Thursday, September 3, 2009

7.11.09 PREPARATION CHECKLIST (updated:21/10/09)


only d bride's side:)


1. Date: 7.11.09
2. Time: 8pm
3. Venue:Home@Kajang
4. Book Canopy+Dais Decorator: QAS Tent & Event Sdn Bhd
5. Book Florist+House deco:the wedding projects/mekar bunga deco
6: Book Makeup:madam hana
7. Book pre-wedding photographer-ofilia(my x housemate now working at
8. Pre-wedding photography session-31.08.09
9. nikah+receptions photographers-avicennastudio
10. receptions videographers-avicennastudio
11. book nikah videographers-preetypeektures
11. order nikah+bride side's reception dresses-dzull classique,kajang
12. picked up berinai bride's side dress- Bak Tailor
13. buy nikah veil-ampang point
14. buy nikah scarves-Jln Tar
15. buy wedding shoes-stuartz weitzman, klcc and Guess
16. ordered wedding gown+veil for groom's side reception-nisa mazbar
17. ordered guest wedding gifts-Jakarta and Nilai
18. ordered wedding card-Dee Gallery Card
19. buy dulang hantaran-Nilai
20. buy barang hantaran from him to me(we buy our own and xchange later)-completed 3/7
21. Book Jurunikah-
22. Order reception dresses for family-Jakarta
23. Booked cake for reception-Ellie -->thanks Ayang
24. Booked singers-My officemates.XOXO!
25. Booked pengapits- Cik Hana & Cik Mas
26. Decided cupcake motifs and colour-free gift from florist
27. Final proof reading of wedding card
28. Book kompang group-mum/papa, kompang budak taman
29. Book AV system-QAS Tent and Event Sdn Bhd
30. Collected wedding card-yeay!!!!!!!!!, awesome.
31. Submited nikah appl forms- dah dapat approval!! yeay!!
32. Decided cupcake motifs and colour-for hantaran, sponsored by Cik Mas,TQ
33. Distributed cards-50% settled especially friends and neighbours
34. Bunga Paha-bought pink, some whites,sponsored by Yashma, TQ
35. Sent all dresses fabrics for bridesmaids and man of honour.
36. Buy alas dulang + deco-sendiri buat hantaran, buat portfolio bisnes(nk tempah tuk nxt year boleh lah kepada bakal2 pengantin+bertunang), just starting
37. Bunga manggar-40pcs
38. Finalize guest lists-Finally!
39. Finalize reception cake design-Ellie canceled.Changed to Lynn of myhadiah


1. VIP gifts-what??!shits..havn't decided or even searching!Mummy!!!!
2. Background songs List-Cool songs found..yeay! Havn't burned into CD, will do by this week
3. Songs choice for singers-Needs 5 songs for about 30 mins show during bersantap.
4. Pre-wedding spa sessions- Tini's Spa (lagi 3 sessions), cancelled last week's..bile tah nak reschedule!
5. Fitting & Collect baju from Dzull Classique- Final fitting belum lagi..
6. Final Fitting & Collect baju from Nisa Mazbar-Final fitting belum lagi..
7. Trial Makeup-1.11.09,Sunday
8. Slideshow for reception-sendiri buat, dah dapat pre-wedding shots, still havn't got time to create!
10. Wall decos-havn't printed out the selected pics.
11. Bridal room deco- sendiri buat!
12. House cleaning up+ rearrangements+redecorate-Arghh...stupid contractor!Works just resumed this week.
13. Decide on Honeymoon trip-ade ker???still deciding..
14. Task List for crews- Argh argh arghhh!!
15. Itinerary-Roughly, but havn't pen down by minutes.
16. Family meetings

17. Prepare 250pcs DIY paperbag from vintage batik wrapping paper for nikah-another 150 to go!
18. Filling in gift containers with only be done on Thursday & Friday,5th-6th.Nov


Nadine Mazbar said...

All the best dear !!! I'm so excited myself wow ! ;D Bonne chance cheri ! ;*

yam^Artfingers^ said...

werghh now i'm gonna say....

tequilla por favor!