Monday, August 3, 2009

Backache Monday

I want to go back home. I'm having this pre-fever syndrome. Soar throat, heavy head, burning eyes,wierd voice..and...backache(okay this is not a symptom, but I'm having it right now, and the office chair doesn't do me justice).

The backache was caused by yesterday's neverending walks.

1.PC fair-KLCC.
Went there with Superman as early as 10:30 am, just to get a gadget for my hantaran gifts. It was a heart to heart(named by cik Mas)experience...hahah...not bumper to bumper..coz we were practically walking step by step and my breast kept on touching people's elbows,back, bag, oh god..u name it!And wut d hell, they made us walk from one hall to another. No bypass!! So like it or not, tour d damn big halls from the entrance to exit. once you exit the hall, the guards didn't let us to re-enter unless if we say we forgot to buy sth in that particular halls. Cilakak betul!! Luckily, i got sth that i really2 like from Sony.Yeay!

2. Wondermilk session again!

I was supposed to attend my group CEO's son's wedding at TTDI. But then, when I hit the road to Damansara, it was already 2:30pm. My workmates were there earlier. And they already decided to leave. So I had to cancel. I went straight to Wondermilk for a date with Mas. I was flustered and hungry. I couldn't decide whether to eat the cupcakes first or the sandwich. So in my baju kurung, I alternate a bite of cupcake and a bite of tuna sandwich. The taste? go figure..hahahahhah!

3. mad about IKEA, Nisa again & VIVO pizza
Thereafter, we went to IKEA to buy stuffs for Kajang house deco project. Again...heart to heart experience. Yeah, Malaysians are really good at spending their money. My feet was screaming when I passed through the cashier counter, begging me to relax for awhile.

just realized I didn't have enough cash in my wallet!

Then we met Nisa at Vivo. His Hunky Berry, Redzarul tagged along. Later I found out in her blog that they were from his photo shoot at Female mag, 50 Most Gorgeous People issue. Yes, he is gorgeous. Aww....wa manyak jeles sama Nisa la..hehehe.Its ok lahh I have a Cute Superman(bila la nak jadik Hunky Superman??).Muahahhaha!

After a whole lot of walking, I became hungry. And yes, I was in a dire need to sit down. Me n Cik Mas had a pizza for dinner. Nisa had to leave as she needs to shop for black work attires. She's starting work at Lim Kok Wing today. I heard its gonna be splendid. Congrats girl!

I cancelled my plan to go to Rawang to attend my auntie's kenduri. I was literally dragging myself to drive back to Ampang. I slept at 930pm.

Its been awhile since I had a relaxing, no-plans weekend. I missed it so much. Now everything that I do has a purpose. Even reading a magazine. Like yesterday, I read Marie Claire to find d right bridal makeup look and accessories. Back then, I always found myself lazying on the couch, watching TV endlessly or reading good for nothing story books or articles in magazine. These days, my organizer's always full. But I love every second of it. I found my joy in planning and shopping. I think I found my true passion:)

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