Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Flat Broke But I Still Need to Shop for SOMETHING!

Its not even 1st of September..

And I've heard the coins rattling louder in purse...means less paper cash......

Means I'm broke.

Flat Broke!

And I knew a sale which I need to checkout.
And I'm thinking, should I skip the spa treatment this month to accommodate that
one final shopping spree for raya??

I think I should.

Today is the last day.

My darling Superman, can you please still smile??

huk huk!

Critical occay!


Anonymous said...

ohh gaji mak bulan lepas pon tak habis guna lagi..camne??

*ayat ini sekadar membakar line sahaja... hiks! peace~

yam^Artfingers^ said...

akhirnya aku tak jadik beli..takde yg menarik perhatian...uuhhh..legas...jimat duit aku.