Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm feeling lost.
I'm feeling numb.
I read his msg this morning when i woke up..
And I cried real hard on the bed. My pillow was mapped.
Its really bad to be crying in the morning, first thing.
I have no energy to do everything.
I just want to curl inside my comfy blanket, contemplating my fate.

Just at that very moment, mummy called me on the cell.
She gave me strength.
Although she didn't even know.
Her voice just snapped me up.
I have other souls to be thinking about.
Thank you mummy. I love you.
Because of you and papa..things gonna be fine.

But then, just give me another 5 minutes to cry my heart out.


diana luna said...

Eh..lagi 2 minggu nak kawin..jangan sedih-sedih! Nanti x naik ser pengantin. Kenapa ni babe? Heard something , tapi x nak cakap apa2 until i hear it from you sendiri.

yam^Artfingers^ said...

complicated aa diana...

sth that u cant exactly point out..until its really happening.

i chose to fathom.