Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today is the fifth day my mum was admitted to hospital. No I don't know what's her real disease until today. It sucks waiting. Much worst for the patient 17. she is patient 17. Yesterday it was patient 24..or something. Apparently she's in high risk group so they transfered her into special care unit..Good. Only 4 beds inside the ward. Less crowd, a sink by the bed, and we have 2 plugs available for me to charge my BB and laptop. No really is not really really good news... as it marks her actual stage. Because of that someone has to be there all the time. I'm doing my turn now...graveyard shift. Its ok. At least no chaos with the patients old patients..moving all around like in daytime.

Working life-I don't do overtime at all this week. It was really a small change that means alot-I managed to reach home before dark! How cool is that? It me. :)

Forgive me for I have sinned- I spent RM450 buying 3 bags and a pair of cute patent blush pink heels at Charles & Keith during break today. Love-hate relationship with Fridays since it gave way too much time to indulge..and dig a big hole inside my tiny pocket! The word 'SALE' is really 'berhantu'. Another love-hate thing in my list. I wonder why? 
Was it because of the word-SALE? 
Was it because I have money to spent? 
Was it because the excitement of buying something?
Was it because Christmas sale always bring best stuffs on the display shelves and makes me swoon with delight?
Was it because I won't sleep in peace if I don't acquire them?
Was it because it just doesn't make sense to go to Midvalley all the way from Sg Besi and brave an hour-long jam due to everybody-received-their-paycheck -and-crazy-shopping-like-me crowd, almost none parking space, and bought nothing in the end? 
Or was it as a substitute for knowing that I won't be able to have my normal leisure outing during this weekend or after working hours next week , since I have to be in the hospital for my mum? 
Maybe its a harsh mixture of all those? 
Maybe :)  But I don't regret
Tomorrow, I'm getting my Coach bag posted by Yashma. Thanks girl!!!

Maybe, it's just a happy thing to do during this sad and stressful period.
Maybe, I just love to shop. Full stop!

ps. I hate needles. I hate medically inflicted pain. I must be healthy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time Kills Me

Today, I made a vow to become a housewife, for at least half of Sunday. Last night my MIL and SIL came and they left with Superman before lunch. I promised myself to finish folding the washed clothes. A BIG mountain of them. The worst of household chores for me which I always delay until end of the week. In one hour, I finished everything!

I waited and waited watching the TV,Tweeted,FB-ing. God, the clock ticked real slow!! Proven, I can't leave my fast phase, nerve-wrecking life. The feeling of waiting is worse.

On another story, my boss announced on Friday that he's leaving the project, and going for semi-retirement by end of the year. I was feeling shitty. Really shitty. The prospect of working with the future boss is really downing. I am not quite sure how I would handle him and even myself then. This is the first time I am having boss-changing experience, within the same post. Its not even a year. What's worst, he is the best boss to me personally, and to all those on the project team. I believed that I was in a really good track. I could actually see my short term future there. With this, I am not sure. Having a bad boss is worst than having a bad job, based on my own experience. However, I am trying to think and FEEL positive about this. Maybe he's not as bad as what was gossiped.

Superman just called, he fell from his bike. Gotta fetch him at his office. Brake faulty it seemed. Oh no!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Love At Its Best!

Let me tell you in bullet points:
1) I LOVE Long Weekend. Friday was Deepavali. So it became a public holiday. I spent most of my Friday around Shah Alam and Klang with my in laws.. For the first time, I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Wahhh not bad! You see its one of Selangor's district that I am not familiar with. Always imagined it as a cowboy town!

2) I LOVE Saturday, always! i Twitted that it was my last day of singlehood last year. Yeah it was! What I remembered the most was chaos! I was not even feeling jittery or nervous about getting married the next day. So as pre-anniversary, Superman and me went to Pavilion with cik Mas, to have dinner at TGIF and watched Megamind. God, I hate Pavilion, no I hate the crowd. It was full of street punks!And at the same time it was MIFA runway show or something which brought fine people and fashionistas smack in the centre. Rojak atmosphere. Isn't Pavilion supposed to be a relaxed place? And there was a young girl who got slapped by her BF, maybe, and those street punks was like bees attracted to honey, followed all the way from the spot she got slapped to the mobile police van at the outside. Phew! What a scene!

And my mission to check out UNIQLO at the new mall, Fahrenheit opposite Pavilion was halted due to overcrowding. Guess what, at 7pm, they stopped the queue!

I noticed that more and more young people (I mean really young, school-going children or college students) wearing thousand ringgit bags and shopped at the high-street brands. You know, rm150 for a plain white t-shirt! with a small logo?! Its cool to see we Malaysians becoming more fashionable and people can afford buying all this expensive luxuries. But then, is it really appropriate for such young people to be indulging in such extravagance, with no income of their own? Of course you may say ,well, maybe their parents has bottomless bank accounts! But then, really, appropriate???? Well maybe because I was brought up in a full house of 5 children by not-bottomless-bank account-owners parents, this ringgit sense kept knocking my head.The most that I could get to shop was at Sogo or Jusco. In another hand I was living in Kajang, a real suburban-in-a-kampung-way, so I was a late bloomer in terms of branded shopping scene. Probably if I was born and bred in the heart of KL, I might become one of them(IF my parents could afford though!). It's a blessing in disguise for my parents pockets, based on my sense of shopping these days!hahaha! :) I wonder whether my future kids will be as privileged as these youngsters..hrmhhhh...

3) I LOVE Sunday only if it was 7.11.10! We were officially married for 1 year! Clap clap! Love you Superman. No more words can describe what I feel about you. Unspoken!
What did we have for the celebration? Let me try to remember. mom cooked a big Tilapia for lunch which caused me to fell asleep afterwards. In the end we went out from home at 4pm. We drove to Superman's office to fetch his bike. We went back home separately. I had my hair cut,finally! And we had dinner at...get this, mamak! Har har har! Nothing really special. But having him still in my life is special enough.

4) I LOVE not having to work on Monday. After checking out Midvalley, I went to Pavilion alone while Superman went to his office. Since it was before lunch by then, I managed to check out UNIQLO. Frustrated. God, it must be the ad hype.Nothing really impressive to my eyes. Just decent. And weird. Who the hell wants to wear jackets in the humid weather of Malaysia, especially in the middle of KL city??! Could be of the Fall season. They are selling so much variety of fleece jackets. And they aren't really cheap for its Normal price. That's why people went crazy now that they have launching discounts! 
One thing I am not loving today is, Superman said he wanted me to slim down to size M! Like when we first met. Guess I was hot back then? Ha ha..gloat..gloat..please! Well I can't say no to this as I myself felt not hot nowadays. Hard to find nice clothes that actually fit me in the right places in most stores. I hate to admit. But I have surpassed the XL size for some cuts.Damn it. Damn who? Damn myself. Arghh!

Till I get myself slimmed down, I won't write another entry..Haha..Yeah right. We'll see ya?! Ciao.