Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ytday was an eventful day.
there's two highlights.
but i can only write one of the highlight.

after an appointment at bukit jelutong, it was already dark, maghrib time.
and the road was probably jammed all over KL.
So i called my aunty, Cik Jijah who's living nearby.
Voila, I got free dinner and one hour full of
'interview', lecture, and advice pertaining my wedding prep.
Suddenly, she announced she wanted to go to Kajang, my parents house.
And I was like, "Cik so you want me to go too??"
She said, "Ya, u r the host and I'm gonna talk about you."
At that moment i knew I have to cancel, my Gossip Girl 2-paper bags-eat-sleep
night to one hell of a discussion night with the family. Aiyark!!!
But really, thank God she came with my uncle last night.
They pointed things we forgot and didn't see it coming.
Phew...extra works+extra RM flowing out. lalalalalala!
Extra headache.

Today, I woke up feeling lethargic and super lazy to go to work.
I slept at 2am.
Sleeping late while watching TV is so much different than sleeping late
because your head was on overdrive thinking about serious issues.

I hope, in one week, the madness will end. Can't wait for the Big Day.
I hate the chaos in my life and mood swings because of that one
big beautiful important day.
But chaos makes my life has a purpose-->to end the chaos.
No chaos-->No challenge-->boring-->like my job now.ouch!
But, its too much. My face skin's acting up. Tiny2 pimples showing up.
Hate you pimples!

I want to go back n sleep n clean up my messy house.
Its not a house anymore.
Like a shop. Like a store.
My wedding stuffs are all there. All over the house. Rimas!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

itu bru la rase vibe wedding! :D
owhhh u must be excited kan...hehhehe

yam^Artfingers^ said...


excited..anxiety attack!

tak terkata. all in one:)