Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can I Get These

I vowed not to spend my working time with nothing although
there's actually nothing for me to do. Really.
So I've been bloghopping. Websites browsing.
And made myself felt less adequate in all sorts of things.
From knowledge to fashion staples.

Its quite disturbing that I kept on wanting for more.
Well, it is normal human desire to want more
than what they have already got.

But then, when what we want is something out of reach or we simply have no idea that we should be wanting to have them until we stumble upon on it, it is quite disturbing ain't it?

Or rather, annoyed.

Why are we being blatantly fed with advertisements and articles all around. The list keeps growing. And when we couldn't cope with the acquisitions, frustrations sets in.Inadequacy continues. While new things keeps popping up. Vicious cycle.

But I'm not all negative about it. In another perspective, it pushes me to work for more. Being more observant and more creative is all it takes to be better after all. At least, I have a purpose in doing things. Like I try to get more RM so that I can afford that COACH Signature Spotlight and that ZARA brown shoes that I can't stop thinking about since last Friday. Selfish? Perhaps. I could be more angelic by spending the hard earned money for my parents or helping my hubby in household expenses. But then, will I be calm? No? Yerp. I will keep thinking about it. Restless day and night. Yes. I'm torn. But, I never claim myself an angel. Did I?LOL!

Mental Note: Love love sacrifices.


blackrimmedyaris said...

go check out ALDO shoes clearance at Isetan KLCC oppposite Ralph Lauren, they have many shoessss and cheap too! how cheap? hmmm 70% 60%..

i bought myself 2 pairs! both are yellows! hahahha go treat urself! duit ko lemas dalam bank/wallet.

yam^Artfingers^ said...

cik liana sayang...akhirnye kamu berjaya menjenguk blog keramat saya aaa...ehhehe..

wey...bukan senang nak carik kasut aku weh..kaki aku panjang. 9 or 9.5.
aldo takdak...tensen mak!