Thursday, October 29, 2009

If It Meant to Happen....

It will.

Tell you what..u can be very2 good wedding planner, you can have all your dreams played up in your head, and you go all the way to make it happen perfectly.

But shit always happens when you are less likely to feel its going to happen.
Like what happened to me yesterday.

At 4pm, I faxed to my canopy company office the list of songs to be played, according to the time cue during the event. Its a simple thing. I've prepared the Audio CD and labeled it accordingly so that there won't be any mixed up. They are just waiting to be passed to the DJ. Actual fact, the DJ should help me out in some part like burning the CD after I've given the MP3 files. But me being me, so baik and want it to be perfect, I willingly to do it on my own. Rest the case.

And, about 930pm, I received a call from their rep. The lady boss(B). Ouch..this doesnt sound good. Looks urgent. They had never called me at night.
So I picked it up.

B : Cik Mariam, I'm sorry to interrupt at night. But then I have to let you know, that the DJ told us he won't be able to take the job. He can't do like how you said in the fax.
Me(M): Hah?what?what did I said that he can't do?which part??
B : Well, he said that he can't play according to the cue. And he can't find the songs that you wanted.
M: What????!!!!!!!!!wait2.I'm confused. You said earlier before I book the DJ that he can play according to the cue. Just that we need to specify the timing, which I have stated clearly in the fax. And you said that in case he don't have the songs I should have my own CD burned for him. Fine enough I did that. Kan I wrote in the note that I have prepared the CD and I asked when should I passed it up. What the hell??!!
B: Tula , Cik Mariam, tadi we showed him that fax. Dia cakap he can't do it. He's scared he mixed up and played wrongly. And the karaoke songs you requested tu he can't find(or rather malas nak carik???!!!). He has alot of karoke CD. So kene carik sendiri.
M: Hey B, so what exactly he can't do?????!!I dah follow wuteva it is u asked me to do..and then suddenly u cakap tak boleh pulak skrg. I mean NOW??????!!! This is one week before do you know that???!! Don't you think I can't sleep peacefully now??
B: I'm sorry la cik Mariam. This DJ is not directly under us. We outsource him. So if he don't want to take the job, I can't force him lah. Sorry sangat2.
M: Hey what the hell which makes him think he can't do it. Its so simple. Play accordingly. I dah prepare CD2 tu. Dia play ikut my spec je la. Bukannye susah. Abis, are you saying he's the type who wants to work sesuka hati jek??Abis kalau orang kompang dia nak main gak lagu dia??!!!mesti la ikut cue! Takkan sesuka hati jek dia nak play lagu dia!

Bla bla bla bla....yada yada...
That was the first time I shouted at the vendor. I was at my boiling point.
You deserve it bitch!
I'm sorry if you say its not your fault. But IT IS coz I trusted you!
Who doesn't agree??angkat tangan! Berani la...;p

So guys. Hell kan? It is to me.
Now I have to find a new one. Pronto.I have one week to settle. A week which I'm suppose to be calm and smile. Happy. To avoid the pimples, wrinkles and dull skins caused by this kind of pressure. Am I sad? NO. I'm ANGRY!!!!

So now..who has contacts for DJ??
A well-equiped,nice, reasonable
one who is not as dumb and chicken as that ex DJ of mine??

Please..let me know ASAP.
Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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