Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Question?

Okay, I believe most of you readers has been to numerous interviews.

Have you ever stumbled with these questions?

"Tell me about yourself"

"Is there anything about you I need to know other than what is in your resume?"

"Is there any question you want to ask to me?"

I hate those questions.
Its a real trick!
Coz your answers will reflect about alot of things.
And scarily enough, if wrongly answered, it can make you sound;
2)Unsure of yourself
5)Lack confidence
and worst..if you can't actually answer any of them.
Because then, they will know you are simply too nervous to think of anything.
Then, you are not proactive or creative enough for the post.
Then you can't really sell your true potential.
Then they will have doubts to hire you.
And you'll just pass the opportunity.

Pray hard my lucky stars will shine through.

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