Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Will Not Be Perfect, but Close to It

Remember my debt repayment planning I mentioned not so long ago?

Its really hard to kick off the habit of buying stuffs impulsively. Yes I am an impulse buyer. Some stuffs that I bought ended up collecting dusts.

But I think I have learned enough.

And today, I found my mentor/motivation guru.Clck this link.
Luckily I have no kids and house to pay.

Hope it will help you too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Am I Not Thankful Enough?

Is it wrong to say that you are bored with your life or work and you want something much more challenging or yearn better things in life? Does expressing your feelings mean you are not grateful?

I wonder?

Or should you choose between feeling content and not ask for more unless being given the 'rezeki' OR striving hard to create a better future using your sheer hard work and good brains+luck?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Really Inspired

HELLOOOOOO!!!!!! Selamat Hari Raya!! Do you notice anything different about me?
Blog hopping is a bliss. Peeking into other people's lives. I get lost absorbing the informations and their drama.. and for awhile its not all about me.

Its Malaysia Day today. I love it because its a public holiday, in the middle of the week. Tomorrow I took another day off my Annual Leave allocation. Damn, until April 2010, I only have 11 days balance.

Lately, I have started looking for a greener field out of the country. Just in case my contract is not renewed by early 2012. I get jealous+hopeful when I heard that some of my buddies are working abroad. And most of them are professionals like engineers and consultants. I wonder whether secretarial job will take me anywhere? Perhaps I have to take up a pro course with MAICSA and become a Company Secretary instead. Hell, that's a very serious job! Suit-up girl!

I know, nothing beats Malaysia coz I am so used to this beautiful country and its culture. But then again, I want to know. Satisfying my curiosity or rather adding up to my life experience by living and working in another country. Plus, currently working with lots of expats, it made me yearning of the perks they are receiving. Ha ha! Tonnes of money bebehhh! But Superman said if only me get a job abroad, he has no qualms to become a househusband. What?!So not sexy!No darling, I ain't coming back home to see my husband in apron...daily! No no no!

 Yes, now I have hair bangs. And I almost finished the whole jar of Raya cookies:)

These few days I was hit by cooking bug. I am not usually domestic. I prefer to stroll around shopping malls and dine outside. This is new. I was telling Superman to get me an oven. A baker standard oven, okay! Maybe I can start a baking business from home. Make money to invest!(Yeah right..)But I also want a bag for my wedding anniversary gift. A Coach bag. And Superman pretended that he didn't hear me. Grrr......

Sad story about Sosilawati case. You know..the murder of the cosmetic millionaire., What went wrong with these lunatics. Putting money over people's life?

I'm itching to go somewhere. My mother in law said I can't sit still. "Duduk-duduklah rumah" she said. The thing is, I need to get out to make myself tired. Or else I can't sleep at night. Darling, lets go out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Arghhhh! What a Feeling!

6.Fed up
7.Wants more cupcakes and ice cream.

Negative feelings.
Hate it so much!

Emotional nye aku hari ni!

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Time 'Meeting' my Father In Law

My hubby was orphaned quite a long time ago. We went to my FIL grave on the 2nd day of Raya morning after having a tahlil session.It was a weird feeling. I wonder if its my very own Papa's grave. This thing will happen to me some day. But I pray that it will not become a reality so soon. I am not ready. I need my Papa still.

Silently, I told Abah:
"Abah, thank you for bringing up your fine son. He completes me. Pray for our well being. So that one day, we will have a good son of our own."

And my heart melt when Superman said "Yazid balik dulu bah. Nanti Yazid datang lagi sembang-sembang, okay?" Every year my Superman cleaned up his Abah's grave before Hari Raya comes.

I looked around and saw some graves was not well taken care off. I wonder why so? We put up some leftover petals on those graves. Maybe their families are not around anymore to visit them. Ya Allah, please bless their souls too. I pray after I die, my families and relatives still remember me and visit my grave. I love white cala lilies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Blog: Us 3.jpg

Feeling delighted that 1st raya goes about u?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Hari Raya

Hi Darlings....

Found my friends sending Raya e-cards and zero real paper cards to me this year. Owh, you are very kind to environment but not to me..huk huk2! But its okay. The thoughts that matter. Thanks thanks!

Prior to the Hari Raya day which falls on 10.9.10, Friday, I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Sorry if my words hurt you. Sorry for not being able to accomodate your feelings in my writings. Really if I ever hurt you physically, sorry. Sorry in every way. I'll do my best to be a better writer and person.

Drive safely. Eat a lot, and let us get fat together:) hhehe!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Want to Be a BILLIONAIRE!so freaking bad!

Okay, am loving that song, Billionaire..

But to become one, I might as well follow these steps;(found on Yahoo)



Flashback of Childhood

Sekamat gang rocks!

Yeah, had iftar session at home yesterday with my primary school friends. Lisha+fiance, Ainul+hubby,Erma, Liana and my dear Superman was seen "srottt srottt" their heart out eating the 'siput sedut', cooked by Ainul, ehh? Really?? Muahahhaha! Ina came earliest to cook vege dishes while I prep my FIRST ikan bakar+air asam+sambal belacan using recipes found on Google!I smelled belacan eau de toilette. Superman said its the best perfume ever! Wowwww!!So after thousand minutes, Ainul+hubby and Erma made their grand entrance with the great siput sedut masak lemak and Lisha+fiance was fashionably late. Luckily she managed to mix her Ribena fruit punch on time.Bravo bravo!

The best moments was the kacau-kutuk-cam whoring session while our man watched movies. It was like the old time. And all the 'lawak zaman sekolah' flew accross the room. Now my hubby knew I am "susu girl" all the way! Damn!Hahahah.What? you don't understand what its all about?Fret not. That's why it was called 'lawak zaman sekolah!" :)

We are all grown ups now. Single, engaged, married, studied, worked. We went to seperate paths. We have different life stories, struggles and achievments. But being with each other, those things doesn't really matter. Instead, it brought out the little child in us. I'm so happy and flattered that they enjoyed the little gathering at my home. Girls, lets swim together anytime! Hey, meh la duk kat condo aku! Ade lagi unit kosong sebelah rumah aku nii....  :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let the Pic Talks

Jeez my KM 900 sucks.I can't upload pictures as Blogger does not support the phone's browser to compose!What a downer. I need to install firefox.
Btw, I have, for the zillionth time vow to commit in clearing up my bad debts towards my financial independence. Time span 2 years! You won't caught me dead swiping the plastics(except for debit card).My new motto 'Credit Sucks!' and 'Cash it Out!' Yeah bebeh!

It's not a rocket science.But I refused to follow. Now, I will,dilligently!Pray for me, please!
Ps: many won't share their financial struggle. It's an embarrasment. It really does. But I hope from sharing this I will get insights from u my readers on how to tackle the issue, how to stay out of temptations and how to grow the money. Which is the best way for u?perhaps is good for me too..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do I Have to Work?

It's 7:20am. 
Its Wednesday. Its a work day. But I am procrastinating getting ready.

Do I have to work Superman?
Do I?

Why can't I follow you to work? To wherever you go. Damn I sound so clingy. But I hate to sahur alone tomorrow morning. Maybe I just won't wake up. Easy peasy:)

Oh man, 5 days of holiday turned me into a lazy bum. Not a perfect housewife. I just don't  know how to be. I think my brain needs to be computerized like the Stepford housewives. Perfect..all perfect! And Superman can play his Xbox all day long without me complaining. "Oh Honey, please play more and more!" Clap clap clap!

Snapped into reality!  
Get ready now!!!