Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Flat Broke But I Still Need to Shop for SOMETHING!

Its not even 1st of September..

And I've heard the coins rattling louder in purse...means less paper cash......

Means I'm broke.

Flat Broke!

And I knew a sale which I need to checkout.
And I'm thinking, should I skip the spa treatment this month to accommodate that
one final shopping spree for raya??

I think I should.

Today is the last day.

My darling Superman, can you please still smile??

huk huk!

Critical occay!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Charming Doc+Slipped Disc+Pills Pills+New Gym????

Hey ya people..

Yesterday I waited for almost two hours before my name got called for the my backpain checkup. Gotta tell y'all its worth the wait. With hungry tummy, boredom n coldness from the Ampang Puteri's air cond creeping in, I almost felt like doing it in another day. So my name was called. I was ushered in...and there he was...the Charming Doc. I felt myself blushing. Hahah...stupid tul! He'somewhat 50 y/o++ but..owh!And his office was like a businessman's office except for the skeletons and the examination bed.

He diagnosed me as having a mild slip disc. Not severe enough to go under the knife, luckily! But...he gave me alot of pills..darn..I hate pills! And...with precautions not to do any gravity defying exercise, no free weights...n more swimmings. And...Pilates and Yoga... and I was like...wut????Am i gonna be a mat lover now??I never tried them because of the fact it didn't looked fun to me..Stretching and elastic band on the mat.Eww!!I dont know if I'm gonna do it or not. Maybe I'll give it a try. Maybe. I'm gonna miss those energetic body combat or dance type workout classes.

And..i've been missing my gym sessions alot now..because of the pain and actually I get bored with Fitness First environment. So i decided to have a change. Not just the location but the company itself..I found out that I could get a cheaper and nicer deal from Celebrity Fitness. I enrolled at its Bangsar outlet last night. From RM185+20(towels fee) at FF to RM169 monthly, all in at CF. They have more outlets now since they bought over California Fitness last week. And more is sprucing up all over Klang Valley area. And for those who likes to cuci mata, all the class trainers are Brazilians(as for me, I don't care lah..Wut so great about them in terms of performance, Malaysians tak cukup bagus ke???) Join!

Also yesterday, I went berbuka with cik Mas at Midvalley before going to the CF. I ordered Assam Laksa at Madam Kwan. I don't know if it was the taste or I could only eat like 3 or 4 spoons and stopped. I just don't have the appetite.Lately I don't feel like eating. Hrmhh.. Why lah??

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Hurts lah Doc!

I was excited to go to gym, sweating out. But not at my gym, decided to go to my old apmt where my friends still reside(BV). My backpain which forbids me of doing my routine at gym is still there. Really uncomfortable. Went to d same doc on my way to BV. I complained that I can't sit properly and get up from chair without feeling the pain. Everytime. And it has been months. I'm taking painkillers everyday. And I didn't run or fast walk or anything else that he forbided me earlier on. He advised me to do lots of swimming and cycling only. No foot-on-the ground types. But why its still there?? Don't tell me its still caused by torn muscle....again???!

Doc: Okaylah...I'll write for you a referral letter to specialist. Which hospital??
Me: Ampang Puteri lah doc. Nearest.
Doc: Old or young docs?
Me: Err..Handsome ones??Hehehe...No lady doc???
Doc: No..ladies don't like ortho..
Me:Oh yeah?...No problemo...
Doc: Ok..ehehhehe....I'll send you to Dato' Dr....bla bla bla...
Me: okkayyyyy!:)

Happy note: Yeay..Dr handsome
Sad note: takkan nak swimming hari2????rosak la rambut celupku dengan air chlorine tu! then..what happens with my gym membership??Ingat murah??Adoy! Think!

Note to Superman: Sorry Darling...I wish they have lady doc.Hehehehe:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm not feeling good. I mean I'm well just that few things are giving me headache and heartache.
Some people are really good at taking away happiness off people.
Almost all the things are viewed negatively by them.
They are called
Why do they exist?
I think without them there won't be sadness after happiness.
And no headache and heartache for me today.

On happy note:
Went fitting for my baju raya yesterday.
But they need alterations at the sides. All of them.
I lost few inches. Yeah. No kidding.
Funnily enough, i ate more cupcakes lately. And I didn't go to gym.
Demi Allah, I never take any slimming pills!
Yeay! Alhamdulillahhh!
Berkat Ramadhan kot??

Note to Leeches,
do you want to take away this happiness too with your

heartless words??
Damn you Leeches!

Monday, August 24, 2009

ABC of Travelling

Quite happy!
Ok..this is coming from me...who has not been travelling overseas since my university days. And back then it was so easy since I only need a passport, my destination has always been Thailand and I didn't have the debit/credit card thingy. No money no talk no jalan2. Easy as that. Well life became more complicated when you get older. heheheh. Listed below, are the things that I learned from my Jakarta-Bandung Trip. Thank God I was with my Bro and his Indonesian friend, Adri.

The ever gila2 Adri and my Bro

Crucial 101 of overseas traveling for dummies/newbies :
1)Pack at least the night before you fly. So that, if you found sth missing, you still have time to get it done in the morning before your flight. Well..only if your flight's at noon or later. Morning flight??Pack TWO days before..then you'll have one 'emergency' day.

2)Activate your Debit/Credit card for overseas transaction. And have as much cash as you can, reasonable enough to pay the taxis, foods, small shoppings during your stay. Also, depending on the location. Well-developed countries accepts payments through cards even in sundry stores. But not for others.Everytime you draw out cash from ATM you'll be charged RM12. Don't waste your money for nothing.

3)Check your passport validities and Visa application(if needed). I don't know about other countries. But all I know is, Malaysian government only allow its passport holders to travel overseas ONLY IF the VALIDITY OF PASSPORT IS NO LESS THAN THE DATE OF EXPIRY. Full stop.

4)Make a list of target places to visit/shop or stuffs you need to get by day.
So that, it won't divert your attention away. Its saves everything from money, energy and time.

5)Research your destination. Tourists usually depends on informations on the net, previous visitors reviews or pamphletes provided by the country of visit. However, it is also good for you to get extra informations, local digs through hotels concierge or people on the street(i.e cafes, your spa masseurs, local friends you found online). Don't be afraid to ask, but be cautious to follow. After all, its the whole point of travelling, getting to know the place.Aite?

6)Dress accordingly. You want to bargain at small shops or flea market, but you are wearing an original Hermes bag and Ralph Lauren shirts with an obvious logo on it and you speak with posh accent?? Duh..are you insane???Go figure.

7)Wear comfy shoes. When you travel you are bound to walk alot. And sometimes at the worst road conditions. Forget dressy slippers with very thin straps and sole. What's more kick ass boots and heels! Best bet, Crocs or any rubber sandals, enough cushion, wide straps, airy and light. Your feet will thank you for it.

8)Get acclimated with local flavours. As I said, research research research! Not just the locations but also local norms. Like their way of dressing, food, drinks, business hours, public holidays, land transportation, etc. Its crucial so that you can make your decisions and plannings better. And no upset tummies!

9)Check the destination airport tax for foreigners. Usually it is not included with your ticket. Airport tax can be costly. So no matter how crazy you are with the shopping, reserve enough money for the tax!

I think that's all so far. I hope the pointers will be beneficial for you. Good luck to future travellers. Enjoy!

Jakarta Recap 3

Day 5-17th August 09, Tuesday

Since we wasted the whole day yesterday, we woke up real early in the hope to squeeze everything during the last few hours of our stay. I tried to continue calling Ibu Tuti, a home-based tailor's number that my friend Ewa gave me. I've tried to call since Sunday but she didn't pick it up. So we made the last resort of lugging the heavy bag of fabrics to the places we were visiting, in the hope of finding a tailor. I kept cursing under my breath, condemning myself for not doing a reasonable enough research before I went to Jakarta. Maybe the thought of going..ermmh..'holiday'..clouded my better!

But according to Adri, who travelled frequently, the best things always showed up during the last minute. We found a tailor for Papa's Baju Melayu and shirt nearby our hotel. Both only cost us RM200!

Searching the famous tailor at Wahid Hashim area. Adri: Ibu...prot pret prot pret...makasih ya...!

da tailor(apetah nama bapak ni??) Look at the old school sewing machine:)

Then..we got ourselves a taxi. Oh yes, when you are in Jakarta, get yourselves a Blue Bird Group taxis. The most trusted service. Btw, 99% of their taxis are Toyota VIOS cars, luxurious eh compared to our Proton Saga ones??This particular driver we hired was a real nice guy. The only one who has Aqua(mineral water) and sweets served freely for the passengers. He advised us to go to places where foreigners doesn't really know but gives better value than the famous ones. I'm so glad to have him on that day! The last stop with him driving was at Pasar Baru Jakarta again. We went there to find the tailor for my mom's and sis's dresses since Ibu Tuti didn't respond. Some of you must be wondering why did we send the stuffs at Jakarta?Why not locally?Because.. some of our friends told us that their charges are wayyy cheaper than in KL and their works are more intricate. But then, what we found at Pasar Baru that day was really surprising. Imagine..the tailor charged us Rp900,000=about RM350 for a simple baju kurung with simple beadworks at the sleeves ends and lining(Indonesians called it puring) underneath!! Adri almost fainted. My mouth went agape. And my bro frowned! Literally!Sorry ya bapak..if like that aku bisa buat di Malaysia aja!

We then rushed to Benhil. Another tailoring heaven. And we got the price of Rp200,000. Not THAT cheap eh???!

We decided to have our lunch first. It was already 1pm++ local time. While waiting for taxi...Adri bought us this:

Serabi!! that white thingy made of tepung beras, and the chocolate thing is Chocolate syrup.
Can also be eaten with sliced banana..nyummy!

We were totally exhausted mentally and physically. It was a hot day. The places we went were badly ventilated. There was always alot of people and we had to walk slowly..bumper to bumper...heart to heart...ass to ass!Hahahaha! After having lunch at a mall nearby the phone buzzed. It was Ibu Tuti! Finally! And she agreed to meet us at our hotel room before we check out. Alhamdulillah. Memang rezeki! And she charged us REALLY cheaper than in KL:)Yeay!

Finally I met Ibu Tuti!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jakarta Recap 2

Day 3-16th August 09, Sunday

The rented jazz car arrived at 8pm local time at the hotel lobby. We ran out of our cash. We couldn't draw out our money from the ATM of Indon's CIMB.WTF???I was cursing non-stop. What duh???My Maybank debit card and the ATM both had VISA sign. Even Bro tried his but to no avail. Last resort, we called Maybank Malaysia helpline. Only then we found out that we had to activate for overseas transaction. No wonder we couldn't swipe it during our Saturday shopping!Shitty to Maybank officer who attended to my questions pertaining the card usage. One more lesson learned!

The journey to Bandung was breezy at first. They have a nice highway which provide us with lots of photographic view. And we realized that they have alot of mosques nearby to each other. Logically Indonesian is a Muslim dominant country. But what differs from us was the fact we don't have that much of mosques in one place!

Nearing the toll of Bandung...the jam started. And after too! Adri said it is normal during weekend as Jakartarians and all over Indonesia usually comes at one time. I've been to Jakarta-Bandung when I was younger. So I was not excited at all to go to touristy spots like Tangkuban Perahu,etc. Pity my Bro who had never been there, since we had to make a U-Turn as the route to the top was taking to much of our time. Heading towards Pasar Baru Bandung, we had to go through another massive jam. I was already tired from sitting too long in the car. And my head was throbbing. What's more with crazy drivers..honking like nobody business. And most of them doesn't even give signals whenever they want to turn. Crazyyy!

True, Bandung is a shopping heaven. However it was too late for us to indulge it as we had so little time left before the shop closed. And due to our ATM card probs..we didn't have alot of cash in hand to spend on. We went back to Jakarta tired and frustrated again:(

Day 4-17th August 09, Monday

We planned to tackle some of our visit objectives such as wedding gifts buying, send off the fabrics we brought from Malaysia to Indonesian tailor and such on Monday. However all the shops were closed except the big ones with international brands such as Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia which was next to each other. It was Indonesian Independence Day. They really indulge their public holiday. Contradiction with Malaysian shops which never close except on Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year celebrations. Merdeka? So what???More reasons to shop aite?

Nothing much happened. I didn't spend much except rm150 for my undies and dress to go back to Malaysia the next day. If u ask me whether things are cheaper in Indonesia? I would answer yes, if you are looking for traditional/non supermarket stuffs. Other than that, its almost the same as in Malaysia. Just that sometimes you'll find a new brand or unique styles. Again, money speaks. And don't underestimate Jakarta income bracket based on the volume of Indonesian people that comes to work in Malaysia. Guess what, they have the biggest Louis Vuitton in South East Asia in Plaza Indonesia which has the Gardens@Midvalley or Pavillion vibe. Go figure! And you can see polished, elite Indonesians just by looking at their styles and skin. Believe it or not, most elite caste, are usually fairer skinned. Wierd huh??!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jakarta Recap 1

Day 1-14th August 09, Friday

Morning crept in very2 slowly.. I didn't sleep properly the night before, my heart fluttered with excitement! I only managed to pack my bag in the morning. I woke up one hour earlier from my normal days. Flight time: 1315hrs. Went back to Kajang, parked the car there and later Superman came to picked me and my Bro up and off we went to LCCT. Yeay!!We arrived on time. My mind kept imagining things, happy thoughts.Superman drove off to his office at Sepang International Circuit(SIC), 10 minutes from the airport.

We waited patiently at the check in counter. Our turn. And the nightmare happened.
Officer: Miss, this passport is not valid for going out of Malaysia anymore. Do you have another passport?
Me : No. Hahu??Why not??Its still valid till September.
O: Yes. But to go out frm the country the validity of passport must not be lessert than 6 months. Even one day lesser is considered non conformity. The rules are all here at the last page of passport(while opening and showing me the clause). You have to renew first. There's still flights available after this. But this ticket you just have to let go. The nearest immigration ofice's at Seremban.

Fuck Fuck Fuckety Fuck!! In the end, Bro flew off first. I frantically called Superman to ask his help to send me to Seremban. And he was lecturing me the minute I stepped into the car untill he reached to his office. Yerp, he didn't want to send me and asked me to go there by myelf.:( Nak mengajar la katanya. And he said he has tonnes of work to complete. Yelah, dapat pinjam keta pon cukup baik kan...dpd bayar duit taxi almost hundred??

Thanks to nice officer at Immigration Dept @ Seremban who speed up the process for my sake, I managed to grab the 7pm tix. Hrmh.. with the tix+passport, I added up some rm 700.00 of expenses. I got headache. Then came another nightmare, the flight was delayed to 3 hours!!!!
Owh godddddddd!!!

Arrived at Jakarta around 11pm local time. My Bro's friend, Adri was waiting. Pity him to make all the way back to airport which cost him about rm50/way by taxi after fetching Bro earlier. The Hotel Bumi Johar@ Wahid Hashim area, was where I stayed for a night. The next day, we changed to Hotel Cipta nearby as Bumi Johar's room was really bad.(pictures later). We decided to take up 3 star hotels as we wanted to spend more on shopping. We just need it to be decent enough to sleep peacefully, and take our bath in a clean toilet.

I wasted one day. May the rest of the journey will be better.

Day 2-15th August 09, Saturday

First Location: Ambassador Mall
We arrived when the mall was about to open. Had a breakfast at a local kopitiam. Took some food pictures and Rolling Stone mag in Bahasa Indonesia. Damn. Why can't they have it in Bahasa Melayu as well?

But oops, I accidentally deleted the pictures. Very memorable ones while transferring them from camera to computer.Why the hell I always do stupid blunders???

I'm still not used to Indonesian currency. Rupiah. With all the extra zeroes..Why lahhh??? The rate was 2.8. Means RM1=Rp2800.

This is where I managed to do my wedding card. And few other batik stuffs. Exclusives ones.

Second Location: Pasar Baru
Many of the cities in Indonesia has places called Pasar Baru..Pekan Baru, etc. All Baru-baru lah..ehhe.

Here was like Jalan Tar in KL. Its where you get cheap fabrics. Well, they do have expensive fabrics too. But its wayyyyyyyyy cheaper than in Malaysia's Jalan Tar. I got few things to sell up. And some also for my family.

They have really fine hospitality. While shopping at a shop named Gardens, the big boss came up to us and offered us drinks. We had coca cola in a bottle. He even asked if we want more. Why is it I only see boutiques in Malaysia doing this stuff?Like all those high class ones..Coach, LV and such. And that's only when you really purchase the stuffs or you are one of the regular shoppers??Bias ain't it??

Second Location: Nasi Goreng Kambing, Roadside
We were tired to the bone aaand hungry. Adri brought us to a roadside food gem. Think of plastic chairs, plastic tables the same level of your chair. Their main dish...Nasi Goreng Kambing. And people can even eat in their cars, parked along the road. It was just within walking distance to our hotel. Bro who's an avid coffee/nescafe drinker felt a bit off since he didn't get it the whole day. Indonesians doesn't really indulge in such drinks. Mostly they drink teas and other ice drinks. But Allah loves us. We found these:

A piece of Malaysia:)

And finally we reached our hotel. I was really exhausted but still, I couldn't sleep peacefully. Snores from the males woke me up. This reminds me of dear Superman.ehheh.

Jakarta Prelude

I tot i could write and write on Wednesday. It turns out I was so busy unpacking, running some errands, went back to my parents house, send my lil 'Mini' to workshop for servicing and satisfying my craving for sushi. I missed alot of things while I'm in Jakarta:
1. Forgot to wish my KMPP friend, Faiz on his engagement last Saturday.
2. I missed sushi(oops this is not Malaysian but it was so rare in Jakarta)
3. I missed teh tarik.
4. I missed nasik lemak.
5. I missed iced nescafe.
6. My ex boss was caught by police. He's a con. He still owes rm5k of my salary. Who? Fariz Kassim, the guy who con people about MINDEF project. The story was in papers since last Saturday. I prayed he got convicted. Tipu2 hidup takkan senang! Sometimes I wonder why and how did Allah decided to send me to him and work for him for almost a year. Back then, I did feel something was off. But I couldn't comprehend. The last straw was when he didn't pay up my salary for two months in a row! The company never registered the staffs in SOCSO/EPF and paid us properly through banking, instead, we always received cash, always late,..macam buruh kasar kan??! He kept on promising us to do so and delayed it till the end.

And yesterday, I was busy communicating with my card designer from Jakarta. Turns out I forgot to bring the actual files of map, wordings, etc for her to incorporate into the card. So luckily I still have the files and its not too big to be sent through emails.If not, I'm fucked up!

Its gonna be puasa tomorrow. I love Ramadhan. But my eyes will always felt sleepy during the fasting month. And my manja tummy will feel sad. However its all that I have to bear to get alot of pahala for all the good deeds, much more from the other Muslim months. After all, Ramadhan is a month of opportunities. So, to my Muslim readers, happy Ramadhan n I pray that it will bring alot of barakah to each n everyone of us. AAAminnnnnnn!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Colourful Journey

Hey ya my avid readers...

Am totally sorry for the late updates..which I promised to do so every night while I am here in Jakarta-Bandung. The thing the time I reach the room or kamar according to Indonesian language, my eyes n my body keeps begging for a rest...yes.. most of the nights ends around 12pm++.

At the moment, I'm enjoying my breakfast at the hotel's Blueberry Pancake House. But I havn't got the chance to taste its pancake. Will do before I leave tonight to Malaysia.heheh.

There's a lot of good and bad stories along the journey. The best thing ever was the foods! The worst was my hiccups with my Maybank debit card. That really takes away my shopping pleasure. And yes, I will find a way to come back and do a real big shopping.

So for those trying to get stuffs at Jakarta or Bandung for wedding, I'm gonna give a real good advice. But u just have to wait for my next entries..within this week. And also some good advice for non seasoned overseas travellers like me. Travelling ABCs. Just wait.heheh:)

Till then people. Am going to hit the stores one last time before my flight tonight. Hopefully it won't get delayed like my flight from KL..I waited alone for full 3 hours!!!With shitty airport WiFi, and nobody talk to...except thick accented Indonesians, hrmhh...huge bummer!


Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm Fucked up. Am still in Malaysia:(

I'm sorry Darling.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I just want this at the moment!

where I got inspired

Blog hopping does wonders..Anything hopping..Now go hopping at your cubicles.
Jiggle your fats away!:)

Serious Stuff- H1N1!!!

I love being ignorant on serious issues. Coz serious issues wrecked my brains and my warm heart. And I believe, it makes the lines on your face became more apparent after the wrinkles when hearing sad, worrying things.

But I think, as a matured adult, this blissful ways, never last long. And one of the current serious issues of concern is regarding the current health epidemic-Influenza A a.k.a H1N1 or locally known as Selsema Babi.(famous betul binatang bernama babi..siput babi,pink cam babi, dsbnya..hehehe)

And today, when I stepped myself into the building lobby, I saw a Chinese guy wearing a mask. Ignorant as I was, I went into the lift with a building maintenance guy, wearing it too. Owh okay. Then, when i frantically walking into the office as I was 15 minutes late, my colleagu told me a harrowing story-" Yesterday, a girl was picked up by ambulance after she colllapsed in her office at the 10th flr. She died this morning, caused by H1N1! And all the maintenance team started to wear the face mask!" Demmit! Its surreal! And suddenly the cleaner walked out from the Management Wing, wearing the hideous mask. Shits. I felt my body prickled.Shit Shit Shit....Its not happening.Cool down..Its just at 10th Floor rite??rite?rite???!


Another girl from a different floor is being quarantined since yesterday. She was ill. Suspected H1N1 infected too.

And what the hell r we still working today in this building???!!

Hopefully it all goes fine today and I stay healthy and my flu goes away pronto!
Am going to matter what.
I'm departing tomorrow.
Totally psyched but I think I need to get vaccinated before I leave.
Can my office's medical card pays for that? How much does it cost eh???Wergh!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


hey ya my lovely peeps and wedding is in about 3 months. It will be on 7th November 2009, Saturday:)

When there's wedding there's always gifts. Well, I know its a not a compulsory for attendees to bring one. But shall u decided to splurge on my wedding, let me guide u to a 'sure-they-will-want-need-and-use" give wishlist. The reason that i'm doing this is because:

1)To avoid gift redundancies
e.g I can't be using 5 kettles ain't it??

2)To better appreciate the gifts.
You know what they say, you will appreciate your things more especially if you really2 want it?

3)To better remember YOU, the giver.
Everytime I see *sth*sth* that you give me, I will sure remember you and pray for your happiness and wellness:)

4)To avoid your gift becomes a gift to others.
Well..I heard some people recycled their wedding gifts for other friends weddings because they don't really want the stuffs or because they got few of the same items from different well wishers. I appreciate you people. So, help me not to have to do such things to your precious gifts.



Wall Arts***



Wall Mirrors**

Throw Blankets**


Table Lamps**



Coffee Mugs**

Cocktail Shaker*

Juice Glasses**





Blender*- BAI

Coffeemaker* -AISHAH

Can Opener* - MAS

Cookware Set**

Cheese Grater*

Veggie Peeler*

Citrus Zester*

Roasting Pan*

Salad Spinner*-NURIN

Waffle Maker*


Duvet Covers***

Fitted Sheets***

Comforter Set***

Mattress Pad***

Bed Blanket***

Bedsheet sets***

Soft Cushions**


Luggage Tags**

Toiletry Kit** - DANIA



Garment Bag**

Travel Totes**

Photo Printer*


Coffee sets**-EWA


Napkin Holder**

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set**

Sugar n Creamer Set**

Serving Bowls**

Salad Bowls**-NURIN


Cake Stand*

Place Mats**


Cloth Napkins**

Butter Dish**



Handheld Vacuum*


Handheld Steamer*


Grill Set*

Radio/Home Sound System Set*


Bath and Hand Towels**- DIANA

Soap Dispenser**

Toothbrush holder**

Lotion Dispenser**

Tissue Holder for Toilet**


Bath Mat**

Tub Mat**

Shower Curtain**




Formal Silver 5-piece Flatware Set**

Everyday Stainless Steel 5-piece Flatware**

Steak Knives**

Knife Block**

Knife Set**

Knife Sharpener**


For Her

Spa package***

Shopping vouchers (i.e lingerie,department,makeup stores,etc)***

For Him

Spa package***


We Both Really Really Want

Holiday/Hotel Package***-EWA


* we only need ONE(1)

** we need a few

** we don't mind to have alot!!

As a clue when buying;
We are a modern couple.
We love clean lines. We love simplicity.
We don't fancy floral/english looks.
We are not fussy.
Any price will do.
Just make sure it works well.



Yes...before my departure date to Jakarta, which is this Friday.

Yesterday was Sunday.
Mr Flu made a comeback..
I didn't invite him because I HATE him.
But HE LIKES me.
Damn alot!

Today, I felt better.
But my eyes..keeps dripping tears.
I'm not sad.
But my eyes felt itchy+burning.

Yesterday, Mummy and I sat down and update my wedding budgetary.
And yes, we are almost there..what?? the Limit.
Something must be done.
A little business during Ramadhan+Raya.

The Kajang house is still far done. But I'm loving our new porch.
It makes the house looks bigger.
My room's bathroom was torned down to replace the tiles.
Its gonna be a pinky room.

Why the hell am I loving PINKS lately?
Its disturbing.
I'm always a blue girl.
Howcome pink manage to sneak in?
I wonder...

Hrmh...Its MONDAY.
Where is my boss?
Is he coming??
Maybe not.
Then I can entertain myself.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peachy Day...

I felt so energetic today.
But my 2nd superior got flu n cough.
He went to the clinic.
He said, the doc said, that the reports of H1N1 happening in Malaysia
in mass media is just 10% from the reality.
My sister's friend, Pn Emma is battling for her life in Ampang Puteri. She got H1N1.

I secured the videographer for solemnization+berinai session.
Checkout http Motionpeektures...adik beradik Prettypeektures

I am totally psyched.
Its 10:48 pm.
I know I cannot sleep.
Wut do i do now??

Indonesian Trip Reminder

Indonesian Trip!

Am going to Jakarta-Bandung between 14th-18th August 2009. During my 5D4N stay there, its gonna be a helluva of shopping madness. Yes, of course, mainly about my wedding. Am going to hit the fabrics, tailors, cards, gifts, food stores and of course..ermhh...hahahha... hehehhe...OTHER stores lah...ala...u know...side shopping....:))
So, if anyone, you, or your family, sedaras, friends, boss, company, etc needs sth from there, do buzz me.

stuffs for Raya, weddings, gifts for Ramadhan & Raya, kain batik jawa, traditional foods, telekungs, house deco, etc
I will charge just a little portion to cover the transportation+logistic.

Kalau ada, pls let me know ASAP before my departure date and explain to me about your
budget, ideas, colours, options etc in detail
(yg plg penting your budget).

I will bring my lappie to update on my findings while I'm there. So u can still keep in touch with me over the net.

Ingat ya kawan2...
before 14 hb Ogos 2009.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jumbled up

Bla bla bla blaa.....


banyak cakap je aku ni.....
pictures speak a thousand words...


But i can't. I don't have a camera.

Cepat la kawin...
Can get my dream camera.
Cepat laaaaa....


And oso I need a CAT to accompany my lonely nights.. my dreams..:(

Tomorrow working again.
I'm completely peachy after MC today.
Can I get fever back?
I'm too darn lazy to go to work.
Can i wear jeans boss????

Monday, August 3, 2009

Butterflies in My Tummy

Sth is cooking up..and I'm totally excited about it. But it doesn't stop me getting feverish by the minute.

I'm so excited!!!!!!

clue : Superman + Sepang

Sure tak tahu kan..tunggu aje lahh..
Let it be confirmed on the card.


agak2 ape ya??


Darling, XOXO!!!!!!

Backache Monday

I want to go back home. I'm having this pre-fever syndrome. Soar throat, heavy head, burning eyes,wierd voice..and...backache(okay this is not a symptom, but I'm having it right now, and the office chair doesn't do me justice).

The backache was caused by yesterday's neverending walks.

1.PC fair-KLCC.
Went there with Superman as early as 10:30 am, just to get a gadget for my hantaran gifts. It was a heart to heart(named by cik Mas)experience...hahah...not bumper to bumper..coz we were practically walking step by step and my breast kept on touching people's elbows,back, bag, oh god..u name it!And wut d hell, they made us walk from one hall to another. No bypass!! So like it or not, tour d damn big halls from the entrance to exit. once you exit the hall, the guards didn't let us to re-enter unless if we say we forgot to buy sth in that particular halls. Cilakak betul!! Luckily, i got sth that i really2 like from Sony.Yeay!

2. Wondermilk session again!

I was supposed to attend my group CEO's son's wedding at TTDI. But then, when I hit the road to Damansara, it was already 2:30pm. My workmates were there earlier. And they already decided to leave. So I had to cancel. I went straight to Wondermilk for a date with Mas. I was flustered and hungry. I couldn't decide whether to eat the cupcakes first or the sandwich. So in my baju kurung, I alternate a bite of cupcake and a bite of tuna sandwich. The taste? go figure..hahahahhah!

3. mad about IKEA, Nisa again & VIVO pizza
Thereafter, we went to IKEA to buy stuffs for Kajang house deco project. Again...heart to heart experience. Yeah, Malaysians are really good at spending their money. My feet was screaming when I passed through the cashier counter, begging me to relax for awhile.

just realized I didn't have enough cash in my wallet!

Then we met Nisa at Vivo. His Hunky Berry, Redzarul tagged along. Later I found out in her blog that they were from his photo shoot at Female mag, 50 Most Gorgeous People issue. Yes, he is gorgeous. Aww....wa manyak jeles sama Nisa la..hehehe.Its ok lahh I have a Cute Superman(bila la nak jadik Hunky Superman??).Muahahhaha!

After a whole lot of walking, I became hungry. And yes, I was in a dire need to sit down. Me n Cik Mas had a pizza for dinner. Nisa had to leave as she needs to shop for black work attires. She's starting work at Lim Kok Wing today. I heard its gonna be splendid. Congrats girl!

I cancelled my plan to go to Rawang to attend my auntie's kenduri. I was literally dragging myself to drive back to Ampang. I slept at 930pm.

Its been awhile since I had a relaxing, no-plans weekend. I missed it so much. Now everything that I do has a purpose. Even reading a magazine. Like yesterday, I read Marie Claire to find d right bridal makeup look and accessories. Back then, I always found myself lazying on the couch, watching TV endlessly or reading good for nothing story books or articles in magazine. These days, my organizer's always full. But I love every second of it. I found my joy in planning and shopping. I think I found my true passion:)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Please Make Malaysian Malaysian!--wut d hell am i talkin about lahh!

***oh god demit! ~(its the final words for all below)~
1. Yash's Wedding
Congrats Mr n Mrs Johnny. You guys were gorgeous. I love your baju's colour. Extraordinary! Love love love love!!!!n Yashma..u look so resplendent, sopan, ayu2 gittew!!mampukah aku sedemikian rupa???!***
2. you really2 know what it means???
I wish I could b ignorant over this political-security act. For me..i remain neutral. I don't want to take sides. But I just can't ignore it so much especially since today, there was a massive jam all over KL because of the banish-ISA thingy. Fuck those selfish monsters. My shopping spree was out of question for today...and I felt lethargic.I didn't get my magic potion.***:(
3. My Wedding updates
Just booked 3-months worth spa treatment after Yash's wedding. The Head to Toe Package(buy 3 sessions+free 1 session) at Tini's Spa cost me 4 digits. ***!!!!! I'm totally not a spa freak. So this is a rare treat. Haruslah, nak cantekkk! But then, can any of my GF, teman me?? I have to spend 5 hours straight for each session. Boring!!!!I bet with the soothing Javanese tunes I'll fell asleep in a matter of minutes..Please someone, accompany me, my darlings!!! Can I bring story books?And I am going to experience my first facial treatment in my 26 years of living. I'm totally freaked out after listening so many scary stories from my overactive peeling, aggrassive acne...bla bla bla after their facials.Takotttttt!!!! ***
I took MC on Friday. Had a major migrain from the night before. Wished it went away after sleeping. I never took any meds for my migrain, hoping not to get dependent on it. Luckily, after I swallowed the pills, it subsided. So I drove all the way to Kajang, picked Mummy and Uwais, and head to Putrajaya to QAS Tent office to decide my scallop colours..Yeah people, its decided, n finalized. And i just dont want to think about it anymore. Its quite unusual. I'm happy about it. That's all I need to know, aite?
Nisa n Mas came to my Ampang crib later that nite for measurement session. My mom was around. And there was a bonding session. Hahahaha. Finally my mom and bro get to see my designer yang sentiasa disebut2 ittew. Seems like the Malay blood is still thick in her veins. Paris doesn't affect her much(is it Nisa?). The fabric colour she picked for me and Mas was really gorgeous!!!!! It matched nicely with my shoes. I slept while imagining The DaY:)
Other things::::
At this moment(11pm) I'm watching my dear Superman doing his paperwork or sth at his office. Gila tak romantik in office!:( But occaylah, at least I get to see his face for the whole day today. Yes people, its becoming more and more harder to spend even an hour, let alone the whole day with him. He's becoming busier than ever. So I cherished today so much! Thank you sayang!(oops PDA pulak!).Alhamdulillah we havn't got any argument yet. What a waste kan to feel sad2 bengang2 in a special day like this?***!!!...I LOVE YOU SUPERMAN!(PDA lagi..ehheh!)