Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jakarta Recap 2

Day 3-16th August 09, Sunday

The rented jazz car arrived at 8pm local time at the hotel lobby. We ran out of our cash. We couldn't draw out our money from the ATM of Indon's CIMB.WTF???I was cursing non-stop. What duh???My Maybank debit card and the ATM both had VISA sign. Even Bro tried his but to no avail. Last resort, we called Maybank Malaysia helpline. Only then we found out that we had to activate for overseas transaction. No wonder we couldn't swipe it during our Saturday shopping!Shitty to Maybank officer who attended to my questions pertaining the card usage. One more lesson learned!

The journey to Bandung was breezy at first. They have a nice highway which provide us with lots of photographic view. And we realized that they have alot of mosques nearby to each other. Logically Indonesian is a Muslim dominant country. But what differs from us was the fact we don't have that much of mosques in one place!

Nearing the toll of Bandung...the jam started. And after too! Adri said it is normal during weekend as Jakartarians and all over Indonesia usually comes at one time. I've been to Jakarta-Bandung when I was younger. So I was not excited at all to go to touristy spots like Tangkuban Perahu,etc. Pity my Bro who had never been there, since we had to make a U-Turn as the route to the top was taking to much of our time. Heading towards Pasar Baru Bandung, we had to go through another massive jam. I was already tired from sitting too long in the car. And my head was throbbing. What's more with crazy drivers..honking like nobody business. And most of them doesn't even give signals whenever they want to turn. Crazyyy!

True, Bandung is a shopping heaven. However it was too late for us to indulge it as we had so little time left before the shop closed. And due to our ATM card probs..we didn't have alot of cash in hand to spend on. We went back to Jakarta tired and frustrated again:(

Day 4-17th August 09, Monday

We planned to tackle some of our visit objectives such as wedding gifts buying, send off the fabrics we brought from Malaysia to Indonesian tailor and such on Monday. However all the shops were closed except the big ones with international brands such as Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia which was next to each other. It was Indonesian Independence Day. They really indulge their public holiday. Contradiction with Malaysian shops which never close except on Hari Raya Puasa and Chinese New Year celebrations. Merdeka? So what???More reasons to shop aite?

Nothing much happened. I didn't spend much except rm150 for my undies and dress to go back to Malaysia the next day. If u ask me whether things are cheaper in Indonesia? I would answer yes, if you are looking for traditional/non supermarket stuffs. Other than that, its almost the same as in Malaysia. Just that sometimes you'll find a new brand or unique styles. Again, money speaks. And don't underestimate Jakarta income bracket based on the volume of Indonesian people that comes to work in Malaysia. Guess what, they have the biggest Louis Vuitton in South East Asia in Plaza Indonesia which has the Gardens@Midvalley or Pavillion vibe. Go figure! And you can see polished, elite Indonesians just by looking at their styles and skin. Believe it or not, most elite caste, are usually fairer skinned. Wierd huh??!


Nadine Mazbar said...

Hahaha girl, when I read this, reminds me of my Indonesian spoilt girlfriends ! Yes dear, they're all flossed, Brazillian waxed, lulur, and skin-lasered, nose jobs, boob jobs, name it ! And right now, I'm so sick of going getting myself flossed because looking at the mirror I'll look like a 'product' waaahh ! I'm gonna take a breather from saloon and spa, manicure @ pedicure clinique for a while. Then when I'm ready I'm gonna continue again waaahhh !!

Anyway loves, luckily you called Msian helpline banking call centre...tu la, kena activate dulu..sorry lupa remind you before your trip loves (kat sini pun kadang my credit card selalu declined sebab line problem..bongok tak? hahahaha akhirnya I had to pull out cash uurgghhh !!!)

Hoped you had the best shopping experience in Jakarta-Bandung dear ;) Loves !

yam^Artfingers^ said... out...i'm coming again!!!!yahooo!hopefully u r free by then:)