Monday, October 19, 2009

Sexy Love Story

I'm way too late to talk about this movie.
Pardon my faulty dvd player.
I had the dvd after its release and that was when the player having problems.
And I totally forgot about it until yesterday when Superman darling bought a new
dvd player and we picked a dvd to test it. Yeay!!

What movie???

ha ha ha ha

yes...Twilight the Movie...

And I'm way too late to watch it. Nevertheless, true to its rave reviews. It was awesome!!!
I watched it twice, back to back..and caused me to sleep at 2 am!
Everything about it I love.
Especially the part where he revealed his real self to his love and when they went to school, and, everyone was agape looking at them.
That was really cool. I imagined myself being the heroin. Oh....
Ya...she scored a real looker which every girl drools but he never cares.
Which girl won't feel proud aite?

And for the first time I really fell in love with the hero character.

Edward Cullen played by the wickedly handsome Robert Pattinson.

I just love the quiete demeanour.
I think I have always love those handsome+calm+quiete types.
They are like a mystery needs to be solved. And I wouldn't mind getting bitten by handsome sexy and also loving vampire like him. Ha ha ha..
I think I bad boys attracted me in a wierd way.

Actually I've noticed him since he played Cedric Greggory, in Harry Potter movie.
Even back then, I did feel like I'm going to see more of him. Proved ain't it?

I know..this sounds yucky..But hey world..
I'm just a normal human being. Err a normal girl.
Here it is screen crush.

Edward Pattinson.

Ha ha ha ha...!!!!!!!!!!

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