Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lifeless Wednesday

Another slow day to go through in the office.
What should I do now while waiting for my job interview at 3pm?

Looking for more ideas for my house?

Okay..let's see what I have so far. You know i have this mad love with WHITE stuffs? But when I see this picture of a kitchen, my heart skipped a beat.

Its a combination of white and black. It also has the steel and glass treatment which I think brought up the masculinity. Sexy Kitchen! I wonder whether this house belongs to a guy?
But the shiny treatment of its surface is something that I like too.
Can it be incorporated into white coloured kitchen?
I forgot where I got this pic from.

This is more my thing:


very not Malaysian eh?

I like the colour combination. The woody element
makes it look homey...Something my mom would love:)

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