Saturday, August 1, 2009

Please Make Malaysian Malaysian!--wut d hell am i talkin about lahh!

***oh god demit! ~(its the final words for all below)~
1. Yash's Wedding
Congrats Mr n Mrs Johnny. You guys were gorgeous. I love your baju's colour. Extraordinary! Love love love love!!!!n Yashma..u look so resplendent, sopan, ayu2 gittew!!mampukah aku sedemikian rupa???!***
2. you really2 know what it means???
I wish I could b ignorant over this political-security act. For me..i remain neutral. I don't want to take sides. But I just can't ignore it so much especially since today, there was a massive jam all over KL because of the banish-ISA thingy. Fuck those selfish monsters. My shopping spree was out of question for today...and I felt lethargic.I didn't get my magic potion.***:(
3. My Wedding updates
Just booked 3-months worth spa treatment after Yash's wedding. The Head to Toe Package(buy 3 sessions+free 1 session) at Tini's Spa cost me 4 digits. ***!!!!! I'm totally not a spa freak. So this is a rare treat. Haruslah, nak cantekkk! But then, can any of my GF, teman me?? I have to spend 5 hours straight for each session. Boring!!!!I bet with the soothing Javanese tunes I'll fell asleep in a matter of minutes..Please someone, accompany me, my darlings!!! Can I bring story books?And I am going to experience my first facial treatment in my 26 years of living. I'm totally freaked out after listening so many scary stories from my overactive peeling, aggrassive acne...bla bla bla after their facials.Takotttttt!!!! ***
I took MC on Friday. Had a major migrain from the night before. Wished it went away after sleeping. I never took any meds for my migrain, hoping not to get dependent on it. Luckily, after I swallowed the pills, it subsided. So I drove all the way to Kajang, picked Mummy and Uwais, and head to Putrajaya to QAS Tent office to decide my scallop colours..Yeah people, its decided, n finalized. And i just dont want to think about it anymore. Its quite unusual. I'm happy about it. That's all I need to know, aite?
Nisa n Mas came to my Ampang crib later that nite for measurement session. My mom was around. And there was a bonding session. Hahahaha. Finally my mom and bro get to see my designer yang sentiasa disebut2 ittew. Seems like the Malay blood is still thick in her veins. Paris doesn't affect her much(is it Nisa?). The fabric colour she picked for me and Mas was really gorgeous!!!!! It matched nicely with my shoes. I slept while imagining The DaY:)
Other things::::
At this moment(11pm) I'm watching my dear Superman doing his paperwork or sth at his office. Gila tak romantik in office!:( But occaylah, at least I get to see his face for the whole day today. Yes people, its becoming more and more harder to spend even an hour, let alone the whole day with him. He's becoming busier than ever. So I cherished today so much! Thank you sayang!(oops PDA pulak!).Alhamdulillah we havn't got any argument yet. What a waste kan to feel sad2 bengang2 in a special day like this?***!!!...I LOVE YOU SUPERMAN!(PDA lagi..ehheh!)


iEfa said...

Do nisa (nad's sister) be ur designer...wah wah cant wait to c the outcome...seperti tidak ku sangka..smue nyee dh besar2 belake :p

yam^Artfingers^ said...

yeahh babe...d lil sis is doing d dress...:)