Monday, October 12, 2009

Aku Serabut..

Yes...3 more weekends to go.

And I'm living in chaos.


I don't know how to describe it.

But it is insanely unbelievable something terribly important, at this very2 critical time went so haywire because of bad planning by the planners. Not my side. His side. I felt frustrated, angry, sad and worried. Pity Superman and family. This is what happen when people take it as only a job..not something personal for them to really care off. What was actually happening? hrmh...sorry I can't actually reveal it here.

I hope today will bring a better news than the last weekend.

My bridesmaids felt more 'seram' and more nervous than I already am. Luckily and thankfully they offered me the greatest comfort that I need right now. Kind words and happy thaughts when we were together..talking some other things about life than all about my wedding. Don't get me wrong. Its also a pleasure when people asked me how's my wedding preparation. I felt like you care. But if it was asked just to mess my head and downgrading me, get the hell out of my life. My mind is already messed up without your careless words.

Hrmh...Alot of things prior to the wedding didn't go as what we have planned.
Although some part of it was even better than the original plans. I think I could take it.
Because I always believe in "Expect the Unexpected".
Of course I prayed that the negative stuffs never occured. I wish I can say our wedding preparations went smoothly without any hiccups and blame anything went wrong to the vendors.. But I guess, it could be if money is never a question.
Quoted from Superman,
"Nak value Mercedes, bayar la harga Mercedes".
Yeah..yeah..that's a businessman talking about his too demanding client who want
superb service but bargaining with him for an insanely low price.
how many times did i use the word insane in this entry??

Ape yang penting..kerjaaasama!(mcm lagu Wonderpets)..hehehe..

Actually I wanted to say:

What's important is, we will belong to each other as
a legally married couple
on 7.11.09.

Insya allah!
Readers..please pray for us.
Love you.


diana luna said...

Yam, should enjoy the preparation part as it's on once a lifetime experience. Of course there's going to be glitches here and there, but which wedding doesn't have one?
Take this as an opportunity to build-up your future husband. Only the union of you two that's matters...

diana luna said...

*Take this as an opportunity to build-up your your relationship with your future husband.*

yam^Artfingers^ said...

i think i've build him enough!

thanks diana for being there:)