Saturday, September 26, 2009

Year 2009 Raya-Part 2

Its the 7th Day of Raya 2009.

Just came back from kampung at Malacca.
I'm still not satisfied.
Still lots of houses to visit.Still have not found the best Biskut Sarang Semut.
Still alot of wedding cards to be sent by hand to close relatives and friends.

I think...i mean I really think my perut is expanding.
On Monday I have personal trainer session at my gym. Must go. Who wants to follow?

I yearn to get creative again. This raya has inspired me alot. I met some cousins who's doing home business. Corporate gifts, biscuits, selling imported goods and such. And they were getting good money. Hearing the stories, burnt up my desire to have my own business. I think I need to plan fast. I think I need to stop kidding myself and face the reality. I need to move on. But I worry alot. Worry of the uncertainty. You know...the money factor. Is it wise to do it full time? On another hand, there's an issue of my future home and workplace locations. Oh Allah, give me the light. Some people said..I have the capability. Really? I need more convincing and of course more money. I still have bills to pay on my own when I get married you know??Should I or shouldn't I?? Another big decision to be made by the end of the year. May Allah bless me.


oh yes.. I've bought the camera..the 505-D. After much consideration. Here's my review.

Nice body.
Very user friendly.
Good performance at daylight especially.
Long battery power.

Bad at low light.(seriously bad)--> Needs editing.
Only uses 2 AAA battery.-->No charging.

Summary: Nice entry level camera.
*pictures will be updated later.

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