him sweetened milk. He just lick once. And walk off. I tried to coax him again by touching his limp fur and felt his bones everywhere my hand went.  It tormented me so much that I cried and whining to my dear hubby.

Even though Superman has made it clear that he don't like cats, my cries made him said okay, "We'll bring him to vet hospital in the morning". Unfortunately, today's Sunday. The vets are closed. My bro, Abg Aie promised me that he will bring Oren tomorrow on Monday. Today, I forced fed him milk using syringe. The most he could take is 2ml. His body violently rejected the did. Kicking and wriggling, trying to break away from my firm hold. But he was weak and failed. I think there's something wrong in his tummy or throat.

Look at this picture when he was healthy.

and Now, bony:(

OHH..i'm heart broken.:(

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I got cash checque from my office today. Yip yip hooray!!! My colleague and I took time off to go to the bank to cash them. We were chatting animatedly while on the way, planning in our heads for our 3 days weekends.


We came back still penniless, smile wiped off our  face. All of a sudden we felt terribly tired and demotivated!
Why?? We couldn't cash out the money as there was insufficient funds in the account. The checque my boss banked into the company's account on Tuesday was still not cleared!! OMG!!!!!


Lately, money is really hard to come by. And when it came, I didn't even manage to devour it. Been paying this and that. And my traveling expenses, rose dramatically.

Yes people. I'm broke. It ain't pretty. That's why I need a better job and nearer to Kajang. Oh God, please show your mercy and help your weak servant. Please, I'm begging you.


Yesterday.. I met someone who gave me the kind of advice I need so much right now. She's my agent. The one who introduced me to this job. Very practical advice. She made all the way from KLCC, her  office to my office area in Damansara. Well, yeah, its not really far without the traffic jam. But if you don't have the heart, you won't even visit friends living in the next road of yours, isn't it??

So, since after I met her, I've been doing a lil bit of soul searching. What exactly that I want to be? What career path do I really really really want? What kind of lifestyle?

You see, many of us, would answer MONEY as the simplest motivation to work. But, is it all? Don't you want to have a much loved-fulfilling career? I feel like I'm missing some parts in my career right now. I'm not sure what. Is it that it doesn't really match my personality? Maybe that is why I don't feel satisfied with my job for the past couple of years. Maybe?

Is it??? I still not really sure. Is secretarial all that I can do? I wonder. Hrmhh...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brainy Me??

Tell you the truth, this week my brain is in half working mode. I can't really focus on anything. Not so much enthusiasm.

Everyday I tried to write something. But after two sentences, I went blank. And I dumped the writings into drafts. This is not good. There's so much going on. I felt like sharing with all of you. But, as I said, my brain went numb.

Currently listening to Halo by Beyonce. I'm feeling a bit relaxed.

So what's up for the past couple of days?
1) I was deciding what should I do with my career.
2) And then I freaked out.
3) I realized I don't have enough experience and qualification to get a better job.
4) I'm not sure whether to quit my current job now or later. If I submit my resign letter, will I get a new job within a month. Like Yash said, better wait. Hrmhh. I'm still not sure.
5) So I was thinking whether to get a professional cert. Thought of  taking ICSA to become a chartered secretary. It will definitely bring me a greater future. But how to pay? How long the duration of study? Hrmhh...Gotta check with MAICSA and hopefully get exempted for few subjects. Save time and money.

So...yes..nothing exciting going on. But few of my friends are getting excited. Few are delivering their first born, few are getting engaged. Good luck and congratulation everyone! You know who you are. And one is starting a new job at a famous IT company. I'm proud of you all.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Madness

This ain't good..
Sunday should be a relaxing day. Madness should happen tomorrow!

But my mom demand me to takeover the household works today. My husband's not helping. He even supports the idea. He said, he can't even remember when was the last time I cooked for him. Ha ha. Living with your parents is a bliss!

Okay hubby. But I demand to watch Valentine Day movie TODAY at the cinema okay???


Going to the kitchen to cook!Cook what?? Dunno!!!:(

Friday, February 19, 2010

Counting the Dayzzzzz

Huh? Counting WHATTTTT???Wedding??My NEW Wedding???
NO LA ......

My Salary Pay Day !

p.s Cik Ani Kebabom and Mr Badman....kamu mahu nggak saya meraikan pertunangan kamu di Malakau??
P.s Cik Diana...maybe saya dan hubby boleh pergi  your engagement party.. punye same time lak ni....negeri jek sama...tempat lain2 lak..camano???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love...Today

I love the traffic to work today 
Coming from Kajang thru Jalan Cheras to Phileo Damansara 1
normal days: almost 2 hrs
today : 25 minutes tops

I love my boss today
She just came back from Kangaroo Land. She's relax and chirpy, and presented all of her staffs with necklaces each. Really nice. In a nice packaging too!

I love working today
I found that I only have one pending task! What?!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Its Monday, Let It Be A Longggggggg Day!

Precious day it is. Public holiday on Monday. No plans. No rush. Just finishing up my laundry. 3 loads! Shameful. Has yet to become full blown Bree Van de Kamp. I don't think I ever will become her. Ha ha.

Yesterday night, was a damn lovely night. Superman treated me to a V-day dinner at a hotel. It was buffet style. We stuffed ourselves like there was no tomorrow. Planning our way to enter Asia's Biggest Loser! We were so bogged down with the food, the magical-love-in-the-air thing was never really there. A bit sad reality but I'd say, we didn't regret a bit. We enjoyed to the max making fun of each other. And I won eating the most. Now I wonder why we dressed to kill? Him in handsome moss green shirt, while I was in a black cocktail dress. We might rather wore a stretchy bottoms.By the time Superman called the waiter to pay the bill, I could feel my tummy stretching and my eyes feeling droopy. We reached home before 10pm. We couldn't contain any longer. Slept like babies by 11pm. We realized, our bonding sessions always involved food since the start of our relationship. The first time we met each other was when I accompanied my friend, Bai, to dinner with him. Huh? Now I wonder, what was it that makes me wanted to follow her that very night? God has a funny way to tell our destiny eh??!

Yesterday, I discussed with Mummy, Sis and of course my Superman about my future in current company. All said that I should say goodbye. But then, when and how? I haven't got another job  as a backup. In dilemma. I'm still in probation. So there's only a one month notice to be given. If my boss granted my confirmation, then I will have to endure 3 months notice before I can say leave or else, I have to pay one month salary. Obviously flexibility is during my probation period. But, how about the job? I can't afford not to work. Oh my! Big decision to be made. BIG!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Extra Love, only on Valentine??

Today, I definitely felt loved. Extra. I hope tomorrow will bring more love. Its going to be a Valentine Day.

Dear Superman prepared something tomorrow night.. I can't wait.


But I wish its going to be 'always' occasion. It doesn't need to be expensive. Just a little bit more love.:)

Love you Superman!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


My avid readers, do you notice the changes I've made to this blog?

Yeah its to commemorate year 2010?No!CNY?No!

Its actually to 'layan' one of my good friend. She said she couldn't open my page. So I changed. I guess she didn't install the plug-ins. That's why. But nvm, dear Liana...this is a tribute to you..clap clap!

But why black themed?

Because I hate 2010 so far. I felt doomed.
But of course, walk your way to the war with style!
:) :S

Its Friday. And I'm having this Compulsory UNPAID Leave 'awarded' by my boss to all her stuffs. Sucks. But its okay. At least I'm having my holiday guilt-free. But close one eye, my salary will be deducted at the end of the month.Erk..Miskin la lagi aku...

Wondering I want to do the rest of the weekend until Tuesday. Any ideas people? Cheap but fantastic ones?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So She's Not Here aaah?

She's not here.
My dear boss.

Everyone's smiling over heaps of paperwork.
I smiled the widest:)

Its been awhile since I got this feeling of sweet nothing.
Nothing to run for. Nothing to attend. Nothing to sweat. Nobody to answer to.
Yes. Its super sweet.

Everyday is casual day for this week. Everyday we wear t-shirts over jeans at workplace. Cool huh?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucky..Luck..Been Awhile

The boss will not be around until after CNY holidays. Its a Chinese owned company. But our boss decided its cool to start work on 17th Feb. Pity my Chinese colleagues. Well I don't mind to start any day. Its not my celebration. But of course, nice. I'm in dire need of a long break.

I love my job and colleague. But I hate the boss. Period. She drove me nuts.

Me n hubby is officially in financial distress after crazy pay cut by his company starting this month. Seriously??? So I'm refraining(real hard) myself from shopping malls and shopping sites. My only solace is the glossy magazines. Mariam, be a good wife..I kept telling myself. But it ain't easy. Not that I can't afford at all, but me shopping as usual while my husband is suffering from reduced salary, ain't pretty thing aite? I hope he get a better job very very soon.

Last 2nd February 2010 was our 3rd year engagement anniversary. Superman darling brought me out for dinner at TGI Fridays in Wangsa Walk. After a RM100 meal filled up my tummy, I drove back home with very heavy eyes. Almost passed up at a traffic light while waiting for the light turn green, when suddenly I heard a deafening honk from a car behind me. I slept like a baby after a reluctant ice cold bath.

On Thursday, my boss decided to splurge on her staffs. We had Yee Sang dinner at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I had my first Yee Sang and sharks fin soup.Yee Sang is actually local tradition. It starts right here in Malaysia. Unique ha? Hell they were expensive!! The bill totaled up to whopping RM500++ for 4 person! Thank you dear boss. But isn't it better if you give us RM 100 cash each? Sure it benefits us better :)

Argh...the documents in front of me are screaming for attention. Clever boss. Even you are not here, I still can feel your presence. Ha Ha.