Monday, August 24, 2009

ABC of Travelling

Quite happy!
Ok..this is coming from me...who has not been travelling overseas since my university days. And back then it was so easy since I only need a passport, my destination has always been Thailand and I didn't have the debit/credit card thingy. No money no talk no jalan2. Easy as that. Well life became more complicated when you get older. heheheh. Listed below, are the things that I learned from my Jakarta-Bandung Trip. Thank God I was with my Bro and his Indonesian friend, Adri.

The ever gila2 Adri and my Bro

Crucial 101 of overseas traveling for dummies/newbies :
1)Pack at least the night before you fly. So that, if you found sth missing, you still have time to get it done in the morning before your flight. Well..only if your flight's at noon or later. Morning flight??Pack TWO days before..then you'll have one 'emergency' day.

2)Activate your Debit/Credit card for overseas transaction. And have as much cash as you can, reasonable enough to pay the taxis, foods, small shoppings during your stay. Also, depending on the location. Well-developed countries accepts payments through cards even in sundry stores. But not for others.Everytime you draw out cash from ATM you'll be charged RM12. Don't waste your money for nothing.

3)Check your passport validities and Visa application(if needed). I don't know about other countries. But all I know is, Malaysian government only allow its passport holders to travel overseas ONLY IF the VALIDITY OF PASSPORT IS NO LESS THAN THE DATE OF EXPIRY. Full stop.

4)Make a list of target places to visit/shop or stuffs you need to get by day.
So that, it won't divert your attention away. Its saves everything from money, energy and time.

5)Research your destination. Tourists usually depends on informations on the net, previous visitors reviews or pamphletes provided by the country of visit. However, it is also good for you to get extra informations, local digs through hotels concierge or people on the street(i.e cafes, your spa masseurs, local friends you found online). Don't be afraid to ask, but be cautious to follow. After all, its the whole point of travelling, getting to know the place.Aite?

6)Dress accordingly. You want to bargain at small shops or flea market, but you are wearing an original Hermes bag and Ralph Lauren shirts with an obvious logo on it and you speak with posh accent?? Duh..are you insane???Go figure.

7)Wear comfy shoes. When you travel you are bound to walk alot. And sometimes at the worst road conditions. Forget dressy slippers with very thin straps and sole. What's more kick ass boots and heels! Best bet, Crocs or any rubber sandals, enough cushion, wide straps, airy and light. Your feet will thank you for it.

8)Get acclimated with local flavours. As I said, research research research! Not just the locations but also local norms. Like their way of dressing, food, drinks, business hours, public holidays, land transportation, etc. Its crucial so that you can make your decisions and plannings better. And no upset tummies!

9)Check the destination airport tax for foreigners. Usually it is not included with your ticket. Airport tax can be costly. So no matter how crazy you are with the shopping, reserve enough money for the tax!

I think that's all so far. I hope the pointers will be beneficial for you. Good luck to future travellers. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

kesian, baru pegi indon dah kecoh..

diana luna said...

Aduhai Yam, all these are pretty basic info for travelers (even nak pg singapore pon i buat research , hence i'd stayed there for 6 months) , anyway congrats to u coz managed to get thru it.

yam^Artfingers^ said...

Anonymous: takutnya hang nak tulih nama ya sbb nak kutuk...yep its just Jakarta. And I'm not boasting or to 'kecoh' pon. just a soft reminder for the readers..who might dont even know about all this little2 stuffs. Salah ke?? sometimes even the basic ones tend to forgot when you are all excited. So...ade masalah ke??

Diana: Lucky you for not having to go through all that. yeah...not all are season travellers. So as me who learned the hard way. But I don't regard myself as stupid but careless. Thanks anyways for congratulating me.

yam^Artfingers^ said...

Crucial 101 of overseas traveling for dummies/newbies

Read: not for seasoned travellers and those who are lucky enough to have time to research and have people around them to remind all those little2 thingy.

okay. no pun intended.