Monday, October 5, 2009

Kisah Kawan2 Tak Ingat Kawan...

You know what, my friendship is one most treasured thing in life.
Jika mahu berkawan dengan saya biarlah ikhlas.
Sebab saya mmg sayang sangat kawan2.

Although I understand that not all friendship are meant to last.

After graduating from colleges and universities, my school buddies became closer(thank you mcm dah sucks jek??) and when it comes Raya time, we organized visiting convoys..(nape cam tiap2 tahun org sama jek ehh, lain2 mana??). So of course all the old and new stories and gossips was talked about.

Some of pressing issues are;

1. Forgetful friends.
Okay, how bad is your brain at this age ..when a name of your batch mate was mentioned..and you could not recognize??

And, how bad it is when you saw someone but you can't recall the name but you remember the face??

How cant recall the name AND the face alltogether?? And badly enough, that person remembers your name AND/OR your face???

Yes I admit I am really bad at remembering names. Seriously. But not the face. Unless you do a plastic surgery on your God given face. Public apology from me if I can't remember your beautiful names if we see each other next time. Close will not suffer from this ya.. I'm talking about..those who I really rarely meet and communicate.

One of my good friend, E, told me this sickening story of her best friend, F, during secondary school year. You know those friends who were always together in everything?? So, when they all went to different colleges each found a new life. But E always remember her and found her on FB. So she said hi and expected her to reply accordingly. Instead she asked 'Who are you?'. F is already living in Dubai and married her love who is also her classmate. Which of course E knows very well. And there were few bouts of reliving the memories of F about E. The thing is..F couldn't remember anything at all. And E got pissed off because she couldn't phatom the fact that F no longer remember her, at all! Surprisingly, E's image and physical is still the same as it was before. Except she now wears lipstick.

Its a sad story really. Its not even twenty years since we left school. If I were E, I'd delete her from my friend's list. You know what, its still okay if you don't remember the name..but, to not remember anything at all including your close friend's face is terrible. So people, reopen you yearbook. And try to remember the faces and hopefully the names.

2. Drastic changing of personalities/body/gf/bf/scandals/economic status???
Okay...this is another taboo but fun gossip story.
"You know what, X brought her scandal to the wedding party of A. But she was still courting his bf that we met last year!"

"I met D last week at TESCO. My god, he's fat! He was so GQ bod when we left our school aite??Whatever happened to him?Heart broken??!


and some even daringly said face to face like..
"Apesal ke gemok sangat oiii!!!!!Ko nak kawin ke tak ni??"..oh okay, this I got it myself. When I'm in a good mood..I wouldn't mind..I would have joke about it too. But what if I was having PMS or simply I was in a really bad mood. WTF kan?? You wouldn't want to mess around with me! gemuk takleh kawin ke?? It would b nicer and more matured by asking how your friends doing rather than ridicule her/him in front of others, rite???

ape lagi ek...

"Eh..ko tak keje tapi still duk mewah2..ko ade sugar daddy yek?yek??" WTF la..have you ever heard home based business..MLM..stock funds...or lottery(oh yg ni haram untuk org islam yek!)?? You know what, just because a lady does not work in the office, doesn't mean they can't find money, legally and halal yek..sometimes, office ladies pon ade jugak sugar daddy kan..ooops, no pun intended.Oh btw..guys pon ade gak yg hidup sbb ade sugar mummy. So fair la..No gender is better than the other.

I think that's all about this issues that I can think about.

Be careful of wuteva you do, say and body language when you see your friends and relatives especially during this hari raya. What's the purpose you shaking your hands with them, XOXO and say maaf zahir batin but later on you makes them feels sad or angry , all in one occassion? Some people really take it to the heart.

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