Friday, June 25, 2010


I am 27 y/o today.

I am taking 10 minutes of my neverending work,  to commemorate MJ's death my Birthday.
How do I feel?

Sad Too.
Superman's outstation. Will come back only tomorrow morning.
How's that for a birthday treat?Huk huk!

Can't wait for my little party tomorrow.
I still feel bad for not being able to invite some more of close friends.
Yes, I have lots.
Am having difficult time to categorize. I hate being categorized by anyone.
So yeah, I DID NOT really categorize.
Thanks to those who have wished me in Facebook, SMS and even called me
to sing Happy Birthday song.
Owh I'm so touched!
I feel loved!
~Oh u know who u who you are:)~

Note: Superman, come back with lots of chocolates please!!!!
I need my sugar fix. And only mahal-mahal Pretty ones will do.XOXO.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Towards Happy Times!

The preparation should start now. Squeezing all the nano seconds I have everyday towards the party. I imagine fancy party, but I don't think I have enough resource in terms of time and money.

Where should I start?

What the hell. Do the list-lah!


Thanks to Wiz again and again for agreeing
to bake the birthday cakes!
Thanks sangat2!

It's Not Right!

I have a story or rather a thought, which I have summed up since yesterday. But couldn't find time to rant due to work overload.

Something stupid happened while I was busy and tense yesterday morning. It brought me to angry, sad and dumbfounded emotions but also, an awakening. Remember I told you about my housewarming cum birthday party to be held soon. Yes dear, very soon, next week. Saturday to be exact.(Again, I am terribly sorry for not being able to make an open invitation to all of you, lovely readers). So I ordered two birthday cakes(well, we are going to celebrate my eldest sis, sis in law and lil nephew as well as mine) from a baker in Bangi. I hate to name her. I am still pissed. And I am not a heartless moron who loves to downgrade people and crush someone else's business, especially when she is from my own native. But then, girl, if you read this, please upgrade your customer service and revoke your unfair "akad"/rules.

I am a very "vocal" person when I am upset. Well, only in writing. In person, I tend to hold my tongue unvoluntarily. Its really hard to translate my negative emotions verbally there and then.

I made a deposit which was 1/3 from the whole amount about a month before. So I thought, that should be enough and I will pay the rest COD or just before fetching it from her home.Last week she emailed a reminder. So I said of course I will pay before the day. You see, I didn't realize there was  an "akad jual beli" / terms in her email before as I didn't read properly. It says I have to pay full by 20/5/2010, which was more than one month away from the event date! My excitement clouded my judgement. Classic case, huh? Okay, that could be my fault for overlooking but unfortunately, aggreeing with whatever it was, when I paid the deposit.

Rationally thinking, I wouldn't even agree to such condition imposed by her OR anyone else, selling food/service like this. Do you agree with this?;-
The product she is selling is in food category. Usually when it comes to food/service industry, its normal that the vendors ask us to pay a certain percentage of the amount and pay the rest only AFTER you experience the service or see/check the food. Think when you hire a caterer for your wedding/events, would you pay the whole amount before the event? When you eat at McDonalds, don't you check your order before you pay? And at spa or hotels, would you pay before you are being lavished with their skills and hospitality? Would you? And my argument is, why would you pay the whole amount of a cake when you can't even see your can't-wait-to-click-your-camera-and-eat-all you-want-but-sayang-coz-it's-very-enxpensive cake yet??

I became much more pissed with her when she said this to me:
"i taknak cakap byk sebab u tak faham apa itu akad jual beli"
"I don't want to say more because you don't understand what is T&C"
Shits, what more worse can I get kan? I am the customer and she could say something downgrading like that to me???!! So I did some research. I wonder whether I am what she said. And whether she really is "celik ilmu" more than me. This is what I got;
"Dalam Islam, sesuatu yang ingin dijual itu perlu wujud dan ada dalam pemilikan penjual ketika akad dilakukan.
Jika barang yang diakad tidak wujud ketika akad, ia boleh mewujudkan unsur ketidaktentuan mengenai kemampuan penjual menyerahkan aset itu kepada pembeli.
Dalam perundangan Islam, kontrak jual beli boleh menjadi akad fasid jika penjual gagal menyerahkan barang yang diakad ketika akad dibuat."-Muhammad Hisyam Mohamad, Felo Pusat Ekonomi dan Kajian Sosial, Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia. the link is here
(For non-muslim readers, FYI, "akad jual beli" is a T&C of purchase between vendor and buyer. This quote explains that in Islamic law, the product must be available when you do the agreement. If not, it will bring uncertainty element fo the vendor to deliver the products to buyer. In the Islamic law/Syariah, it can be anuled if the vendor could not hand it to buyer when the agreement was made. However in the service/food agreement, the vendor should not impose full payment before the product being delivered. Don't you think so??)

So, am I still  tak faham by now? Please....

I am not trying to prove whether I am better than her, but I really hate it when someone can blatantly downgrade me. Watch your mouth sister!Tak sayang business ke?Word of mouth is much more powerful than you can imagine you, know!.But nah...I'd rather focus on more positive and rewarding things than continue with this bad feelings. Now that I said it out loud, peace yo!

Note: Do we have to agree with unfair T&C imposed by sellers? The ball is in your court. I am no supporter, that's for sure.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exam PAC???

Life's less interesting today.

But I just knew that I am required to go for Program Assessment Centre(PAC) for a government post I was applying to before I join the Company. It is not easy to get into the list since applicants MUST attend a written exam. A really really long and draining exam, which I took in Putrajaya. Its wierd that they require me to wear sports attire on the registration day. I don't remember applying for any sports related positions?????So where do this requirement came from?

Now I am really torn. I enjoy working here now. Nice boss. Good learning opportunity and career advancement. The diversity and benefits are tremendous! But then again, for stability, government has always been a good choice. And their benefits are what gets jobseekers in Malaysia talking too. The thing is I worry of the low wage. I heard that the starting salary is half from what I am getting now. Still I am terribly curious about the assessment. I think I will attend to experience it. Whether I pass or not doesn't matter, right? Majority failed. This is the only time in my life I don't really care if I fail! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am a lonely wife these days...

No Superman is not abandoning me. He left me with love(and money,lol!). He left me for work. So I have to be strong and cherish the fact that he's doing it for us. Suddenly our condo feels so empty.The echo of water drippings became louder than ever. When he was around I sometimes feel I need my ME time. Now that he's away, it feels wierd. Nobody to fight the remote control with. Nobody to tickle. Nobody to hug before I fell asleep. I couldn't hear his loud snore. Very wierd emptiness. Last night was the first night I slept there alone:(

I miss you SUPERMAN!!

Maybe this is a good time for swimming sessions after work? Or getting sweaty in the office gym?There's no rush to go back home, except for my favourite TV series:)

Okay I don't want this somber mood of mine gets in the way of my duty. Focus Mariam!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I ate alot, but I didn't eat proper food lately. I mean fiber rich foods. Therefore I am suffering from my self made constipation. My tummy is feeling hard. Damn.

Less caffeine which is water sucker, more fruits and vege. Yeah yeah yeahh...

My friend is getting married. Two in fact, during this weekend. I was torn which one to attend. Finally, I made up my mind. I will attend Diana's at Malacca, for her solemnization. And Ainul's for her reception, which I will be giving a speech. Fair eh? Happy Kawin Kawin dearies! Goodbyeeeeee singlehood!

Since I attended Safety Day event last Tuesday, my mind became quite alert about safety issues. I used to mock and detest everytime Papa said, "Wear your seatbelts, don't wait until you got flagged down by the traffic police!." We children always thought Papa being Mr Goody Two Shoes about it, since police were usually busy manning the traffic they didn't even realized we were not wearing seat belts! But thinking back, he was working as Safety and Health Officer. It became his second nature to be very alert about all these. Not just over reacting. Working in this O&G industry, I realized, they are SUPER concerned about health and safety issues. A rare occurence in my previous offices. Now that I had a rude awakening from the long video presentation "Remember Charlie"-about a guy who got burned 45% of his body. He said, a mistake he made for not following the safety rules at work, became a lifetime regret. One stupid mistake! All the while before that, he always thought "It's not going to happen to me" everytime he was being reminded in daily briefings. So now, I don't feel easy not wearing the seatbelts while driving!( Skema la pulak aku!)

Okay guys, worry not. Just be aware in everything you do. As the saying says, "No human is perfect." But all that we can do is, be as perfect as possible. So that we will not say "If only..." once something bad happens. Regrets will only dampen your spirit.Take care!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need an Earphone to Listen to Lady Gaga Singing!PRONTO!

I guess my eardrums are loving me these days, yeah!

The only time i'm listening to somethings else than the sound of keyboard typing and phone ringings, is outside working hours. I think I need to buy an earphone ASAP. I keep on forgetting everytime I went to the mall. Or can I request it along with my other birthday wishlist?

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh now you know how old I am. Geez, I'm not they type who's scared with the age!Its just numbers to me:)

-New Laptop-
-Shopping Vouchers!(Jusco, La Senza, Topshop, etc)-
-Earphone(P.S PINK colour pls!)-
-A wristwatch-
-A green coloured handbag-
-A black coloured dinner bag/clutch-
-A pretty red/chocolate colour belt-
-Makeup palettes(lip pallettes,eyeshadow pallettes,etc)-
-Pretty tops-
-Unique items..what?!!-

See, its easy to find presents for girls aite? What's more, I am no Paris Hilton.
Any price will do. As long as you are sincere:)

P.S Will I ever get any of it? Oh you cutie pie, lavish me will ya?

Monday, June 7, 2010

What If Someone is YOU?

I spent my Sunday, communicating with the owner of a FB profile that impersonates my BIL and sis. I am not going to deliberate the situation and the reasons.But then, its intriguing to think that someone would actually take time, energy and emotions to do all that.

I knew few other souls who unfortunately got the same situations. People would actually think its them, friends will spill their secrets, invite them to events and such.Sometimes, sexy or rather private pictures was put up. I think if you are a rational and discrete person in real life, why would you put up such pictures for the world to see right?I pray to Allah, that I would never get the same fate. I hope I didn't pissed anyone like that!And if I do, I seek your forgiveness. Spare me from all the trouble to sue you, crazy cyber criminals!

I also think, this criminals actually have Attention Deficit Disorder. Its like they want to be heard, but they don't want to blatantly tell you that. Or maybe some other forms of psychological terms. Well I ain't a psychatrist. I don't have the credibility to diagnose them. But all I know is, their souls were disturbed, and they have problems channeling their anger and frustrations or yearnings. May Allah bless them and makes the world a better place to live in. Amin...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As you can see I changed to a new picture for top bar.

I can't stand being reminded of my lovely Oren everytime I view the previous pic.

But then, do you feel sick to find I am staring and smiling sweetly at you?

He he he....

Give me a break. It's my birthday month!!!
Yes, I am a Cancerian!
Guess, when I was born?
Morning?Noon?Afternoon or Night?
Should I start a giveaway to reward you readers?
Eyh??!...I'm the birthday girl lah!

Still Low??Schweeet!!

I hate the scent of hospital.You know that sanitized scent. Usually made of Dettol vapour. This morning, when I walked into my office lobby, it was all around me.Felt a little bit dizzy, suffocated. We had another case of H1N1 this week. So nurses was stationed at every floor entrance. All must be declared fit before entering the work area, including the visitors. Disease..GO AWAY!

To support health awareness among staffs, the Company organized a health check, from weight to cholestrol level in blood was checked. The most fit person will be given a special prize tomorrow. I'm a confirmed failure. In a positive note, I have a reason to stuffed myself with sweet goodness! My blood sugar level was low, even after I had my breakfast and lunch and three big glass of sweetened drinks. I wonder why? But then, CUPCAKES, CHOCOLATES, CAKES, I come! yeay!