Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ih..... gerammmm!....

This is cerite basi..but suddenly I remembered it all back.
Hrmh..remember I went to Jakarta recently to settle my wedding prep thingy?
I hired a card designer. Well its not exactly cheap..But it was a different kind of designing..
Well, that was based on the card display that I chose. It was pretty.
And I had my fantasy..

And I prepared the wordings+map files in illustrator already. All that she needed to do was to
paste it and design the card la..put in the motiffs and prepare the final files for printing.
Well ini lah bahananya when a designer is another designer's client.
I was a graphic designer. And I was very2 fast. Yala...Ask anyone working as designers..the life was full of datelines. But I also did it with quality.
What makes you a good designer??-Listen carefully to your client needs.
She didn't. And the design? Gila bodoh.. I mean seious bodoh!!!!

She changed the wordings. Konon nak fit the space. But it was clumsy.. It was not neat...and it changed altogether the meaning!
So, being a nice client I was, I retyped again, with lesser words..which..demi Allah will leave alot of space..and I sacrificed some wordings that was originally needed.
Again, she didn't follow my instruction. She played me up. As if I don't know anything about printing and card making technicalities. For godsake, my card was just printing. No emboss. No letterpress. No hot stamping treatments! Therefore, the wordings or the design can be customized ikut suka as long as it doesn't affect the space. Easy as that.
Oh and she said its because she followed the Indonesian style of wordings. F her! Since when lak macam tu. It all can be customized la. Ass!

Imagine...2 weeks went by...and the draft was not even finalized. I finally burst out. Emailed her that I'm terminating her service last Saturday morning. And after all the days we've been communicating, she suddenly decided that it was time we turn on our messenger machine a.k.a YM 'speed up the communication', after my angry email.

What makes me so angry at the moment?? Because I saw her card. Because there's the word 'Card Specialist'. Because she was not. And conned me. And made me pay her deposit. Now i wasted RM200.00++.

In the end I ordered here in Malaysia. Just wait how this one turns out. May Allah bless me:(


diana luna said...

wah..serious babe? Gile xbest..baru je ingat nak tempah card kat jakarta...

yam^Artfingers^ said...

no la...there's still other shops..maybe it was not my luck to get her..btw..buat kat bandung better..lagi cepat.

Anonymous said...

Moral : Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia...

yam^Artfingers^ said...

Barangan buatan Malaysia ke Indonesia ke sama...kalau da tukang buat dia cam taik...p sana sbb murah..tu je.