Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Hurts lah Doc!

I was excited to go to gym, sweating out. But not at my gym, decided to go to my old apmt where my friends still reside(BV). My backpain which forbids me of doing my routine at gym is still there. Really uncomfortable. Went to d same doc on my way to BV. I complained that I can't sit properly and get up from chair without feeling the pain. Everytime. And it has been months. I'm taking painkillers everyday. And I didn't run or fast walk or anything else that he forbided me earlier on. He advised me to do lots of swimming and cycling only. No foot-on-the ground types. But why its still there?? Don't tell me its still caused by torn muscle....again???!

Doc: Okaylah...I'll write for you a referral letter to specialist. Which hospital??
Me: Ampang Puteri lah doc. Nearest.
Doc: Old or young docs?
Me: Err..Handsome ones??Hehehe...No lady doc???
Doc: No..ladies don't like ortho..
Me:Oh yeah?...No problemo...
Doc: Ok..ehehhehe....I'll send you to Dato' Dr....bla bla bla...
Me: okkayyyyy!:)

Happy note: Yeay..Dr handsome
Sad note: takkan nak swimming hari2????rosak la rambut celupku dengan air chlorine tu! then..what happens with my gym membership??Ingat murah??Adoy! Think!

Note to Superman: Sorry Darling...I wish they have lady doc.Hehehehe:)

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