Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Weekend+Painting Madness

1) Deco deco deco!
Last weekend, I devoted myself to my family house at Kajang. The renovation seems only 50% complete. And its gonna be Hari Raya celebration this Sunday. I'm worried and mummy was triple worried with the situation. We can't really clean up. Also moving stuffs back to its original place is still a big No No. The dust is almost everywhere. The most sane places in the house are the kitchen and my parents bedroom.

I felt lucky that I don't live there everyday like my other family members.

So to compensate and stop my mom nagging me everytime i came back home, I finally started painting this and that in my sis's room. Pity her. Her room has never receive a makeover since god knows when. I try to make it so much less clutter and more spacious. And I strived to have a fusion of cool, feminine and chic theme. Completely different from the old look. Oh, its not completed yet coz I took some hefty hours recovering my energy by sleeping midday. eheheheheh... I think the best thing is the wall deco. Wait till I upload the pics.You be the judge!

I wish some godsend designers decided to come to the house to take care of the task, for FREE. Really, It takes alot of time and energy!

2) Wedding prep updates.

53 Days left of my single hood days.

I try not to think so much of the emotional impact of a marriage to a person. It scares me. I still can't shake off the bad stories I heard.

I just pray hard that nothing bad will happen prior to the wedding as well as afterwards.

And me and Supeman can really workout being a legally married couple living under the same roof and understanding and accepting our differences with ease.

And I really2 hope my family and in laws will forever be supportive and tolerate our idiosyncracies whether intentionally or not.

I also hope that we as a person will live to be as our true self till the end.

I just pray hard, that this decision of marrying Superman is really a worthy and the best decision in my life.

Help me Allah, help me angels, help me friends and family to make me only think beautiful things so that there won't be extra wrinkles and acne appearing on my sensitive skin.

Pray for us that we are healthy and calm.

And please also pray that the money will come tumbling down from the sky or appeared under our pillows every morning.
(over laa pulakkk!hehehe) .

AAAAmminnnnnn.....! :)'s the real update:

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