Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been suffering of a throbbing headache since Monday night until now..I can't even talk loud, sneeze or cough without feeling it getting much more intense. I don't know what caused it.
I took some med..but it doesn't go away. Oh Allah, please don't make it worse. But how worse can it be?? Is it just migraine or can it be tumor? God knows. I don't know. I hate to go to the clinic and all. And I' working. I realized I took quite alot of MCs lately due to my back pain checkups. So I gathered my strength. Praying that I won't collapse.

So today...I am in a really calm, non-talkative mode.

Oh my wedding prep is getting haywire.. the orders from Indonesia just arrive.. But we have to pay the custom tax. Damn. 30% from the value. There goes the unexpected cost. Mind you, the vendor posted it through their national courier service a.k.a Pos Laju like in Malaysia. Contrary to International courier service e.g UPS, DHL,etc which has custom tax included and they send the stuffs right to your door. No wonder the delivery service was cheap.. Darn! And you have to pick it up at LCCT yourself, or appoint Pos Malaysia as courier which adds up another RM49++.

My mom just called saying that the 600 cards I printed is not enough. Wut duh? 600=at least 1200 ppl. How many she's inviting...oh oh...I don't want to think.. She's paying. Up to her lahh.. I'll just reorder some.

I havn't picked up my dresses. I worry if I added up few more pounds recently.. But I think NOT kot..puhh puhhhh.....i'allahh.. I think I'll do it in one or two weeks later.

I can't wait 10.10.09.
There's a lists of events to be attended. 2 of my friends are getting hitched. My secondary school, SMKAMH, is having our first big reunion. I' having my first makeover. And there will be relatives open houses ..ALL IN ONE DAY!

okehh..I've got to buzz off...anxiety is not a good thing to my head right now. I need to be calm.
~Toodle doo~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Year 2009 Raya-Part 2

Its the 7th Day of Raya 2009.

Just came back from kampung at Malacca.
I'm still not satisfied.
Still lots of houses to visit.Still have not found the best Biskut Sarang Semut.
Still alot of wedding cards to be sent by hand to close relatives and friends.

I think...i mean I really think my perut is expanding.
On Monday I have personal trainer session at my gym. Must go. Who wants to follow?

I yearn to get creative again. This raya has inspired me alot. I met some cousins who's doing home business. Corporate gifts, biscuits, selling imported goods and such. And they were getting good money. Hearing the stories, burnt up my desire to have my own business. I think I need to plan fast. I think I need to stop kidding myself and face the reality. I need to move on. But I worry alot. Worry of the uncertainty. You know...the money factor. Is it wise to do it full time? On another hand, there's an issue of my future home and workplace locations. Oh Allah, give me the light. Some people said..I have the capability. Really? I need more convincing and of course more money. I still have bills to pay on my own when I get married you know??Should I or shouldn't I?? Another big decision to be made by the end of the year. May Allah bless me.


oh yes.. I've bought the camera..the 505-D. After much consideration. Here's my review.

Nice body.
Very user friendly.
Good performance at daylight especially.
Long battery power.

Bad at low light.(seriously bad)--> Needs editing.
Only uses 2 AAA battery.-->No charging.

Summary: Nice entry level camera.
*pictures will be updated later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Year 2009 Raya-Part 1

This is my notes up to 2nd day 1230pm

Happy Eid Fitri again people. Rite now am still my parents house @ Kajang.

Few unexpected things happened.

1. We missed annual SALAM2 session.

Our house had visitors after Raya prayer. Until noon. And after my sister left for his husband's village at Kelantan, we went busy with my wedding card address writing. We only realized we missed the session when my Bro pointed it out on the way to Superman's house after Maghrib, the first house we visited.Hrmhh... If we do it on other won't be the same.

2. We missed annual visit to Papa's brother's and uncle's house.
Usually after Salam2 session, we would get ready to start our visitations. And usually we visit Wak Man's house first. But well as I've mentioned..we only started visiting after Maghrib. Oh my... I felt incomplete.

3. I didn't eat as much as I wanted to.
Ha ha ha .....unacceptable ha..hahakkss! Well, that was what exactly happened. How ?? Because I wore the newly purchased girdle from Premium Beautiful(PB) from Hai-O. And it was tight but reasonably comfortable. was the most expensive underwear I have ever bought. It better be good! I think it works, coz Superman noticed my streamlined tummy under that new baju kurung. haks. Usually, there's always noticeable bulge of my lower tummy. Hideous! especially when wearing fitting dresses.Yucks!
But I was thinking of getting the SPANX range too. Its cheaper and alternate to PB. Like I can get two SPANX for a price of one girdle from PB.But its not really for slimming down. More to getting a nice body shape. Oh yes...I'm still waiting the full set of my PB(the long bra and corset). Hopefully to get it in a few days. Time's running out before my big day. Its my last resolution after trying to exercise and controlling my food intake doesn't seem to be really successful.Darn..
Thanks Lady Verde's suggestion for the SPANX!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Raya That I Missed

Back then, when I was a really small child, I was very very excited when it comes to Raya festival. Puasa??Not really. Except the bazar Ramadhan foods. It was everyday responsobility for me and Papa to buy cakes for iftar. All that was in my mind, Raya. Why??
Have these:
1. Ang pow a.k.a duit raya
2. Ayam goreng berempah
3. Mercun roket
4. Bunga api Thunder cats
5. Baju Raya(dulu2 mesti ada baju kurung+jeans+tshirts/shirts)
6. Kasut Raya

Those were my personal fav when it comes to Raya. Untill now.

When I grew bigger, somehow the Raya fever became lesser and lesser. I think it all started when I learnt to fast for a full month at the age of 8 years old. I remembered, I ended my fasting at school one day because I was so hungry, and my mom did not speak to me untill the next day. I was so sad and so scared. Alhamdulillah, my parents never thaught me puasa by giving me money for each day I managed to complete my puasa. However, my biggest surprise was when I received a watch from Papa as a present during 'salam2' session with family members.

I love-hate the salam2 session after Raya prayers in the morning.
Its our family ritual every year. What's yours?
Why love?? Because that is the time when I can see each other's 'innocent faces and felt closer to each other than any other time.

Why hate?? Because at that time, my parents allow ourselves to express our dissatisfaction or our views on what is wrong and what is right among ourselves especially about behaviors. And we were thaught to say it precisely, and to whom you are talking about, in a very civilized manner. Yep, usually the truth hurts. You can choose to accept or not. But no bickering. Just listen and analyse.

But its all for the better. We then strive to find solutions and to advise of the best way to change. After that salam2, asking for forgiveness and raya wishes, and hug each other. No pun intended. That's how my family does. To me its beautiful.

I think that is what makes me who I am today. Some people might say I'm a nagging girl or a big complainer. Some might even say my mind loves to see things in a negative way. Personally I think its about being brave enough to talk about uneasy things when most people would let it go or ignore it completely although its clearly wrong/impropriate. I believe, you can't change the world all by yourself, but you should voice out when you can and not be scared. But of course in a proper way. Oh I'm talking seriously pulak. Sorry if I bore you people.

Okay okay back to raya ramblings. Things that I missed.

I miss my kampung at Malacca like how it was.
When my Nenek was still alive. When the well opposite my Nenek's house was used by us, the little cucus to mandi in cold mornings. When there was a mad dog 'guarding' at the timber shop next to her house. And we stupid cucus love to go near him because he will bark non stop but he couldn't go anywhere because he was chained to a pole. Kesian dia. And my nenek will hambat us to go inside whenever we were still playing outside during Maghrib time. When all of my aunties have no problems to sleep in the big house together with each other families. And when everyone was around, we went to Medan Ikan Bakar at Umbai and sit in a long row of tables .And like-age cousins sit together and tackle one big fish just for ourselves. But it all changed when my Nenek passed away when I was in secondary school, our unity factor. Pretty sad really!

I miss the Raya time when I was viewed as a child.
Back then they did not expect of u more except to score As in your UPSR, PMR and SPM. And they love to give you big fat angpows. And sometimes, clothes. And they will ask you things because they really want to know about you. At least that was how I felt. As you grew bigger, they will start to ask more serious issues. And at this working age, some try to gauge how much your income, sometimes blatantly. Come on, its raya time laaa!! And of course you are the one being asked for angpow from tiny tots. hahaha.. the world goes around so fast. I think I havn't enjoyed enough getting angpows! But its a good way to add up your pahala and the joy of giving is unspeakable!

I miss 'Visiting' my school friends.
Visiting lah sangattt!! Actually we wanted to acquire the angpows from their parents! ahahaha. Siap compare okay...bapak siapa bagi banyak sekali.. kalau dapat syiling2 50sen tu mmg kene kutuk abis aaa..haks!

And last but not least...

I miss getting excited of Raya.
True. Takdelah tak excited langsung. Just that its in a different way. Ya..nowadays..comes celebration, comes planning. Comes the budget planning especially. See it gets complicated. Jeez..Now I know what it feels like being the one paying things. When we were younger all was taken care off by Papa and Mummy. Tunjuk je ape nak. Tak dapat, we sulked. Hahah...Kejam tul kat Papa and Mummy. Now, we siblings, have to fork out the preparation for parents house and for our own AND our own houses/families. hahahah. Responsibility bebehh.. I think most of you who's already a working adult would have understand this. Takpelah...just do it out of love not terpaksa. Tak baik beb. Tak berkat. Pahala pon cinonet. Entah2 tak dapat langsung! I think no matter what I do or give to them won't compensate completely all the LOVE and MONEY they spend on me while growing up. Thank you Papa and Mummy. Please live as long as I live. I still need your guidance and care forever.

to readers, be it friends or foe,,

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings.
Heartiest Sorry.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
atas segala keterkasaran bahasa,
sekiranya berlaku kegurisan hati dan kesedihan berpanjangan
dari apa yg telah saya katakan di dalam blog kesayangan saya ini.
Saya hanya manusia biasa yang kadang2 terlalu mengikut perasaan.
Minta maaf sekali lagi..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

This year will be my last Aidil Fitri Celebration as a single girl.
May Allah bless it and becomes one of the best memories in my life.
Same goes to you.
Drive Carefully. Eat Healthy.
And try not to speak nonsense after you have already said Minta Maaf Zahir Batin.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Body Perfect?

Gosh...I still havn't got my desired body.
I don't want to talk about weight..
U see, I just hate numbers. Scary!

Advice me please!

Don't want to talk about exercise.
I need substance.

Ngada2 mode

This morning...i'm back to my mengada2 mode to Superman.
He sulked for 3 days over some issues we spoke and refused to call me wutnot.
Huh..geram je aku...sekali...i think dia sendirik tak tahan..

And he called me yesterday morning.

And at night a message came from him:
My last threat to you:
No cooking no camera raya!
(edited version)

takde hal punye mau masak.
So its really true your man's heart through his tummy.
I havn't cooked for him for ages. Not once during this Ramadhan.
We both was so busy, hardly meeting each other. And i got lazy to cook.
Everytime buka puasa together, we were eating outside and watched movies.

So...the summary of his sulking:
He wants attention. He wants me to feed him.

You Are So
Wuteva lah..

yeyeay! camera raya!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baju Melayu??

Kenapa ek?Superman takmo new Baju Melayu for this raya??
Teruk tau kata nak pakai pink2 sama ngan i :(

Boleh terima ke alasan:
1)Baju raya tahun lepas boleh guna lagi, i pakai sekali je masa pagi raya tu.
2) Tahun ni i ada 3 baju Melayu baru nanti masa kahwin.

Ni raya tau!

Lain la!

I have 3 kurung for raya.
He has none.
Potong mood betul!


Camera Love??

Its gonna be Raya. Its gonna be happening moments. And its gonna be my last raya as a single girl. Insya allah..

But I need a camera to capture the moments.
And my birthday camera Superman gave last year got problem.
The screen shattered during Azea's hen party. And never got replaced. The replacement cost 3/4 the price of the camera. Might as well get a new one aite???
The system is still okay. But I can't see anything on the screen.. So its gonna be like a manual camera zaman dolu2..

So...ermhhh I yearn for a camera WITH SCREEN. For this raya. But I've bought a camera for my hantaran and his which I can only get AFTER raya. How about the raya moments???Let it miss?? Huwaaaaaaa! Hrmhh...

But the camera can still be used.. Just that I hate the broken screen. And it will be a SPLURGE to get a camera now. But how about those cheap2 digital camera??

Or a Lomo??Like these babies:

Pink BBF, RM599.00.
But my hantaran camera is pink jugak.. tapi.......;p
And it comes with leather case+film holder. Stylish. Vintage(fuh2!puas dah puji ni)

AGFA 505-D, RM 400.00
Digital! Ade screen!Ada Zoom!5mp!Nice size!Free 2GB SD Card

Superheadz Nico Digi, RM 300.00
super cute, keychain size,
digital but no screen.


Don't know what is Lomo?
According to,
The whole Lomographic phenomenon started in the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia on 1982. At that time, the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry and his comrade, the Director of the LOMO Russian Arms and Optical Factory, examined a Japanese camera with a sharp glass lens, extremely high light sensitivity and robust casing. Upon realizing the potential of this mini-camera, they gave immediate orders to copy and improve the design with the ultimate goal of producing the largest quantity possible for the pleasure and glory of the Soviet population. It was decided – every respectable Communist should have a LOMO KOMPAKT AUTOMAT of their own. With that, the LOMO LC-A was born!

Gimme some advice.
1)Should I splurge?
2)What camera should I splurge on??

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Still Dreaming

I know everything about my wedding should have been finalized by now. I should just relax and wait for all the orders to arrive and comes the big day...i should just enjoy...

Coz I can't stop looking at new, pretty things. And all that I can say is...
"I wish I could turn back the time and choose these gorgeous colours instead"

pics courtesy of the perfect pallette
and the knot


Crazy Weekend+Painting Madness

1) Deco deco deco!
Last weekend, I devoted myself to my family house at Kajang. The renovation seems only 50% complete. And its gonna be Hari Raya celebration this Sunday. I'm worried and mummy was triple worried with the situation. We can't really clean up. Also moving stuffs back to its original place is still a big No No. The dust is almost everywhere. The most sane places in the house are the kitchen and my parents bedroom.

I felt lucky that I don't live there everyday like my other family members.

So to compensate and stop my mom nagging me everytime i came back home, I finally started painting this and that in my sis's room. Pity her. Her room has never receive a makeover since god knows when. I try to make it so much less clutter and more spacious. And I strived to have a fusion of cool, feminine and chic theme. Completely different from the old look. Oh, its not completed yet coz I took some hefty hours recovering my energy by sleeping midday. eheheheheh... I think the best thing is the wall deco. Wait till I upload the pics.You be the judge!

I wish some godsend designers decided to come to the house to take care of the task, for FREE. Really, It takes alot of time and energy!

2) Wedding prep updates.

53 Days left of my single hood days.

I try not to think so much of the emotional impact of a marriage to a person. It scares me. I still can't shake off the bad stories I heard.

I just pray hard that nothing bad will happen prior to the wedding as well as afterwards.

And me and Supeman can really workout being a legally married couple living under the same roof and understanding and accepting our differences with ease.

And I really2 hope my family and in laws will forever be supportive and tolerate our idiosyncracies whether intentionally or not.

I also hope that we as a person will live to be as our true self till the end.

I just pray hard, that this decision of marrying Superman is really a worthy and the best decision in my life.

Help me Allah, help me angels, help me friends and family to make me only think beautiful things so that there won't be extra wrinkles and acne appearing on my sensitive skin.

Pray for us that we are healthy and calm.

And please also pray that the money will come tumbling down from the sky or appeared under our pillows every morning.
(over laa pulakkk!hehehe) .

AAAAmminnnnnn.....! :)'s the real update:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Want This..this...and That...can ah???

Bloghopping made me found these gems....oh so lovely. I wish I can have it... Can i??

That Shoes with the Big Bow...and The Lovely Light Pink Pionies.

Snapped by a Jose Villa.

An Unconventional Wedding Card

Found at Jessie Claire's not Malaysian. So not Typical Malay Wedding. Lovin' It.
Love being unique.
But its gonna be costly.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


hey ya peeps!! i got to know about this amazing deal from my Watermelon a.k.a diana.
siape takmo pretty kannn??free lak tu!.

go to this link:


here some term and condition that you have to read first

1. this free makeup only valid for makeover, dinner/ prom/ night makeup, and bridal trial makeup only. Wedding and engagement makeup is not applicable.
(dah tak tau nak guna ape...i think bridal trial is nice!)

2. if you are getting married while you enter this giveaway, you are entitle to get 30% off for your wedding and engagement makeup @ petite touch.
(oh yeah..hell yeah i'm getting married soon!)

3. you will get free 1 pair false eyelashes as well!

4. however, this giveaway only completely FREE for klang valley, selangor and PJ area only. For other location, you have to pay a bit just for our transportation and travelling cost.

5. makeover voucher only can be redeem once for 1 person only. you can either redeem to yourself or makeover someone else!

6. this makeover will continue going until i decide to end it.

7. after the makeover, you MUST blog an entry about your makeover session with petite touch and post your makeover picture on your blog and credited to our blog.
(No problemo)

8. petite touch have the right on your makeover picture. we will post out your makeover picture on our blog together with your picture before the makeover (before and after format). Your makeover picture will be compiled in our portfolio gallery.
(femes mak noks!!)

tak sabarnye!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


1. Last night, I went to Bak Tailor at Wisma Yakin, Jalan TAR to pick up my Berinai dress and Raya dress. It was nice. But that's not the story. Its about two brothers who came to pick up their baju melayu at the tailor. They seem handsome enough to look at. Sort of elite caste based on their appearance. So, yesterday was the promised date from the tailor. When they tried up the dresses, they need some alterations. Here's the conversation:

Tailor(T): Bang, this alterations would be done within a week. I'm sorry its puasa month, busy month so we cannot make it earlier.
Big Brother(BB): What??No have to make it ready by tomorrow.(dengan muka bengang)
T: Bang, betul bang, semua kene ikut queue. Kang kalau saya jump kang, customer lain pulak tak dapat ambil order diorg.Sorry sangat. Lagipon raya will be at the end of next week kan??Sempat...
BB: Mmg tak sempat.. FUCK YOU la...ko jangan main2 dengan aku! Aku nak guna 9hb ni.
Assistant Tailor(AT): Sabar bang...sabar...
BB: Ape sabar2?Ape punya service lah!

and then there's another guy customer(GC) joined in the commotion.. But mmg bijak lah ayat dia-->

GC: You nak pergi mana nak kene cepat?? Nak pergi German ke???(Ape kaitan German tah?)
BB: Tak..saya nak pergi Mekah lusa.
GC:Mekah?Ha..elok la tu perangai nak pegi Mekah macam ni. Bulan Ramadhan ni kene banyak bersabar bang.
BB: His mouth went agape..cheeks flushing red..and stomping out of the shop while everyone was watching, scrutinizing his every move. And the not so lil bro tagged along behind him.

Gila kan?
...I was thinking, why is it hard for him to reason out. The tailor then said to me..."La mana la kita tahu dia nk guna 9hb, hari tu masa tempah tak cakap pon., just bagitahu nak ambik time puasa. Tak penah la jumpa customer macam tu punya kurang ajar. Dah ni...dia kuar tadi tak bayar pon lagi..I nak call dia pon takda hati. Sakit hati je...." Pity her.

2. I reserved a bag, at Kate Spade last weekend, the same day I went to Bimba & Lola sale at the Garden Midvalley. At that time I was contemplating whether to buy it or not. Its for my hantaran. I fell in love with the fuchsia pink AND the big bow.

the pretty Beauville Gabi. kate spade

But then, on last Sunday, the SA called me up. I taught she just want to remind me about the reservation as it lasts for a week. Whereas, I'm still contemplating. But she told me, that they just got a memo that the lining of the bag was made of pigskin. And I was so relieved that I didn't buy there and then. Its just not meant for me. Come to think of it, I fell in love with pigskin merchandise twice on the same day!!!!! Hell! Teruk aaa diorg ni!!!Bakper la mu jual hok kulit babi tu kat Malaysia negare Islam nehhhhhhhhhh???????Persatuan Pengguna Islam, pls fight for it!

Do you know anywhere else I can get something2 like this??Minus the pigskin.hhuhhuhu!

Monday, September 7, 2009

2 MONTHS!!!!!

oh no i'm not preggie!

Just 2 months from now, will be THE DAY!

Good bye singlehood.
I will miss you forever.

Hello marriage.
I'm scared of you, really. But I want to know you better.
With Superman by my side, of course.
I can't do it alone.

Superman..are you ready? Superman, are u sure??
Superman..I LOVE YOU:)

Feels Like Puke! Smells Like Puke!

Okay.. this is very sensitive
Gonna write like a poetic rut.
Sorry to those who feels that my words are too damn sensitive.
Coz, I'm really2 mad right now.

I hate to say I like what you said,
I hate to see you act like you are the angel,
and as if we the 'dirtied' souls accusing u for being the devil,
I never want to conform with your tangled mind,
who never knows where to bend and where to be straight,
I never think that you are such an idiot because you are so high up there,
Why u always never being able to be compassionate and sympathetic as well as logic,
Even if you manage to be one of it you brag,
like no one would understand the beautiful deed you just did.
I wonder where your mind and heart, seems like its completely in two different bodies.
But sometimes, you being what you are,
with no doubt,
you are idiot,
you are shitty.
Thanks for being that kind of creature,
coz without you,
I would never think of you,
Feels Like Puke! Smells Like Puke!
What the hell you are trying to prove??

>Wake up and change. Don't make me curse you everyday. Its just Monday.<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

7.11.09 PREPARATION CHECKLIST (updated:21/10/09)


only d bride's side:)


1. Date: 7.11.09
2. Time: 8pm
3. Venue:Home@Kajang
4. Book Canopy+Dais Decorator: QAS Tent & Event Sdn Bhd
5. Book Florist+House deco:the wedding projects/mekar bunga deco
6: Book Makeup:madam hana
7. Book pre-wedding photographer-ofilia(my x housemate now working at
8. Pre-wedding photography session-31.08.09
9. nikah+receptions photographers-avicennastudio
10. receptions videographers-avicennastudio
11. book nikah videographers-preetypeektures
11. order nikah+bride side's reception dresses-dzull classique,kajang
12. picked up berinai bride's side dress- Bak Tailor
13. buy nikah veil-ampang point
14. buy nikah scarves-Jln Tar
15. buy wedding shoes-stuartz weitzman, klcc and Guess
16. ordered wedding gown+veil for groom's side reception-nisa mazbar
17. ordered guest wedding gifts-Jakarta and Nilai
18. ordered wedding card-Dee Gallery Card
19. buy dulang hantaran-Nilai
20. buy barang hantaran from him to me(we buy our own and xchange later)-completed 3/7
21. Book Jurunikah-
22. Order reception dresses for family-Jakarta
23. Booked cake for reception-Ellie -->thanks Ayang
24. Booked singers-My officemates.XOXO!
25. Booked pengapits- Cik Hana & Cik Mas
26. Decided cupcake motifs and colour-free gift from florist
27. Final proof reading of wedding card
28. Book kompang group-mum/papa, kompang budak taman
29. Book AV system-QAS Tent and Event Sdn Bhd
30. Collected wedding card-yeay!!!!!!!!!, awesome.
31. Submited nikah appl forms- dah dapat approval!! yeay!!
32. Decided cupcake motifs and colour-for hantaran, sponsored by Cik Mas,TQ
33. Distributed cards-50% settled especially friends and neighbours
34. Bunga Paha-bought pink, some whites,sponsored by Yashma, TQ
35. Sent all dresses fabrics for bridesmaids and man of honour.
36. Buy alas dulang + deco-sendiri buat hantaran, buat portfolio bisnes(nk tempah tuk nxt year boleh lah kepada bakal2 pengantin+bertunang), just starting
37. Bunga manggar-40pcs
38. Finalize guest lists-Finally!
39. Finalize reception cake design-Ellie canceled.Changed to Lynn of myhadiah


1. VIP gifts-what??!shits..havn't decided or even searching!Mummy!!!!
2. Background songs List-Cool songs found..yeay! Havn't burned into CD, will do by this week
3. Songs choice for singers-Needs 5 songs for about 30 mins show during bersantap.
4. Pre-wedding spa sessions- Tini's Spa (lagi 3 sessions), cancelled last week's..bile tah nak reschedule!
5. Fitting & Collect baju from Dzull Classique- Final fitting belum lagi..
6. Final Fitting & Collect baju from Nisa Mazbar-Final fitting belum lagi..
7. Trial Makeup-1.11.09,Sunday
8. Slideshow for reception-sendiri buat, dah dapat pre-wedding shots, still havn't got time to create!
10. Wall decos-havn't printed out the selected pics.
11. Bridal room deco- sendiri buat!
12. House cleaning up+ rearrangements+redecorate-Arghh...stupid contractor!Works just resumed this week.
13. Decide on Honeymoon trip-ade ker???still deciding..
14. Task List for crews- Argh argh arghhh!!
15. Itinerary-Roughly, but havn't pen down by minutes.
16. Family meetings

17. Prepare 250pcs DIY paperbag from vintage batik wrapping paper for nikah-another 150 to go!
18. Filling in gift containers with only be done on Thursday & Friday,5th-6th.Nov


Oh..I just realized I never really let out the exact date that I'm getting married.


yeps..pls save the date.
I never put a ticker in my blog coz..
it makes me more nervous than I already am.
And its a reminder that my days as a single girl is depreciating.
I pray that my life will not be doomed with the title Mrs.
I pray it enhances my life to a greater heights.
Pray for me pls.
Married girls advise me pls on things that I SHOULD do before I'm getting married.
I don't want to look back and says 'I wish I did ..this&that'


Ih..... gerammmm!....

This is cerite basi..but suddenly I remembered it all back.
Hrmh..remember I went to Jakarta recently to settle my wedding prep thingy?
I hired a card designer. Well its not exactly cheap..But it was a different kind of designing..
Well, that was based on the card display that I chose. It was pretty.
And I had my fantasy..

And I prepared the wordings+map files in illustrator already. All that she needed to do was to
paste it and design the card la..put in the motiffs and prepare the final files for printing.
Well ini lah bahananya when a designer is another designer's client.
I was a graphic designer. And I was very2 fast. Yala...Ask anyone working as designers..the life was full of datelines. But I also did it with quality.
What makes you a good designer??-Listen carefully to your client needs.
She didn't. And the design? Gila bodoh.. I mean seious bodoh!!!!

She changed the wordings. Konon nak fit the space. But it was clumsy.. It was not neat...and it changed altogether the meaning!
So, being a nice client I was, I retyped again, with lesser words..which..demi Allah will leave alot of space..and I sacrificed some wordings that was originally needed.
Again, she didn't follow my instruction. She played me up. As if I don't know anything about printing and card making technicalities. For godsake, my card was just printing. No emboss. No letterpress. No hot stamping treatments! Therefore, the wordings or the design can be customized ikut suka as long as it doesn't affect the space. Easy as that.
Oh and she said its because she followed the Indonesian style of wordings. F her! Since when lak macam tu. It all can be customized la. Ass!

Imagine...2 weeks went by...and the draft was not even finalized. I finally burst out. Emailed her that I'm terminating her service last Saturday morning. And after all the days we've been communicating, she suddenly decided that it was time we turn on our messenger machine a.k.a YM 'speed up the communication', after my angry email.

What makes me so angry at the moment?? Because I saw her card. Because there's the word 'Card Specialist'. Because she was not. And conned me. And made me pay her deposit. Now i wasted RM200.00++.

In the end I ordered here in Malaysia. Just wait how this one turns out. May Allah bless me:(

Its Just Words...Really?

Yesterday, my brother said sth like this:
Kenape tak 'H'-Satu-'N'-Satu??
Kata nak applaud Bahasa Melayu..
But then its still in English even in formal Malay pronounciation...wierd ahh???Baik Selsema Babi..

And I was like...did puasa and lack of food in the middle of the day, made him being critical??
Tapi...betul jugak kannnn??


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I dreamt that I don't want to open my fasting.

Biar betul!!

Tapi itu mimpi selepas subuh.. Leh pakai ke?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happening Hols+Sleepy Eyes in the Morning.

Yesterday afternoon, around 4:30pm, was my awaited pre wedding photoshoot.
TQ, XOXO to my peeps who managed to come and fill up the empty space in the frames:)
It was a really funny, absurd, awkward, romantic moments.
The Diva and Kings of us made the appearance within the hour.
Hopefully, its was all translated beautifully in the pics.
When we wrapped up, we were totally tired, famished and just want food. A real nice one.

Headed up to Cawan, Bangsar. Too bad, they didn't want to prepare the tables nicely for the 12 of us.
But when we said we wanted to check out other restaurants, suddenly, they frantically rearrange the tables...WTF kan??Lazy...banyak alasan!
We then went up to the balcony of the newly renovated Madam Kwan, and ordered sumptuous foods. After we finished the food, we were all melepek...perut sudah penuh SANGAT woo!

p/s: 2 kali dah p Madam Kwan minggu ni!Cik Mas ade dua2 kali.haha.
Cam belangkas lak kitorg ni.

So I went to check the Bimba & Lola sale. LianaMazlan cakap semua 50%. Mak datok!!
Tapi, when I arrived, I couldn't find anything captivating. Except the shoes.
Tak boleh...I need a bag je!!Nanti Superman bising lak.
Cemane ni???
OOps...tersuka sesuatu.. A shoes..sangat suka.. tried it on..the display..
my size pulak tu(sangat rare ok!)..Tiba2....

Salesman: Kak, itu pig skin shoes la..
Me: hah???!Alamakk..tak perasan the label la...Siyes, tak sedar..
Salesman: Takpe, kalau kulit kita kering takpe.. jangan kulit tgh lembab..
bersentuh of course kene samak.
Me: Cis..!!!!Nasib kulit tengah kering!

Can Malaysian retailers please DO NOT SELL ANY PIG SKIN ITEMS???
Dahla frust tak dapat beg raya.
Terpakai pig skin shoes.

Today..I am really2 sleepy.
I dreamt of wierd+scary things.
Maybe because I watched Sarjan Hassan movie before falling asleep.
I woke up at 2am, with my legs trembling.
Takmo tengok cerite Sarjan Hassan lagi!
Happy Independence Day!