Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Recap of My Wedding

As promised, I will talk about my wedding celebration at my hubby's side.
But I won't talk much as I don't have alot of pics of the day.

Ye ke I won't talk much?We'll see..ehhehehe..

Actually I spent my first night alone. It was a blessing in disguise, really:) My body was really2 tired. I was badly needing the rest. Frankly I didn't think I can perform my wifey duty in that condition.Lol! Anyways, Superman had to go back to his mom's house to help preparing for his side's reception.

So I woke up super fresh! I had no dream! Wow!

7:30 am-I realized my old handphone which I use for Celcom line had been stolen! Shits, now, how am I gonna contact my makeup artist?? Her number was in that hp!What if she didn't have my number?How??

8:45 am- I'm ready to go back to my Ampang house for the makeover. Cik Mas my bridesmaid for the day said she will wait for me at Ampang. Ermhh..I frantically switched my lappie to go to Kak Ian Sham's(the makeup artist) webpage to get her number!And when I called, she sounded relieved.huh??Why?

10 am-I was already in Ampang house. Kak Ian had just arrived too. And she started the makeup routine when Cik Mas arrived. Her assistant helped out to beautify Cik Mas. And finally she told me that she came over on Saturday morning and knocked the door as well as shouting Salam. Of course nobody was there!I was busy at Kajang getting married! Ha ha ha...she lost my mobile number. But she remembered that it should be on that weekend but she was confused of which day, Saturday or Sunday. Luckily, she called her friend at Bora Ombak to check. Ha ha ha!!!!

I was wearing a dress made by Nisa Mazbar. It was really pretty, but it was also revealing too much of my cleavage. I felt really embarrased. Nisa was suppose to come to sew some cloth on it when I'm wearing it. You know something like designers do backstage of their runway to fix something? But she was not available coz she had to attend a function about MiFa.You know, the Malaysian Fashion Industry Award?Hrmhh...I really wished she was there to save my day. With all the Hajjahs and Hajis of my parents's and Superman brother's friends was there, I felt like I could at least wear a bit more decently. Mixed feeling about this. I was really looking forward to feel like a gorgeous bride in it. I really do. But with all eyes on my cleavage rather than my face. or dress.. its not that kind of attention I was seeking. I mean, I am usually 'selambe'. But being a Malay bride in a quite traditional Malay family, its not really okay. But me being brave, I wore it with confidence. Have to lorh!

1230pm- My entourage waited at Petronas Tesco Ampang before we proceed together. I was feeling a bit scared you know..with the cleavage popping..I really hope I won't see some contortions on my mom's face. me.. Let it be a nice happy ending day. Please. I was praying all the way..

1pm- we almost arrived at the gate of Bora Ombak, which is next to the Sportsplanet at Ampang point when I realized the chain that secure my dress sleeves was broken. Superman's bro who was driving the bridal car had to make a one big tour of the compound so that Superman could mend it in time. I could see the photographers and videographers faces. I laughed hard. They were all ready to click. But we passed by them like nothing was happening. Ha ha ha! And when we finally made the re-entrance, they still have a bit of confusion stamped on their faces!

The Arrival

Walking into the hall in a bright sunny afternoon:)

The fusion of Bali+Contemporary style..
we have a disco ball above our right after?haks!

The Bora Ombak hall

photo courtesy of Imah

3:30pm-The reception ended. It was a small, simple, yet elegant wedding. Attended by 150 people, it was nice. The food was nice. Especially at the main table. Me n Superman had fun with photoshooting at the nooks around Bora Ombak. We had something like in those fashion magazines. You know, the haute couture vibe?Owh...glam gittew. I really can't wait for the outcome. We took about 2 hours break before we were proceed to Lookout Point for outdoor photoshoot. Cik Mas and Min the BF as well as Superman, was dead sleeping at my house during the break. It was a hot, windy afternoon. I was on the other hand just reading a magazine. Too much adrenaline pumping!

5 pm- We head to Lookout Point, Bukit Ampang. You see, that was where I had my first 'romantic' dinner with Supeman, about 3 years before. It was my friend, Cik Baizura who introduced us. At that time, I didn't even have any feelings towards him. But as the saying said, you'll never know what lies in the future. Indeed. It took him one year to pin me down. haha. Now, I am proudly calling myself the WIFE to Superman. A twist of fate ha! :) LOVE YOU DARLING!

me n cik mas while waiting for our cars

Our ever creative photographers and videographer, head by Mr Fairuz Ismail from Avicennastudio really knew how to evoke the emotions out of us. Everybody who was eating at the restaurant was watching. Our main spot was at the Bread & Olives restaurant .They have the nicest view of KL. And the management was really nice to allow us to carry the photoshoot as long as we dine there. Actually it was part of the props we used. And big thanks to our dedicated photo+video graphers. They even skipped their family dinner so that they can capture the illuminated view of KL at night for us!!

The activities of the day ended at 9pm.

We were really happy when we realized that there will be no more pressure and heart ache pertaining to this wonderful events. Its all done. It now the time to look for a brighter future together as a husband and wife. So when people kept asking me how it feels like being married? All that I can say is,

"It is pretty much the same, but there's
unspeakable sense of calmness surrounding me."

With this as my final recap of my beautiful wedding, I want to thank to all that was involve on behalf of me n Superman, for giving the much needed moral support, lending your shoulders to cry on, unbiased advises, money, stuffs, energy and time for the preparation, as well as gifts to further remember the day as long as we live.

And this special thanks I would like to extend especially to: Each of my immediate family members, My relatives especially the family of Wak Man, Paman Din & Cik Jijah, Long & Mak Pin, Superman's family, My Dear bridesmaids, Cik Hana and Cik Mas, BV Clan, Ayang, QAS Event Sdn Bhd, Avicennastudio Sdn Bhd, Kak Hana, Ninie & Winnie, coz your contributions tops above the rest!

XOXO Love,
Wonderwoman & Superman

Enjoy more pictures below:

These were taken for my pre-wedding photoshoot.
Official Photographer: Ofilia
Attended by BV clan n bridesmaids.
We had so much fun!

want a piece of me?I know I'm nyummylicious..ahahah!

The IT girls!

dia memang gagah perkasa!

we were rapping yo!


Kojack-datang lambat...menteri..biasa la..hahaa:)

it was during Ramadhan. We were all flustered
and headed down to Bangsar's Madam Kwan for
a hearty Buka Puasa meal:)

ofey the photographer buat perangai kanak2 riangnye:)


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