Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happening Hols+Sleepy Eyes in the Morning.

Yesterday afternoon, around 4:30pm, was my awaited pre wedding photoshoot.
TQ, XOXO to my peeps who managed to come and fill up the empty space in the frames:)
It was a really funny, absurd, awkward, romantic moments.
The Diva and Kings of us made the appearance within the hour.
Hopefully, its was all translated beautifully in the pics.
When we wrapped up, we were totally tired, famished and just want food. A real nice one.

Headed up to Cawan, Bangsar. Too bad, they didn't want to prepare the tables nicely for the 12 of us.
But when we said we wanted to check out other restaurants, suddenly, they frantically rearrange the tables...WTF kan??Lazy...banyak alasan!
We then went up to the balcony of the newly renovated Madam Kwan, and ordered sumptuous foods. After we finished the food, we were all melepek...perut sudah penuh SANGAT woo!

p/s: 2 kali dah p Madam Kwan minggu ni!Cik Mas ade dua2 kali.haha.
Cam belangkas lak kitorg ni.

So I went to check the Bimba & Lola sale. LianaMazlan cakap semua 50%. Mak datok!!
Tapi, when I arrived, I couldn't find anything captivating. Except the shoes.
Tak boleh...I need a bag je!!Nanti Superman bising lak.
Cemane ni???
OOps...tersuka sesuatu.. A shoes..sangat suka.. tried it on..the display..
my size pulak tu(sangat rare ok!)..Tiba2....

Salesman: Kak, itu pig skin shoes la..
Me: hah???!Alamakk..tak perasan the label la...Siyes, tak sedar..
Salesman: Takpe, kalau kulit kita kering takpe.. jangan kulit tgh lembab..
bersentuh of course kene samak.
Me: Cis..!!!!Nasib kulit tengah kering!

Can Malaysian retailers please DO NOT SELL ANY PIG SKIN ITEMS???
Dahla frust tak dapat beg raya.
Terpakai pig skin shoes.

Today..I am really2 sleepy.
I dreamt of wierd+scary things.
Maybe because I watched Sarjan Hassan movie before falling asleep.
I woke up at 2am, with my legs trembling.
Takmo tengok cerite Sarjan Hassan lagi!
Happy Independence Day!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

erksss...boley takkk...ehhehe takpe taktau takpe

yam^Artfingers^ said...

haahah..tulah..gilerks kan..