Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shopaholic Ain't Changing Yeah!

It's a lovely Saturday morning. I have acquired myself a new COACH bag without leaving the home and my pyjama. All thanks to Yashma!(oi..aku hampir makan megi oiii!). I decided not to visit her page anymore until my no-shopping mode is intact. Oh my god! Next month the sale will be much more crazier due to Christmas. Its time for skincare and makeup shopping. This is the time where all those special pallettes comes in. stock's finishing. Good enough reason to splurge NECESSARILY!

Superman's watching his favourite movie-P.Ramlee's "Di Belakang Tabir". I kindof like this movie. The era is very cool. That's when the retro elements made the appearance. And man...they have A&W with dance floor! Superman's an avid fan of P.Ramlee, whereas  I had never watch any of his movies from start to end. Does this make me a bad Malaysian? Ha ha.

I am scratching my head on how to save more for the March trip. Girls only 1-week-adventure at a very foreign land. It's suppose to be an inexpensive trip. But being the Shopaholic I am, I need to have the extras. You know, just in case :) Since Superman's not joining, I am just scared to ask him to pitch in a little bit. Seems unfair too..But........darling..ehhehehe!:) Love you no matter what. Really:) 

The sun's rising but I haven't stared the laundry. Gotta go y'all!

Housewife Mode : ON!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neverending Land

Taking 10 minutes break. It's 7:15pm. Am at office. Superman's outstation. No reason to go back so early. No one to hug and have chocolate shake with. Hrmh..

I have a good news! I have a new cat! Not at my own home though. Besides the fact that my condo is pet free zone, Superman won't allow any fury animals to come into the house. Jeez! When he will ever allow? So, this little kitten named Junior. She reminded me of Oren because she is orange in colour too! Very tiny. But, her eyes is so round and big, like Pussy in the Boots in Shrek movie. Actually my mom found her in front of the house on last Saturday afternoon. We couldn't locate the owner or the mama cat. God sent!! Message to Oren, wherever you are: "Were you the one who dropped us this cute little creature?? I'm missing you so much! I remember you every single day. Sometimes I still cried a little remembering the last days you were in my house. Where are you?"

It is really crazy at work these days. I felt like my tasks were neverending. And although I went back very late daily,seriously,daily, I still could not finish everything. I hate to go back home knowing this and that was not completed. I'll keep thinking about it throught the night. Sometimes, when I'm about to doze off, I remembered something, and the sleepy eyes became wide open. And the next day, new tasks came in like...woosh!!!Pap!Landed in my inbox tut tut tut! Overwhelming! I couldn't remember when was the last time I felt everything was really in order. Somehow, I think this really challenge my planning ability to the max! I took on extra project as the planner, which I love. My highlight of the year. An event which will happen in December. For about 200 people of my project team. Not that I am complaining. But well, I am only a human, with two hands,working 5 days a week, more than 8 hours daily, no assistant/secretary, because I AM a secretary. Got it? What the hell, I planned my own wedding aite?? At least 1200 people attended. But well, pressure is on since this is about W.O.R.K! Lots of people to prove my worth. Ha ha.. *naseb ko la Mariam, siape suruh rajin sangat??*

Okay, ladies and gentleman, back to work!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Issues..yes I HAVE!

Ok, my happy time was quite brief these days. And during those brief moments I was not in the mood of writing. I know I have promised you happy stories after the last entry.

But I don't know, my hands dance faster when I am not in a good mood. I guess you now already know that I am not in a good mood right now.

Depressed? Oh please....I hate the word.

At work, I am in the midst of something big. At least that's how I view it. I'm organizing a big event for the team. I'm so happy that my boss trusted me on this, but at the same time it gave so much headache and heartache. Its really hard to satisfy every one. And even if you don't mean to tick anyone, some souls just won't settle until I follow their wants. Or rather not becoming so good at what I do. Is it wrong not to feel content and challenge yourself to become a better person? Oh dear Allah, please guide me to a better path, give me strength to complete this with all the madness surrounding me. The saying "It's lonelier when you are at the top" seems so true.

*Is this me or my pre-menstrual talking?*

Other parts of my life, hrmh..alot of negative dramas too. From family to marriage.Jeez, I sound like a drama queen. But really friends, I wonder why it must came to me at this very moment? Can't they come one by one? Or sparingly? Its a wonder how I could sustain my sanity. Not having any drama in your life is truly a boring life. I don't want that too!

Right now, I just feel like diving deep down into my swimming pool. Imagining that I'm looking at corals and colourful fishes. I can't wait to get away, away at least for awhile.

*Reality check: I am now at my office. Taking 10 minutes break. Its 7:07pm. Not sure when the day will end.*

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ain't A Good Thing

There's so much going on in my life. But nothing is news worthy at the moment. If I write..its going to be a cocktail of sombre+annoying+sad+negative vibes. Which is not really good for you lovely readers.

And hell yeah I don't want to be remembered as

Till I'm back to my cheery happy mode, take care peeps!

Monday, October 4, 2010

How to be Nice but Not Too Nice?

~Pat your friend's back and smile while telling her she's good for nothing~

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hate Surprises Except If its A Nice 'It' Bag!

3:10am. I'm wide awake.Thanks to the rude shock in the middle of the night. 

I fucking hated it.
Full Stop!