Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes...before my departure date to Jakarta, which is this Friday.

Yesterday was Sunday.
Mr Flu made a comeback..
I didn't invite him because I HATE him.
But HE LIKES me.
Damn alot!

Today, I felt better.
But my eyes..keeps dripping tears.
I'm not sad.
But my eyes felt itchy+burning.

Yesterday, Mummy and I sat down and update my wedding budgetary.
And yes, we are almost there..what?? the Limit.
Something must be done.
A little business during Ramadhan+Raya.

The Kajang house is still far done. But I'm loving our new porch.
It makes the house looks bigger.
My room's bathroom was torned down to replace the tiles.
Its gonna be a pinky room.

Why the hell am I loving PINKS lately?
Its disturbing.
I'm always a blue girl.
Howcome pink manage to sneak in?
I wonder...

Hrmh...Its MONDAY.
Where is my boss?
Is he coming??
Maybe not.
Then I can entertain myself.


bizkutrai said...

So this Mr Flu..what do you mean by that?

yam^Artfingers^ said...

Mr Flu : selsema laa..heheheh