Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camera Love??

Its gonna be Raya. Its gonna be happening moments. And its gonna be my last raya as a single girl. Insya allah..

But I need a camera to capture the moments.
And my birthday camera Superman gave last year got problem.
The screen shattered during Azea's hen party. And never got replaced. The replacement cost 3/4 the price of the camera. Might as well get a new one aite???
The system is still okay. But I can't see anything on the screen.. So its gonna be like a manual camera zaman dolu2..

So...ermhhh I yearn for a camera WITH SCREEN. For this raya. But I've bought a camera for my hantaran and his which I can only get AFTER raya. How about the raya moments???Let it miss?? Huwaaaaaaa! Hrmhh...

But the camera can still be used.. Just that I hate the broken screen. And it will be a SPLURGE to get a camera now. But how about those cheap2 digital camera??

Or a Lomo??Like these babies:

Pink BBF, RM599.00.
But my hantaran camera is pink jugak.. tapi.......;p
And it comes with leather case+film holder. Stylish. Vintage(fuh2!puas dah puji ni)

AGFA 505-D, RM 400.00
Digital! Ade screen!Ada Zoom!5mp!Nice size!Free 2GB SD Card

Superheadz Nico Digi, RM 300.00
super cute, keychain size,
digital but no screen.


Don't know what is Lomo?
According to lomography.com,
The whole Lomographic phenomenon started in the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia on 1982. At that time, the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry and his comrade, the Director of the LOMO Russian Arms and Optical Factory, examined a Japanese camera with a sharp glass lens, extremely high light sensitivity and robust casing. Upon realizing the potential of this mini-camera, they gave immediate orders to copy and improve the design with the ultimate goal of producing the largest quantity possible for the pleasure and glory of the Soviet population. It was decided – every respectable Communist should have a LOMO KOMPAKT AUTOMAT of their own. With that, the LOMO LC-A was born!

Gimme some advice.
1)Should I splurge?
2)What camera should I splurge on??


Nadine Mazbar said...

I love LOMO ! I'm dying to get one ! Where can I get a LOMO yEA? ;P Yam dear I'm back !!!! Give me a holler girl ! Let's do coffee or cupcake lunchies ? ;D MmMuaxxxx !

yam^Artfingers^ said...

babe...u can get it at Wondermilk cupcake shop at Damansara Uptown


online at

yam^Artfingers^ said...

btw..of coz la kene coffee!muahahahah..tunggu raya ahh..:)

lionwai said...

heyheyhey !!!!
i just knew this ..
thanks for helping me to promote lomo camera in your blog !!!

the 505D still available .. but stock limited .. left few units only ..
be quick if u wan .. :)


yam^Artfingers^ said...

lionwai...thanks for dropping by..

wergh2 i'm drooling.. I'll let u know asap of my decision!