Friday, November 13, 2009

Recap Wedding Lagi-2 lets talk what happened after that eventful morning.

I was really tired and sleepy. But I just couldn't doze off. The guests were still there until late afternoon. And as usual they would want to check out the bridal room. So there I was, entertaining them, semi-conciously. Kak Hana said she will come for the reception makeup at 5pm. At 4.30pm I finally managed to rest on my comfy bed, trying my very best not to ruin the deco on it. At 4.55pm, I was up and running to the kitchen for ice to prep my face before putting on the moisturizer.

3pm-ish- My SIL,called me up. Ermh..Why?? She told me that they met with an accident on the way back to their home. Superman was driving. I was speechless. Was he okay? She said yes. But the car was heavily wrecked. OMG! I quickly text my cousin, Kak Nanie, who was the MC about it as well as my brother, Abg Aie. But I don't want everybody to know and caused chaos. I chose to just sit in the room and try to relax.

5pm-Cik Hana, my dear bridesmaid arrived. She started off the makeup session first since I was busy stuffing my empty tummy a lil bit. Or else I have to wait until 9pm before my next meal. My heart was fluttering. Whatever gonna happen. Can they find a substitute car? Can they be here on time. Who's gonna drive now? Will his family still be happy celebrating us after the accident?

5.30pm- The photographers came in. My brother, Abg Aie, briefed them about the reception itinerary. But the videographer was not there yet. I was worried.Erk.

6pm-The videographer finally arrived.Phew!!!

6:30pm-Papa came knocking asking where Abg Aie was. And I was would I know??

6:45pm-"Where the hell is my kain??????!"- i asked? Shocked. There was only my top part of my Kebaya in the garment bag! Shitty! My face contorted. Kak Hana locked the door so that nobody else comes in n asking more questions to me. Or else..Hell!
"Its ok. I'll go to Dzull Classique.I'll get the kain for you" said Hana. She snapped a pic of me wearing only the top part of the kebaya for her reference later at the tailor.
Wut duh??????How come the assistant left it???! Careless! I was trying hard to calm my face and maintain the 'seri'.Owh!!!

7pm- Superman called to tell they will arrive on time. Alhamdulillah!!!!

7:30pm-"Wait, they are ironing your kain!We'll be there on time. Don't worry!" And I was smiling again, although I was cursing under my breath. Darn!

8:00pm-Superman called saying they are nearing. Kak Hana was still doing my hair.

8:15pm-Kak Hana rushed to a nearby school where his entourage was waiting so that she can mend his sampin and tanjak. I prayed that all was fine. And he was indeed my King.

8:40pm-He arrived! My King has arrived. Went downstairs and walked towards the door to greet him at the end of the canopy. Jeez! Alot..i mean alot of people! I was all smiling! My friends was waving to me and clicking their cameras away. Like a celebtiry I was!hehehh!I could see him waiting for me. Yeay! He made it! Love him! And he's I was confused. A lil bit of everything??

After that, it went quite smoothly. It was not really how I imagined it. But way better. At that point I just didn't want to think of anything else. Enjoy the moment.

I saw my dream cake. My 4-figure cake, sponsored by my dear friend, Ayang, who could not make it that night. I wish she was there.

And we had a bouquet toss with Beyonce's Single Ladies-Put A Ring On It song playing on the background. My cousin, Aina, was the winner!:) But where's the man, girl?;p

When all ended, I was terribly tired and couldn't wait to go to bed. But someone was waiting for me:) The day was sealed beautifully. There's another day to go. His side reception on the next day. Its gonna be a tux n gown day. Yeay!!

Till then, enjoy the pix:----------------->

i love my makeup!!

ini bridesmaid saya. nama dia cik Hana.Cantik kan dia??:)

comeynyeeeee my flower girls:)

saya mempunyai lemak dagu yg sungguh ketara spt hubby saya!:)hahhah!

dia suka sengih begini..saya terima je la..cute:)

sempat lagi teleng kat kamera ye?

muka perut dah lapar...

with our guest of honour
-YBhg Dato' Seri Abdul Azim b Mohd Zabidi-


Bouquet Toss! - Jump girls...jump!!!!
that girl in orange kurung won the bouquet. She's my cousin, Aina.

Prot pret prot pret...thank you lah uolls!!

photo courtesy of:
Kak Hana, Nurin, Feroz Khan and Diana.
tq ppl.


shashasabri said...

gosh u look stunning sis..congratz..
btw, i had lotsa incidents wit dzull before..even my engagement dress was a ruin...i work my ass to rot to purchase those french lace..n they ruining it..
now dzull no longer on my list...d service was really bad.. nasib bek u ok sis..
congratz again.. :D

yam^Artfingers^ said...

hi shasha: where's d link to your blog?

thanks for dropping by. n thanks for the praise.hehe..blush2!

ya..that incident was really bad. I was freaking out. luckily my bridesmaid siap awal n can fetch it up. If not i pakai kain batik ler!

shashasabri said...

hahahah..klaka nyer lahai if kena pakai kain batik..

i xder blog sis..silent readers..ngeh2.. if i do i shall link u aite..mane tau if d aura to own a blog tetibe datang..ahakzz..anyhow i really enjoy reading urs.. :D

yam^Artfingers^ said...


selalu2 lah singgah...i mmg suke membebel kat dalam ni...good to know someone love listening to my ramblings:)