Monday, August 24, 2009

Jakarta Recap 3

Day 5-17th August 09, Tuesday

Since we wasted the whole day yesterday, we woke up real early in the hope to squeeze everything during the last few hours of our stay. I tried to continue calling Ibu Tuti, a home-based tailor's number that my friend Ewa gave me. I've tried to call since Sunday but she didn't pick it up. So we made the last resort of lugging the heavy bag of fabrics to the places we were visiting, in the hope of finding a tailor. I kept cursing under my breath, condemning myself for not doing a reasonable enough research before I went to Jakarta. Maybe the thought of going..ermmh..'holiday'..clouded my better!

But according to Adri, who travelled frequently, the best things always showed up during the last minute. We found a tailor for Papa's Baju Melayu and shirt nearby our hotel. Both only cost us RM200!

Searching the famous tailor at Wahid Hashim area. Adri: Ibu...prot pret prot pret...makasih ya...!

da tailor(apetah nama bapak ni??) Look at the old school sewing machine:)

Then..we got ourselves a taxi. Oh yes, when you are in Jakarta, get yourselves a Blue Bird Group taxis. The most trusted service. Btw, 99% of their taxis are Toyota VIOS cars, luxurious eh compared to our Proton Saga ones??This particular driver we hired was a real nice guy. The only one who has Aqua(mineral water) and sweets served freely for the passengers. He advised us to go to places where foreigners doesn't really know but gives better value than the famous ones. I'm so glad to have him on that day! The last stop with him driving was at Pasar Baru Jakarta again. We went there to find the tailor for my mom's and sis's dresses since Ibu Tuti didn't respond. Some of you must be wondering why did we send the stuffs at Jakarta?Why not locally?Because.. some of our friends told us that their charges are wayyy cheaper than in KL and their works are more intricate. But then, what we found at Pasar Baru that day was really surprising. Imagine..the tailor charged us Rp900,000=about RM350 for a simple baju kurung with simple beadworks at the sleeves ends and lining(Indonesians called it puring) underneath!! Adri almost fainted. My mouth went agape. And my bro frowned! Literally!Sorry ya bapak..if like that aku bisa buat di Malaysia aja!

We then rushed to Benhil. Another tailoring heaven. And we got the price of Rp200,000. Not THAT cheap eh???!

We decided to have our lunch first. It was already 1pm++ local time. While waiting for taxi...Adri bought us this:

Serabi!! that white thingy made of tepung beras, and the chocolate thing is Chocolate syrup.
Can also be eaten with sliced banana..nyummy!

We were totally exhausted mentally and physically. It was a hot day. The places we went were badly ventilated. There was always alot of people and we had to walk slowly..bumper to bumper...heart to heart...ass to ass!Hahahaha! After having lunch at a mall nearby the phone buzzed. It was Ibu Tuti! Finally! And she agreed to meet us at our hotel room before we check out. Alhamdulillah. Memang rezeki! And she charged us REALLY cheaper than in KL:)Yeay!

Finally I met Ibu Tuti!


Michelle Francis said...

Hey there,

I was wondering if you could give me Ibu Tuti's contact details as I'd like to get some baju kurung made in jakarta.


yam^Artfingers^ said...

Hi michelle,
I don't have her number anymore as I changed my phone already since then. By the way, I am not writing in this blog for quite sometime. I have another blog which is active;

If you go down to Bandung it would probably be much cheaper.