Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been suffering of a throbbing headache since Monday night until now..I can't even talk loud, sneeze or cough without feeling it getting much more intense. I don't know what caused it.
I took some med..but it doesn't go away. Oh Allah, please don't make it worse. But how worse can it be?? Is it just migraine or can it be tumor? God knows. I don't know. I hate to go to the clinic and all. And I' working. I realized I took quite alot of MCs lately due to my back pain checkups. So I gathered my strength. Praying that I won't collapse.

So today...I am in a really calm, non-talkative mode.

Oh my wedding prep is getting haywire.. the orders from Indonesia just arrive.. But we have to pay the custom tax. Damn. 30% from the value. There goes the unexpected cost. Mind you, the vendor posted it through their national courier service a.k.a Pos Laju like in Malaysia. Contrary to International courier service e.g UPS, DHL,etc which has custom tax included and they send the stuffs right to your door. No wonder the delivery service was cheap.. Darn! And you have to pick it up at LCCT yourself, or appoint Pos Malaysia as courier which adds up another RM49++.

My mom just called saying that the 600 cards I printed is not enough. Wut duh? 600=at least 1200 ppl. How many she's inviting...oh oh...I don't want to think.. She's paying. Up to her lahh.. I'll just reorder some.

I havn't picked up my dresses. I worry if I added up few more pounds recently.. But I think NOT kot..puhh puhhhh.....i'allahh.. I think I'll do it in one or two weeks later.

I can't wait 10.10.09.
There's a lists of events to be attended. 2 of my friends are getting hitched. My secondary school, SMKAMH, is having our first big reunion. I' having my first makeover. And there will be relatives open houses ..ALL IN ONE DAY!

okehh..I've got to buzz off...anxiety is not a good thing to my head right now. I need to be calm.
~Toodle doo~

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