Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I wonder why exactly i kept on having headache before i sleep. Yesterday was the worst. I tried hard to sleep but I couldn't. It was throbbing madly...and when finally I could sleep, I kept on waking after a while. Is this a symptom of brides to be?

Well, these couple of days, I was madly searching for this and that.

First of all. My wedding canopy colour. At first I wanted pink+white. But then I decided not to coz my neighbour who just got married on previous weekend had it for their canopy. Ergh..punah harapan! So i've got to decide for the new theme ASAP before my appointment this weekend to pay the deposit. What colour goes well for night wedding? I want it to look glam+enchanted+lively and so on(positive vibe). My big no no is on red, green, silver, orange, and gold hues. I need 2 colours combination. Help!

Things that I can finally tick off my list:

-makeup-madam hana
-florist+house deco-the wedding projects/mekar bunga deco
-nikah+receptions photographers-avicennastudio
-receptions videographers-avicennastudio
-pre-wedding photographer-ofilia(my x housemate now working at
-nikah+bride side's reception dresses-dzull classique,kajang
-nikah veil-ampang point(tak ingat lak nama kedai)
-wedding shoes-stuartz weitzman, klcc
-canopy+pelamin-QAS tent & event sdn bhd, putrajaya
-wedding gown+veil for groom's side reception-nisa mazbar
(finally i'm announcing her as my dressmaker:))->she's Da Mak Minah Tepi Kedai Pak Ali:))

Heys people ask me not about their quality, as different people may view them differently. I still can't really judge them coz i haven't got to see the final outcome. My decisions for choosing them was purely based on their previous work samples and my INTUITION. So if you want to know how to get in contact with them, just go to their websites or buzz problem:) Of all my vendors, I only knew Ofey and Nisa personally. They are siblings to my friends. Besides the nice price tag, its all about supporting my friends and trust. And one of The Wedding Projects team member, Ms Ninie, is also my friend that I knew from joining a political group, Once Upon A Time Not So Long Ago.heheh. They are really cool people. They might not be famous just yet. But I pray to dear Allah that the rezeki for them will be never ending and they will one day be super famous too. Hopefully, my wedding can be a nice booster for their future plannings. Insya Allah.

I am really excited and nervous to see the outcome. Berdebarnya! Hopefully they are worth every is so expensive when u r so particular like me! I wish I can be a laid back bride.

Other matters are still pending decisions..lots of it. And they are all playing in my mind...jumping with no orderly fashion. Too much things to think.. head's screaming. Can i have another Redang trip now??

Announcement, people!

Indonesian Trip!

Am going to Jakarta-Bandung between 14th-18th August 2009. During my 5D4N stay there, its gonna be a helluva of shopping madness. Yes, of course, mainly about my wedding. Am going to hit the fabrics, tailors, cards, gifts, food stores and of course..ermhh...hahahha... hehehhe...OTHER stores lah...ala...u know...side shopping....:))
So, if anyone, you, or your family, sedaras, friends, boss, company, etc needs sth from there, do buzz me. Perhaps, stuffs for Raya, weddings, gifts for Ramadhan & Raya, kain batik jawa, traditional foods, telekungs, house deco, etc. I will charge just a little portion to cover my transportation+logistic. Kalau ada, pls let me know ASAP before my departure date and explain to me about your budget, ideas, colours, etc in detail (yg plg penting your budget). Insya allah I will bring my lappie to update on my findings while I'm there. So u can still keep in touch with me over the net. Calls+msgs mahal lorh. Ingat ya kawan2...before 14 hb Ogos 2009.

So till later going to force myself to sleep. Its 11pm. daaa!

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