Monday, September 21, 2009

Year 2009 Raya-Part 1

This is my notes up to 2nd day 1230pm

Happy Eid Fitri again people. Rite now am still my parents house @ Kajang.

Few unexpected things happened.

1. We missed annual SALAM2 session.

Our house had visitors after Raya prayer. Until noon. And after my sister left for his husband's village at Kelantan, we went busy with my wedding card address writing. We only realized we missed the session when my Bro pointed it out on the way to Superman's house after Maghrib, the first house we visited.Hrmhh... If we do it on other won't be the same.

2. We missed annual visit to Papa's brother's and uncle's house.
Usually after Salam2 session, we would get ready to start our visitations. And usually we visit Wak Man's house first. But well as I've mentioned..we only started visiting after Maghrib. Oh my... I felt incomplete.

3. I didn't eat as much as I wanted to.
Ha ha ha .....unacceptable ha..hahakkss! Well, that was what exactly happened. How ?? Because I wore the newly purchased girdle from Premium Beautiful(PB) from Hai-O. And it was tight but reasonably comfortable. was the most expensive underwear I have ever bought. It better be good! I think it works, coz Superman noticed my streamlined tummy under that new baju kurung. haks. Usually, there's always noticeable bulge of my lower tummy. Hideous! especially when wearing fitting dresses.Yucks!
But I was thinking of getting the SPANX range too. Its cheaper and alternate to PB. Like I can get two SPANX for a price of one girdle from PB.But its not really for slimming down. More to getting a nice body shape. Oh yes...I'm still waiting the full set of my PB(the long bra and corset). Hopefully to get it in a few days. Time's running out before my big day. Its my last resolution after trying to exercise and controlling my food intake doesn't seem to be really successful.Darn..
Thanks Lady Verde's suggestion for the SPANX!

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