Friday, August 21, 2009

Jakarta Prelude

I tot i could write and write on Wednesday. It turns out I was so busy unpacking, running some errands, went back to my parents house, send my lil 'Mini' to workshop for servicing and satisfying my craving for sushi. I missed alot of things while I'm in Jakarta:
1. Forgot to wish my KMPP friend, Faiz on his engagement last Saturday.
2. I missed sushi(oops this is not Malaysian but it was so rare in Jakarta)
3. I missed teh tarik.
4. I missed nasik lemak.
5. I missed iced nescafe.
6. My ex boss was caught by police. He's a con. He still owes rm5k of my salary. Who? Fariz Kassim, the guy who con people about MINDEF project. The story was in papers since last Saturday. I prayed he got convicted. Tipu2 hidup takkan senang! Sometimes I wonder why and how did Allah decided to send me to him and work for him for almost a year. Back then, I did feel something was off. But I couldn't comprehend. The last straw was when he didn't pay up my salary for two months in a row! The company never registered the staffs in SOCSO/EPF and paid us properly through banking, instead, we always received cash, always late,..macam buruh kasar kan??! He kept on promising us to do so and delayed it till the end.

And yesterday, I was busy communicating with my card designer from Jakarta. Turns out I forgot to bring the actual files of map, wordings, etc for her to incorporate into the card. So luckily I still have the files and its not too big to be sent through emails.If not, I'm fucked up!

Its gonna be puasa tomorrow. I love Ramadhan. But my eyes will always felt sleepy during the fasting month. And my manja tummy will feel sad. However its all that I have to bear to get alot of pahala for all the good deeds, much more from the other Muslim months. After all, Ramadhan is a month of opportunities. So, to my Muslim readers, happy Ramadhan n I pray that it will bring alot of barakah to each n everyone of us. AAAminnnnnnn!

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Nadine Mazbar said...

Happy Ramadhan to you too ! ;)