Thursday, August 13, 2009

Serious Stuff- H1N1!!!

I love being ignorant on serious issues. Coz serious issues wrecked my brains and my warm heart. And I believe, it makes the lines on your face became more apparent after the wrinkles when hearing sad, worrying things.

But I think, as a matured adult, this blissful ways, never last long. And one of the current serious issues of concern is regarding the current health epidemic-Influenza A a.k.a H1N1 or locally known as Selsema Babi.(famous betul binatang bernama babi..siput babi,pink cam babi, dsbnya..hehehe)

And today, when I stepped myself into the building lobby, I saw a Chinese guy wearing a mask. Ignorant as I was, I went into the lift with a building maintenance guy, wearing it too. Owh okay. Then, when i frantically walking into the office as I was 15 minutes late, my colleagu told me a harrowing story-" Yesterday, a girl was picked up by ambulance after she colllapsed in her office at the 10th flr. She died this morning, caused by H1N1! And all the maintenance team started to wear the face mask!" Demmit! Its surreal! And suddenly the cleaner walked out from the Management Wing, wearing the hideous mask. Shits. I felt my body prickled.Shit Shit Shit....Its not happening.Cool down..Its just at 10th Floor rite??rite?rite???!


Another girl from a different floor is being quarantined since yesterday. She was ill. Suspected H1N1 infected too.

And what the hell r we still working today in this building???!!

Hopefully it all goes fine today and I stay healthy and my flu goes away pronto!
Am going to matter what.
I'm departing tomorrow.
Totally psyched but I think I need to get vaccinated before I leave.
Can my office's medical card pays for that? How much does it cost eh???Wergh!!!

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