Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1st Panick Attack

My calm demeanour was shattered this morning.

While keying in my boss's schedule for the week in the in the Outlook..
I realized that...

Exactly 4 weekends.

bloody hell!!!

I seriously don't believe it!!!

Now I'm worried. I'm panicking!
I don't know what exactly..

But I think its a mixture of:

Unfinished business of:
2-hantaran deco
3-shopping hantaran stuffs
4-fitting and picking up the wedding dresses
5-renovation of the house-mcm tongkah pecah okay!aku marah tul ngan contractor ni!
6-non-moving planning of Superman's side due to ..bla..bla...can't say. secret!:(
7-well..the day hasn't come.
8-so, I'm not yet his legally married wife. Not yet!!

today is 6th OCT. tomorrow will b exactly one month to go.

oh oh oh!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

refer to num 6 issue..
Is it normal or is it overboard for a bride to worry about his groom's side planning?? Mummy said leave it to them. Its their business..
But my heart says..I am the bride..
Its OUR wedding.
Of course I want it to be as perfect as possible kan, no matter whose side??
Am i a Bridezilla??really??Am I being overboard. Am i worrying unnecessary things?
Am I too much to feel disheartened when my fiance decline my help
to settle some little things for his side ceremony??I almost cried.
Am I having PMS? No..I just had my period.
Help..I don't want anybody to think I'm nuts.
I just wanted to help.
Hope it will all be okay.
Darling, cepat la tak busy. Uhuk!


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