Friday, October 16, 2009


I feel like running out of the office right now.
There's so little work to do.
Actual fact, i've completed all my tasks.
And thinking that I have so many things that I should be doing regarding my wedding,
I felt like I'm wasting my time here in my office.
Seriously, I wish I'm the boss now.

I forgot to blog about my recent prep.
About my dresses.

Last weekend, me n Cik Mas went to Nisa's house for my second fitting. the shape of the dress's fine. But the sleeves is giving us both the headache. It doesn't seem right. And I need more beadings on the chest. Its a very simple dress. Nothing extravagant. I might say its not exactly how imagined it to be..but its okay. And I'm still waiting for the price. Yeah, its not yet quoted. Praying hard it won't be out of my budget.

And on Monday, me, Superman, Kojack and Ofey, went to Dzull Classique for my traditional dresses fitting. My dresses was okay except needed to take off few inches here and there and to put in extra beadings.

Superman and his man of honour, Kojack, just sent their Baju Melayu for the Berinai session! Owh...guys will always be guys. Drag it all till the last minute. Luckily the tailor still can accept it. And when we were about to walked out, I asked them both what kind of baju did you they ordered?
Superman: Baju Melayu biasa la...the one with five buttons at the neck.
Me: What?????!!Its supposed to be Baju Melayu Johor!!
and...they mistakenly switched the fabric. Oh my god! Who am I marrying??
Kojack or Superman???
And the tailor, Abg Dzul had to re-measure them both according to the Baju Melayu Johor design.
And I felt like..Erghh...I can't describe the feeling..
Everybody was laughing mad. But I felt pissed..
I think my face contorted and transformed to a lioness!
I know I shouldn't be that hard on him.
But well, the diva in pressure was making its appearance.
I was pressured up the whole day.
So I guessed I couldn't contain anymore mistakes or carelessness.
Sorry Darling.

I felt that I became so much more sensitive.
And I havn't feel the 'debaran' bakal pengantin yet.
My mind is full of the preparation thingy.
I havn't got the time to check my feelings too much.

Superman is too busy.
Busier than ever.
Its critical time now.
But his work and study is taking up so much of his time.
Its hard.
I hate the fact that I can't call him up anytime that I want and expect
him to listen to me.
What's more to expect him to be there with me.
But I know he's doing it for me. For our future. TQ darling.
But being a girl,
I always need his attention.
Especially during these trying time.
Sometimes I question myself whether I'm such a nag.
I hope I'm not.
I think I'm not that bad.
But I wouldn't know.


p/s: I can't wait for this weekend to happen.
Hope it all goes well. Happy happy moments.

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