Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feverish+Happiness+New Home

Since yesterday, I was feeling a bit off. And as usual since little, my fever peaks at night. I could be completely talkative, energetic being daytime and bedridden, hardly speaking or eating at night.

However, I had extra strength. Howcome?
1. I watched Twilight New Moon
at Pavilion, had cupcakes and ate Hot plate mee.
2. Darling Superman accompanied me to watch Twilight!!
In fact, surprisingly, that morning he wanted to buy the tickets
himself through online. But after the web could not access
his online banking, he had to call me.
Awwwwwww schweeetttttttt! Muah muah muah!
Love you my teddy bear...XOXO!!!!

At this moment,1.54pm, I'm stuck in office. My boss is on leave since yesterday.I was left with nothing much to do. Its a blessing coz my head's throbbing while my eyes are burning and the throat's super dry.I think the fever's creeping back.But, I'm wondering whether it would be okay if I can leave early today. Superman's on MC too. He's having a bad case of flu.I think we both needs antibiotics or something. Lately my body was having a mad tantrum. Somedays, I got backpain. And out of a sudden, my blood pressure went down for no reason. And then fever comes in. Head's spinning. But luckily it doesn't come all at one time although I was never free of any pain for few months already. Worried but I don't think the MC-stingy-doc-at-panel clinic-named-Mediviron Ampang Point will give justice except for more antibiotics, painkillers and JUST time sheet. Seriously. Kedekut MC!

Currently, we are still waiting for our new house key. A 2 storey, 4 bedroom terrace house at Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam.Bought by Superman, last year.

I'm procrastinating big time. I hate packing up stuffs. There's so much to pack after living there for more than a year. Especially the heavy books and magazines. That's what happens when you
love reading so much. More of a habit than hobby.har har!

I'm imagining alot of things for the new house. From the colour of the walls, types of furnitures and decorations, and storage designs.I dreamt of a big walkin wardrobe.One of the room is going to be MY WARDROBE ROOM.But he doesn't like the idea of storing shoes near clothes due to hygienic reasons. But then I like it to be that way so that I can easily match my clothes AND shoes AND bags together in front of a big mirror when dressing up.

I love this one the most. I just love the white panel cupboards.
Divine! but, I think I'm gonna ditch the shoes display and put up a big
mirror instead. And I think the room is bigger. Yeay!

And use up boxes with polaroid pics as a more hygienic and practical
solution for shoes storage. Hey, love the ghost chair too!!

pics courtesy: this is glamourous

Do you have better ideas? I don't know about the price tag for 'my dream'
walkin wardrobe yet. But I welcome suggestions.
Or something easy DIY?
caution: I am no Paris Hilton or Kimora Lee Simmons.
But my taste is parallel but I don't have their bank accounts.
So help me please!LOL!


{g} said...

thanks for your comment -- here are a few ideas:





yam^Artfingers^ said...

woweee....thanks for the links! great great inspirations!

have a nice day!:)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

same here darling...am into deco..tp bile tgk budget...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

yam^Artfingers^ said...

tu le...i asked around to built that simple wardrobe tu..mau riban2..aiyarkk....

kitchen lagi mau buat...huwaaa...ade kah ongkosnye?!mak mau nangiss:)