Monday, October 5, 2009

A LOT of Stories....

1. I had a major blood pressure problem.
Not high bp
But low bp.
Its always like that. But last week, it was so bad, that makes me have fever and headache at the center of my head. No joke man..It was terrible. Took two days MCs.
The doc gave me some meds. One of it smells like cat's pee. Hancing!!! I think that's the best since I got better after two days of taking it. But seriously..I dread it with all my heart. YUCKS!!!

2.My florist made a visit to my house.
Yeah, the lovely 2 friends of mine, Ninie and Winnie finally made their way to my 'under construction' house last Friday night to get the vibe of the house and measurements of the stairs. On Thursday, I will join them to the flower supplier to pick the blooms on my own coz I am terribly fussy. Luckily they are my friends and layan je laaaahhhh!! hehehehe..

3.Have you ever heard of 'Lintasan'??
The event happened to my papa on Friday. He was getting ready for Friday prayers at nearby mosque, when suddenly, he felt so cold and his body was shaking right after even after switching off the fan and wrapped his body with thick blanket. He went to sleep and woke up about two hours later. My mom who saw him staring blankly to the space, panickly asking him whether he was okay. He didn't respond. And after awhile, he said, "Nak sembahyang Subuh". She frantically called my brother and they drove to our family clinic at Kajang, while he still stared blankly. My brother had to lugged him into the clinic. He didn't respond to my mom when she asked him to get down from the car. While waiting his turn, he vomited. Then only he realized where he was..he didn't remember at all everything that happened previously. The doc gave him a jab, and he went to sleep untill the next morning. He woke up so early, fit as fiddle and asked my mom what she wanted to eat. Eh??!

My mom said, it looks like he got 'lintasan', a situation when spirits a.k.a ghosts, became angry when we accidentally disturb their place. Eh??Is it?? Where did my dad went??Wasn't he just at home before the incident happen? Is my house ..a ghost house???huwaaaaa!!No Mariam, think positive!

4. My wedding gift containers has arrived!
It is cute! Won't reveal it yet. Clue:Traditional:)

5. I think I don't really mind to be a chubby bride, because my Superman is wayyyyyyy chubbier! AHAHAHAHA!
Frankly, everytime I feel like dieting there's always stumbling points:
-my back pain
-food laden parties
-my low bp sickness
all requires me to eat this and that.

Therefore, I almost give up by now to be a slim, sleek, gorgeous bod bride.
Getting slim is very pressuring. What's more my with wedding is in
1 month and 2 days?!
The worriness will appear on my face. Its bad..really bad.
Now I need to be calm.

I'll be happy to be a chubby gorgeous bride.

(with curves)

Who says you can't be gorgeous when you are a tad fatter then what you used to be during your glamorous days??
or rather when you first met The One??
Right makeup..right hair..right dress..right accesories.
That's all you need.
Oh yes..also..
the right attitude and the right smile.:)

this is not a denial. this is the reality.

That's all for now people. I want to eat some chocolates.
My boss is on MC.


Anonymous said...

sabo je lah aku baca entry terakhir ko nih...

yam^Artfingers^ said...

hik tak besa kan..

Boo-Boo said...

TRUE! i dun think i can lose so much weight for me to look gorgeous on my wedding day..its gonna be so hard!

but wut is wrong wif a chubby bride? ive seen a bride bigger than us but she looked happy, smiled all the time during her reception...

so be happy darl.. :)