Friday, August 21, 2009

Jakarta Recap 1

Day 1-14th August 09, Friday

Morning crept in very2 slowly.. I didn't sleep properly the night before, my heart fluttered with excitement! I only managed to pack my bag in the morning. I woke up one hour earlier from my normal days. Flight time: 1315hrs. Went back to Kajang, parked the car there and later Superman came to picked me and my Bro up and off we went to LCCT. Yeay!!We arrived on time. My mind kept imagining things, happy thoughts.Superman drove off to his office at Sepang International Circuit(SIC), 10 minutes from the airport.

We waited patiently at the check in counter. Our turn. And the nightmare happened.
Officer: Miss, this passport is not valid for going out of Malaysia anymore. Do you have another passport?
Me : No. Hahu??Why not??Its still valid till September.
O: Yes. But to go out frm the country the validity of passport must not be lessert than 6 months. Even one day lesser is considered non conformity. The rules are all here at the last page of passport(while opening and showing me the clause). You have to renew first. There's still flights available after this. But this ticket you just have to let go. The nearest immigration ofice's at Seremban.

Fuck Fuck Fuckety Fuck!! In the end, Bro flew off first. I frantically called Superman to ask his help to send me to Seremban. And he was lecturing me the minute I stepped into the car untill he reached to his office. Yerp, he didn't want to send me and asked me to go there by myelf.:( Nak mengajar la katanya. And he said he has tonnes of work to complete. Yelah, dapat pinjam keta pon cukup baik kan...dpd bayar duit taxi almost hundred??

Thanks to nice officer at Immigration Dept @ Seremban who speed up the process for my sake, I managed to grab the 7pm tix. Hrmh.. with the tix+passport, I added up some rm 700.00 of expenses. I got headache. Then came another nightmare, the flight was delayed to 3 hours!!!!
Owh godddddddd!!!

Arrived at Jakarta around 11pm local time. My Bro's friend, Adri was waiting. Pity him to make all the way back to airport which cost him about rm50/way by taxi after fetching Bro earlier. The Hotel Bumi Johar@ Wahid Hashim area, was where I stayed for a night. The next day, we changed to Hotel Cipta nearby as Bumi Johar's room was really bad.(pictures later). We decided to take up 3 star hotels as we wanted to spend more on shopping. We just need it to be decent enough to sleep peacefully, and take our bath in a clean toilet.

I wasted one day. May the rest of the journey will be better.

Day 2-15th August 09, Saturday

First Location: Ambassador Mall
We arrived when the mall was about to open. Had a breakfast at a local kopitiam. Took some food pictures and Rolling Stone mag in Bahasa Indonesia. Damn. Why can't they have it in Bahasa Melayu as well?

But oops, I accidentally deleted the pictures. Very memorable ones while transferring them from camera to computer.Why the hell I always do stupid blunders???

I'm still not used to Indonesian currency. Rupiah. With all the extra zeroes..Why lahhh??? The rate was 2.8. Means RM1=Rp2800.

This is where I managed to do my wedding card. And few other batik stuffs. Exclusives ones.

Second Location: Pasar Baru
Many of the cities in Indonesia has places called Pasar Baru..Pekan Baru, etc. All Baru-baru lah..ehhe.

Here was like Jalan Tar in KL. Its where you get cheap fabrics. Well, they do have expensive fabrics too. But its wayyyyyyyyy cheaper than in Malaysia's Jalan Tar. I got few things to sell up. And some also for my family.

They have really fine hospitality. While shopping at a shop named Gardens, the big boss came up to us and offered us drinks. We had coca cola in a bottle. He even asked if we want more. Why is it I only see boutiques in Malaysia doing this stuff?Like all those high class ones..Coach, LV and such. And that's only when you really purchase the stuffs or you are one of the regular shoppers??Bias ain't it??

Second Location: Nasi Goreng Kambing, Roadside
We were tired to the bone aaand hungry. Adri brought us to a roadside food gem. Think of plastic chairs, plastic tables the same level of your chair. Their main dish...Nasi Goreng Kambing. And people can even eat in their cars, parked along the road. It was just within walking distance to our hotel. Bro who's an avid coffee/nescafe drinker felt a bit off since he didn't get it the whole day. Indonesians doesn't really indulge in such drinks. Mostly they drink teas and other ice drinks. But Allah loves us. We found these:

A piece of Malaysia:)

And finally we reached our hotel. I was really exhausted but still, I couldn't sleep peacefully. Snores from the males woke me up. This reminds me of dear Superman.ehheh.


Nadine Mazbar said...

Hoped you managed getting all the things you needed dear hahaaha. And yeah 'Teh Sosro' is always Indonesian favorite (I don't like the taste either yuck!!!)

Btw, reading your 1st paragraphs made laughed mad ! Yam dear, now it's good lesson you've learned, and actually that kind of experience is scary right? Hohohho !

yam^Artfingers^ said... was really gila!!!!but i learned the hard way. hahahahha!padan muka.

selamat posa nad!!