Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its Getting Scarier

I've been undoubtedly procrastinating my blog writing these days.
I hope I won't bore you readers with my wedding prep again n again.
But since I write mostly about my life story..u've got to bear with it for awhile. Hehe.
Just a little while. Saturday is the BIG DAY!Its a mere 3 DAYS away!!!
So what happened since last entry.
I managed to secure a DJ together with the equipment. Nice bloke. Big THANKS to IDA my officemate for the number. I hope he won't turn into a stupid DJ again. Pray pray pray. I handed him a list of songs that he need to have in his karaoke. He promised to look up for them.
On Friday my BFF from BV clan organized my hen night. We stayed at PNB Darby Park. Thanks for Diana and the BF for getting the best rate(i believe so!) and nice hotel breakfast.I love hotel breakfast! And super thanks to Ramesh and Hana for a special treatment at the Zeta Bar. First class okay!..And last but not least...big sloppy kisses and hugs for Yash(the Dare Master--ohhhh ko dah revenge le ni..hehhehe), Wawa and friends(you know...i'm really bad at names), 'wifey' of Jass..missus Crystal, OFEY...aler, u missed the party girl, and the 'It' girl, Azea!!!!!(Wey you ought to have that cendawan hair permanently!Suits you hottie!).Muah muah!!!!!!!!I'll paste the devilish-halloween-themed pics later. Perhaps, after my wedding there will still be parties.. don't desert me off the fun!
N then...
The Monday started off my last week as a single girl..err..lady?No?
I hate Mondays as usual.Nothing much. Just big meeting with my uncles and aunties. Wahh..there was some major changes and adding this and that came up.
Well in any event, when you say add...
means your expenditure will definitely goes up.
And my brain was heading for massive damage for overdriving the calculator mode!
THEN comes Tuesday which is yesterday.
The DJ told me that he couldn't have the requested songs. Its for my singers(Bad n Lynn) to sing to. Erghhhhh...they have practised the songs! How leh...major decision again..shitss..
Oh..there's one thing happened on my way to office yesterday. I tuned up to Mix FM.
Of all the topics in the world..they chose to have this,
"Have you had the experience of being dumped near your wedding day?"
sth like that. They asked listeners to call and pour out their hideous real-life history! Oh fucking hell!! It scares the life out of me! The worst I listened to was about a ceremony held in a church. Well, this story was told by the Man of Honour of the Groom which is also best friend to the Bride. They Groom had cold feet..and left the Bride at the altar. And another one is...A Groom didn't attend his wedding because he found out the Bride was in love with HIS FATHER!!!!
How bad was that???
And one movie moment that reminds me of this episode was in the Sex And The City's.
Mr Big couldn't even make himself went out of the car to marry Carrie Bradshaw!
What a waste. They could have a FABULOUS wedding.. Its so in my dreams.. designer gown-Vivienne Westwood's-->Free pulak tu!..and in a museum. So me!!!I'm already planning in my head where our to-be-but-don't-know-whether-it-will-be-a-reality-or-not anniversary party will be. Ha hA ha..I can see Superman puking and frowning.
He's not big about parties. I do..I OH SO IN LOVE with parties..:)
ok ok enuff about that.
Hope Superman is a real S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N.
Don't break my heart Darling!
Today...I still have tonnes to do. Picking up my baju from tailor.
Makeup test appointment.
Buying this and that.. much more...
I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings.
I'm sorry if I ever talk bad things about you.
I'm really sorry.
Forgive me.
to go through this life changing experience.
Wish me luck.
Bride to be,

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