Monday, September 7, 2009

Feels Like Puke! Smells Like Puke!

Okay.. this is very sensitive
Gonna write like a poetic rut.
Sorry to those who feels that my words are too damn sensitive.
Coz, I'm really2 mad right now.

I hate to say I like what you said,
I hate to see you act like you are the angel,
and as if we the 'dirtied' souls accusing u for being the devil,
I never want to conform with your tangled mind,
who never knows where to bend and where to be straight,
I never think that you are such an idiot because you are so high up there,
Why u always never being able to be compassionate and sympathetic as well as logic,
Even if you manage to be one of it you brag,
like no one would understand the beautiful deed you just did.
I wonder where your mind and heart, seems like its completely in two different bodies.
But sometimes, you being what you are,
with no doubt,
you are idiot,
you are shitty.
Thanks for being that kind of creature,
coz without you,
I would never think of you,
Feels Like Puke! Smells Like Puke!
What the hell you are trying to prove??

>Wake up and change. Don't make me curse you everyday. Its just Monday.<

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