Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I wonder why exactly i kept on having headache before i sleep. Yesterday was the worst. I tried hard to sleep but I couldn't. It was throbbing madly...and when finally I could sleep, I kept on waking after a while. Is this a symptom of brides to be?

Well, these couple of days, I was madly searching for this and that.

First of all. My wedding canopy colour. At first I wanted pink+white. But then I decided not to coz my neighbour who just got married on previous weekend had it for their canopy. Ergh..punah harapan! So i've got to decide for the new theme ASAP before my appointment this weekend to pay the deposit. What colour goes well for night wedding? I want it to look glam+enchanted+lively and so on(positive vibe). My big no no is on red, green, silver, orange, and gold hues. I need 2 colours combination. Help!

Things that I can finally tick off my list:

-makeup-madam hana
-florist+house deco-the wedding projects/mekar bunga deco
-nikah+receptions photographers-avicennastudio
-receptions videographers-avicennastudio
-pre-wedding photographer-ofilia(my x housemate now working at
-nikah+bride side's reception dresses-dzull classique,kajang
-nikah veil-ampang point(tak ingat lak nama kedai)
-wedding shoes-stuartz weitzman, klcc
-canopy+pelamin-QAS tent & event sdn bhd, putrajaya
-wedding gown+veil for groom's side reception-nisa mazbar
(finally i'm announcing her as my dressmaker:))->she's Da Mak Minah Tepi Kedai Pak Ali:))

Heys people ask me not about their quality, as different people may view them differently. I still can't really judge them coz i haven't got to see the final outcome. My decisions for choosing them was purely based on their previous work samples and my INTUITION. So if you want to know how to get in contact with them, just go to their websites or buzz problem:) Of all my vendors, I only knew Ofey and Nisa personally. They are siblings to my friends. Besides the nice price tag, its all about supporting my friends and trust. And one of The Wedding Projects team member, Ms Ninie, is also my friend that I knew from joining a political group, Once Upon A Time Not So Long Ago.heheh. They are really cool people. They might not be famous just yet. But I pray to dear Allah that the rezeki for them will be never ending and they will one day be super famous too. Hopefully, my wedding can be a nice booster for their future plannings. Insya Allah.

I am really excited and nervous to see the outcome. Berdebarnya! Hopefully they are worth every is so expensive when u r so particular like me! I wish I can be a laid back bride.

Other matters are still pending decisions..lots of it. And they are all playing in my mind...jumping with no orderly fashion. Too much things to think.. head's screaming. Can i have another Redang trip now??

Announcement, people!

Indonesian Trip!

Am going to Jakarta-Bandung between 14th-18th August 2009. During my 5D4N stay there, its gonna be a helluva of shopping madness. Yes, of course, mainly about my wedding. Am going to hit the fabrics, tailors, cards, gifts, food stores and of course..ermhh...hahahha... hehehhe...OTHER stores lah...ala...u know...side shopping....:))
So, if anyone, you, or your family, sedaras, friends, boss, company, etc needs sth from there, do buzz me. Perhaps, stuffs for Raya, weddings, gifts for Ramadhan & Raya, kain batik jawa, traditional foods, telekungs, house deco, etc. I will charge just a little portion to cover my transportation+logistic. Kalau ada, pls let me know ASAP before my departure date and explain to me about your budget, ideas, colours, etc in detail (yg plg penting your budget). Insya allah I will bring my lappie to update on my findings while I'm there. So u can still keep in touch with me over the net. Calls+msgs mahal lorh. Ingat ya kawan2...before 14 hb Ogos 2009.

So till later going to force myself to sleep. Its 11pm. daaa!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Tiresome Sunday

Yash's Hen Party...

1) Shang Ri- La Hotel, Room 1204
Theme : Sexy Bitchy

2) Gypsy Bar
Theme : Get the Future Bride Drunk and Serve the Masters' Every Whims.

This is a recap of previous entry "3)SOmething is brewing...something tonight..for Someone Special."

It was a hen party for Ms.Yash who's tying the knot on 1st August, Saturday with his hunkylicious fiance, Mr Johnny. So following the tradition, and masterminded by Mrs Tuna who got married last year, trying to revenge on her own hen party which...Yash was part of the brains. So along with Yash's BFF, Lady D , Ms Hana, Ms Ofey, Me, Ms Anfal & Ms Ida, we painted the town red. We dressed her in a gorgeous black sequinned dress+tiara+'Bachelorette' sash. She completed all 5 dares that she picked from the list I managed to scout last minute before I departed to Shang Ri-La from my Ampang crib. It was hilarious! Yash had to gulped down few glasses before she could have the courage to perform.. You rock girl! And we walked along the road while singing "Pretty Woman" like nobody cares! And oh..I'm still waiting for the paparazi pics to arrive into my hard disk. (ko tunggu Yashma!hahahahah!*gelak jahat*)

Note : I'm out of the country when my time comes ok...thank you.:)

Deco+Furniture Shopping

I think I know what my dream job is..Personal Shopper.

I just love shopping!!! I don't understand why some people despise shopping. I love every minute of it. Minus the traffic jams and hard-to-find parking space especially on the weekends. But tell me we are going shopping...I'm all for it regardless the time and location. The feeling of finding something that you never expect or finally found sth really hard to get or simply getting something new is divine. What more when you have bottomless cash. this case, I haven't got the pleasure yet. Working on it, people! Always, I think I want to have another side income just to support the shopaholic in me. Right now, its all about calculating. My brain will always be a gigantic calculator. One source- my be divided into few channels. Not enough la!!hrmhhh...

eh eh...ape yg aku melalut ni??

On Sunday, hrmh...was a tiresome day. After having a late night partying, I arrived home at 4 sth, hit the sack close to 5 am. At 9, my bro was frantically knocking my door while shouting, "Bangunlah....we must go back to Kajang now. Mummy's furious!". But it took several seconds to register what he was actually saying. I was very2 sleepy+tired. With my sleepy head, I dragged my reluctant body to have a cold shower and get ready in 10 minutes makeup, no perfume, no ironed clothes..just jeans and a tshirt. Wore my glasses on(when I wear my glasses means, my eyes are dry so i cannot wear the lense, or I was plain lazy to pretty myself up). When I reached my cat Oren's already waiting. My sis's n bro's room has been painted. And I got a lil project. Redecorating the rooms. Mummy knows I hate packing and cleaning up. So she said, I should beautify the rooms. Yeay! Means more shopping. So nobody can blame me for spending hours at the shops! I know my sis will hate me for this. hahahahahah!
So within minutes I was on the road again. Hitting the hardware, furniture, fabric and home deco shops around Kajang and Balakong. By 9:30pm, I was a dead meat on the bed and darkened room. Zzzzz.

Today is another Monday. My boss's on leave. But I have another acting boss. So I am not that free. He called me up asking whether I have finished doing the catalogues..damn. Gotta do my job properly before I get sacked. Till later people!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full Weekend...Argh!!

Am gonna write this up in a super duper speed..hop[efully there wil b no typo.

1) I just got a baby..

While i'm writing this..She is looking at me expectantly...nak susu ke???


a brand new laptop lahh!. on friday. Not a BABY/./. when did i got preggie lahg???!

2) I've met my mak minah tepi kedai pak ali dressmaker:)))))

Met her on Friday. Location: Sakei Sushi, PAvilion. We both are sushi addicts. But pity Cik Mas, my maid of honour for groom's side wedding she could only eat prawn tempura.hehe.

ANd...I prAY, HOPE, imagining that my dream dress will be divine. well according to the should be. not revealing the designer just yet..wait till its all done.. 3 weeks time??wah....really??will i be able to drain my fatty tissues just in time?hahahah!

We'll see:)

3)SOmething is brewing...something tonight..for Someone Special.

Owh god! its already 6pm. and I'm still not bathed. Am supposed to b at the venue by 7 pm. ANd there's a list of errands to squeeze in one hour including driving??

Ok. I'm stopping now.. like right now!!!!!!

ciao/.ok ,bye!!!

sup[er fast suiep[r fast bebeh!!super superrrr!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Coming My Way

Yeah baby!

Yeah !



This Friday, a lunch appointment with my dressmaker!:)
Who??? Guess who...

I'm in seventh heaven!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Feeling....

Things became better lately. Everything falls accordingly, well, most part of it. Alhamdulillah!!
I checked my year 2009 reso which i paste up at my work desk.

well, at least, part of it.hehhehehheheh!

Then I realized, its just a reso...nothing more than that..because...there's no there's no rush to do anything. That is why New Year reso never work for me. Maybe i'll just see it 11:59 a.m on 31st December 2009 then:)

Last Saturday...i became the official videographer for my officemate's wedding(erm..more like bidan terjun since she asked me less than one week before the event). My first wedding videography! Once I finish editing them..and submit to the rightful owner, surely I'll post in here. Wait for it! Btw, congrats, to Mrs Giyyah and Mr Kho'i on your marriage. May Allah bless you both and future life. May you both sore to a greater heights and happiness.

My mom's house is getting way kelamkabut than my last visit the week before. Dust all over the floor! Its been such a long time since we had our last renovation. If I am not mistaken it was during my primary. Oren d cat's enjoying the mess the most coz it provides him a great hideaway and playground. I found him climbing the bricks and sniffing the cement. Funny coz he is actually an old cat. Been living with us for almost 10 years now.

Owh god..there's so much things to do at the moment. Gotta focus back on my work. Workstuff+weddingstuff at one time. How meh?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photography and Hantaran Shopping

Until last nite...i always felt annoyed with Superman for his lack of time or actually, inconsistent schedule that in the end i was left mending my heart because of the broken promises and had to run things alone. But alhamdulillah we finally managed to secure a date to finally see our photographer and to start our hantaran shopping. I'm really2 excited. Please darling, don't change the schedule again. I'm getting nervous by day, thinking that there's so many things are incomplete. *Y is it only girls became frantic over things like this, and guys so lepak like he dont care??And we even fessed up over particular colours and that particular detailings of the dresses we want??*

But the thought of shopping....with shopping bags full in my hand...har har..what a sight to be seen!

Lately i've been crazy about perfume. I was never a perfume-holic. Of all fashion investment, I consider perfume as the most expensive, a splurge, as they are not lasting, u can't feel but only to smell, and they depreciates faster than you eyeshadow pallette. Get what I mean?? Damn ringgit sense that's always buzzing in my head. Lol! But since I plan to fill up one of my hantaran trays, I went perfume hunting. Sth classic which I can always get it anytime of the year whenever the bottle finishes. Its summer. So there's alot of flowery, fruity based fragrances on the shelves which was always my number one choice.. It was a hard decision. However...the key to find the right perfume is to understand who you really are and find sth that is pleasant to your nose. Brands doesn't speak you in this quest. So don't target any label. Close your eyes, smell, feel if it resonates you.

And yes..I found sth out of ordinary. And Supeman liked it so much.. he went h***y! wink!

There goes the 2nd tray..I need to find two more items. which i want so badly(there's alot! how can it fit 2 trays???Damn!Can a tray re-constructed into two levels??hey, we should be getting creatively futuristic!ehhe)


Today, I am gonna find shoes for raya celebration. IF i found one. That is. Another quest.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Do I Look?

Hehehehe...Out of Boredom..

But do I look??
(Note: I know I'm a bit fleshier..but just imagine...heheheh:)

Which One to Think First?

1)My wedding updates.
My parent's house in Kajang is in a mess. Renovation is underway. And we pray to dear Lord that it will all be done before Ramadhan. Last Saturday me n Ninie went hunting for floral deco ideas and scarf shopping. My goodness, there was a big frenzy as shoppers enjoying crazy sales all around town..including at Jalan TAR! Alhamdulillah we found all we planned to get. Superman's side still deciding the venue and theme. I get nervous thinking about it because the day's so near and I haven't ordered my gown for his side yet. I need to know the colour and theme to match the look. However, I just have to leave it to their hands. Ultimately its their choice, and I have so much on my plate already. Next, I have to decide on this and that and that too. Crazy!

Ermh..I'm still itching to get a shocking pink shoes. And I found another option. The price is almost the same as the Penelope's shoes. I am not sure whether to spend on that too. I'm torn!

2)My career..Is there is?
Hrm..I think this is not suppose to be the time to worry about my career. I'm getting good salary as it is now. But being a woman, a girl about town and with big dreams, I hate to stay at one spot, one level, monotonous everyday working life for a long time. What is a long time to me? One year. I have passed one year mark 3 months ago. And it seems like I am not going as far as I want until the next mark if I stay in the same company. Help me!!

3) Sleeping disorder
Lately I have been taking sleeping pills for the first time in my life. Its really2 hard to have a deep sleep naturally, even though I was not thinking of anything. I felt so sleepy and tired but when I hit the sack, that feeling was all gone. Frustrating!

I'm feeling numb most of the time. Why? Don't know!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Smile Flower

This flower makes me smile today:)

It is called Anemone
it has a meaning :


What am I expecting today?:)

Not Rosy..Full of Thorns

These few days...i got pissed off alot.

And I cant describe what its all about. Because of the sensitivity of the issue.

I'm damned pissed off, that's all. And I cried alot. When I see touching videos, writings, blogs and songs, my tears easily came off. Its wierd really. I could cry when I was driving, when I am high clubbing, when I am at my workdesk or when I'm having my bath. Am I depressed?

I couldn't function properly at work or even when I'm driving.

But whenever I see my gorgeous wedding shoes and more shoes on Stuartz Weitzman(am a big fan already) display, I could just forget everything for awhile:)

:( :( :(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Modern Bride I Will Be

Took up a test to determine flowers choice at

And I am a Modern Bride. Here's the details:
Bold yet minimal, untraditional with a focused, classy twist—your sensibility is fresh and fashion-forward. An art museum or gallery is your ideal wedding-day hot spot.

Bouquets: Bold and architectural bouquets fit your streamlined sensibility. Clean, sleek bouquets are simply tied. Opt for single-bud arrangements.

Floral Decor: Monochromatic arrangements put the focus on texture and creative design. Trumpet vases with a single bloom say minimalist chic; individual arrangements at each place setting are creative and au courant.

Best Blooms: White daisies, single bud calla lilies, bare-stemmed bouquets, cosmos, tulips, orchids

Favorite Colors: Green, blue, monochromatic

I smiled when it said "..-your sensibility is fresh and fashion-forward."

But of course I won't get married in an art museum or gallery! Gila ape??

However, in Malaysia, roses are very common, widely use, therefore they are cheap. And I've told my florist that I banned roses. Not a petal. I just want to be different. But not necessarily more expensive. There's always other options kan?? So, my dear florist...u just have to be creative ya. I am giving you flexibility to work for the best within my budget. But bear in mind..I am a Bridezilla. Very2 fussy. Har. Har.

I love to see flowers from Europeans/Americans websites..they have so many beautiful flowers. And their wild flowers are much more colourful than ours. I wish I can I afford them. Is there anyone kind enough to sponsor my flowers???Yash??hheheheh:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

What do I really2 want after work today??

1. This pink shoes I found at Shuz in KLCC last weekend.Dreamt of it for a night. Designed for Penelope Cruz. But my mom said NO("Not Practical"). And I felt so sad!:(

2. These cupcakes. It is so TEMPTING!

Pix courtesy of Yash.

I Found Them Shuzzzz!!!!

Hey ya people. Yesterday rocks!!

1) My dear longest time friend, Mrs Azean, since kindergarten has just given birth to a baby girl named, Aina Ruqaiyyah on 29.6.09. Such a cute baby:)

Welcome to the world Ms Aina:)

Me playing mum for a..erm..5 minutes..huhhu!
(with fluttering heart!Anak orang fragile pulak!)

2)Engagement of Ms Ainul Azurah-my primary school buddy.She's so lovely. And it took my breath away seeing her in that beautiful white dress with pinks and green embroidery..just look at her..

She's gonna be a damn beautiful bride..Congrats Ainul!

2) I got my shoes ...MY WEDDING SHOES people! Here they are..tadaaaaa!!!:)

They are for my solemnization and my side's reception.

This is for Hantaran from him to me.

Sorry people can't show off the actual thing just yet. Hilang seri pulak nanti.heeheheh!;p boss is on holiday till tomorrow. What should I do to kill off the time eh??

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shoes Hunt

Yesterday, after work, Superman picked me up from work as we planned to go to Fitness First KLCC. It's been a month plus since the last time I went to d gym due to health reason. So I need to de-freeze my membership. Seriously, my buttock has turned into such a big mass of fats(luckily it is pert and roundish. Please, I cant face having a sagging butt!). But we scrapped d plan n detoured to Pavilion as Superman wanted to c Transformers movie(our favourite cinema-GSC Pav) and to eat Sakei Sushi. Furthermore, Cik Mas wanted to meet us before continuing her journey back home at Shah Alam(it was Friday, the traffic is crazy until after 8pm).

Turned out, we only had sushi and decided to postponed watching the movie as it was full house!!! Then, apa lagi??Shopping time lahh!It was suppose to be just for Cik Mas and Superman only since i was flat broke after my holiday at Redang last weekend and Batik Terengganu shopping spree.har har. Again..shopaholic will always b a shopaholic. Guess what? I went wedding shoes hunting!yeayyyyy!Cannot tahan maa...;)

Frustrated. Couldn't find a sensible, comfortable, gorgeous shoes that matched my wedding dresses because of one big stumble block-my size 9.5 feet! 3 hours of touring and burning foot, i failed which added up to my tiredness.Went back home and slept like a baby.

Today, after my massage session by a kakak(arranged by Cik Giyyah) was canceled because of miscommunication, I went to KLCC with my bro, Abg Aie. He wanted to find some clothes and pants, whereas I continued my bear hunting..ehh wedding shoe hunting!hehe!

Again, with burning foot and hours of touring which cost us RM13 parking fee, I finally found my shoe heaven!teng teng teng!!!!!!!oops, I m not revealing the boutique just yet since I havn't purchase them. Still thinking. Will come back tomorrow. Last day of their sale. No worries, they have my size!!!!!! And there's not many people with my size!! Am gonna dream them tonight. Lalalala.

Okay off to pavilion(its 8pm) for another shopping spree with Abg Aie. Later dudes!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Things I Missed Right Now..Alot

My cat OREN
He always came to me for manja2 after having his bath in
cold weekend afternoons.

When he was younger and was a very2 good kid:)
He is still a good kid. But already with his own mind
Got what I mean?

My Old Self
Long haired, skinnier 20kgs lighter...
and I looked good in pictures from every angle

Our old self(After Engaged)
Life was much less complicated then.

Our Old Self(Before Engage)
Love is everything, no fights, no frills,
all was so blessed, cheerful,
and we are at least 15kgs thinner.
Where the hell these two lovebirds
went and have become???

I miss your old self Superman.
And what's important is

I am 26 y/o+1 week

Today I am officially 26 y/o+1 week. And last night was a blast. The birthday party for my dear best friend, Cik Hana!!!!!.. Congratulations dear. I heard someone received an 'R' necklace. R-reserved?R....h?? har har.. wuteva it rock baby!We, Cancerians:)

Here's some to Ms Watermelon.thank u babe:) (seriously i need to get a new cam..precious moments left unremembered..sangat sedey!DSLR DSLR DSLR!!!!)

Cik Hana d bday girl!

Its a Birthday cake!yeay!



Me|Mrs Tuna

Ms Watermelon|Yash|Me|Cik Hana|Mrs Tuna


Mrs Tuna|Cik Hana|Wawa|Me


Mrs Tuna|Me|Ms Watermelon|Cik Hana

Yash|Mr Johnny-->soon to be married!

The Girls n Uesman!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It Is New...Maybe..

I just cant stop writing.

To my new readers..welcome to my new world.

To my avid readers of my previous blog...thank you for still wanting to read my ramblings. It touched me how much u all love my 'worth nothing' blah blah..and yes..sorry for abruptly ending it. There's hidden, sensitive story that i can't and doesn't have the heart to recall. Its a pain in the ass u may say:)

Anyways.. cheer up people.

I promised myself and to my dear love ones...this time around..i'll inject more positive energy and perhaps no negativity at all(if only i'm not human..lalalalala!).

Tomorrow I'll write more n more n more.. Today..I'm just soaking the happiness that I finally decided to start this takes alot of courage and mind boggling issues to deal with. Welcome to another new beginning of my life story!